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Live Events Can Be Life-Changing Events


Hello, my valued readers!

Firstly, I must say that I’m rather surprised that I haven’t posted for two weeks. I could have sworn that my last post was just a week ago, but evidently not. Secondly, I want to give you some feedback from Dean Holland’s very first solo live event that I attended in Manchester, UK last weekend.

Two Days of Solid Instruction


live events

Dean Holland on Stage Talking About ‘The Wishing Well’

This is now the third Internet marketing event I’ve attended and I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: you really need to get to one of these if you haven’t done so.

Whilst it’s true that they can all differ in content and quality, one thing remains constant – the networking. But more on that later.

The very first event I attended was quite small and, although all the speakers delivered some great content, it was very much a platform for them to pitch their offer in the last 15 minutes or so. Now, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing necessarily, but if you’ve witnessed this yourself then you may be like me in thinking, “I wonder what all this is leading up to?” Again, it’s not necessarily a bad thing but I think the danger this presents is that the speaker can be thinking more of, “How can I present this in a way that builds up to my offer?” rather than, “How can I present some mind-blowing content that will help those in attendance?”

The next one I attended was a larger scale event and although many of the speakers naturally took the opportunity to make an offer, there didn’t seem to be so much of that and the overall quality of the presentations was outstanding. Plus, I finally got to see the man who I attribute as being responsible for giving me that first ‘lightbulb’ moment with regards to Internet marketing, Alex Jeffreys.

Dean’s was different again. While he did make an offer (and an extremely good one at that!) right at the very end of the two days, he completely overdelivered with his content and gave people a complete blueprint that they could take away and take action upon. Even for those who weren’t absolute beginners, there were things that many of us found that we could take away and apply, one attendee actually going away on the Saturday night, applying a particular strategy and experiencing positive results by the very next day! Talk about taking action and getting a result, eh?

The Power of Networking


live events

A Very Tired-Looking Me At Our Evening Networking Function

The value of networking opportunities at events like this really cannot be overstated. In fact, Dean highlighted this on the Saturday when he asked us to just take a moment to look at the person sitting to each side of us and to introduce ourselves. Long-term, profitable relationships can be born from situations just like that and simply connecting with the person next to you can lead to all sorts of things.

While I didn’t form any bonds with anyone sitting directly next to me, I did take the opportunity to connect with a couple of Marketers with a view to working on something with them in the very near future. But more about that in the future… ;-) As always, subscribing to receive my e-mail updates and following me on social media will ensure that you are among the first to know of the various wonders that I have in store!

iCame, iSaw, iMet iPro-ers!


What was really good about this event was having the opportunity to finally meet in person many of my fellow iPro members with whom I’ve only ever chatted online. I actually met up with two of them – John Lee and Richard Burn – in the venue restaurant on the Friday night before the event. Whilst tying to locate said restaurant I also ran into Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and Dan Briffa in the bar (where else would Internet Marketers be? lol!).

I eventually tracked down John and Richard and it was great to be able to spend some time with them talking about our various online marketing experiences, ideas, tips, resources and plans for the future. Sure, you can do this over things like e-mail, social media or even on video conferences or the phone. But nothing beats actually sitting down and brainstorming in person. We also stumbled across fellow iPro-er, Gary Abela. I first met Gary at Steve Foley‘s marketing event last year before he had joined us in iPro.

live events

The Man Himself. And Dean Holland… Hehe! :P

On the Saturday I again, of course, met up with John and Richard but it was also good to see additional faces, old and new. It was nice to see iPro member, Carl Picot, and to also meet another iPro member for the first time, Frasser Beecroft.

It turns out that there were some iPro members there whom I didn’t get chance to meet, but I’m sure there will be further opportunities down the line. I did meet the lovely Richard Seaton and Averil Davies though and spent much time discussing Internet marketing, iPro, life and music (my big passion!).

After a day of awesome, solid content, we had the opportunity to relax and network in the evening. It was a bit of a shame that not more delegates took advantage of this invaluable opportunity, but those who did were able to benefit from sharing one another’s tips and strategies and benefiting from their respective experience and expertise.

It was here that I met SEO expert, John Robbins. I’d heard John as a guest speaker on one of our private iPro webinars last year and the tips he gave were like gold dust. Talking to him in person I was again able to benefit from his vast knowledge and expertise. Whilst it’s true that I don’t overly concern myself with SEO, I picked up a few tips from John that could certainly prove useful.

Sunday brought us more of the same. Now, I have to be honest and say that being someone who has the benefit of Dean’s mentorship and coaching, I wasn’t expecting to hear a large amount of information that was new to me. While this was partly true, I did find myself taking note of a number of  ‘gold nuggets’ over the weekend, especially on the Sunday. Dean was on fire and the value of the things he was teaching was insane.

At the end of the event I connected with even more Marketers, including Simon Stanley and Phil Ainsworth. Phil had actually been our compère over the weekend, but I didn’t get around to actually meeting him until right at the very end. Likewise with another iPro-er, Ulrika Stenmark. We had delegates travel from all over the world to attend the event and Ulrika herself had come from Sweden. It was just a shame that I didn’t manage to meet her until I was literally on my way home!

Wrapping Things Up


I hope you enjoyed my little synopsis of the weekend. Maybe it’s whetted your appetite to attend an event like this yourself, if you haven’t already? I sure hope so, as it’s been proven time and again with so many people that live events really can be life-changing events. Dean Holland experienced it, Alex Jeffreys experienced it and so many more people have too. I look forward to see what ends up transpiring from this one!

What about you? If you’ve been able to attend any, what have you enjoyed about live events? If you haven’t yet attended one, what is it that you are looking forward to the most? Please leave your comments below and click away on those lovely share buttons! :)

One last task for the end of Dean’s event was to get a few more piccies. So I shall leave you with a few of them to conclude:

live events

iPro Partners (from L to R) Frasser Beecroft, Richard Burn, Gary Abela and John Lee


live events

Me, Frasser, Richard and Gary joined by Marketer and event organiser, Steve Foley


live events

Me, Frasser, Richard, John, Gary and Steve


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