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WARNING! You Are Being Tricked!

(This post is not for the faint of heart who don't like being hit with the truth.)


you are being tricked


The realisation of being tricked can be a bitter pill for some to swallow.

It usually happens to all of us at some point or another in varying degrees.

The trickster is someone very close to you and it's someone whom you likely trust implicitly. However, they are letting you down.

Now, let me just say that this may not currently apply to you. That's not to say that it won't apply to you at some point in the future and, as I said a moment ago, it usually happens to us all at some point.

So, how are you being tricked and who is it who is tricking you?

you are being tricked“This Stuff Doesn't Work!”

If you're trying to make money online or even have a passing interest in it, then it's highly likely that you have you come across people saying that. Perhaps you've even said it yourself. There's just no way to make money online legitimately. It's all a scam. All the 'gurus' are scammers.

Is this right?

“Writing e-books? That's rubbish. Who's going to buy an e-book when they can just search Google and get the information for free?”

“Blogging? I've set up my blog and I'm not making any money. I'm not even getting any traffic or comments. Blogging doesn't work.”

“A mailing list? I've tried. It doesn't work.”

“It's a scam!”

“It's all very well for all these 'goo-roos'. They're keeping some important information hidden so that's why it isn't working for me.”

“Ugh, not video tutorials!”

“Ugh, not a PDF!”

Yes, it's all a scam. None of the stuff the Internet Marketers are selling you works. You might as well just give up, none of this stuff works.

They are all tricking you, right?


A Common Problem

I'm going to give you a little example. I'll use the example of blogging, as it's something that I know:

There are three people – we'll call them “Bill”, “Frank” and “Jeanette”.

you are being tricked

The Story of Bill

you are being trickedyou are being trickedSo Bill signs up for a coaching course from someone who claims that they can teach him how to start an online business. They explain that Bill needs to buy a domain name, get some hosting, set up a blog, get an autoresponder, have an offer and drive traffic to his blog. Simple, right?

So Bill starts the training but has reservations that this simple approach can't be as powerful as is claimed. He starts going through it but somewhat half-heartedly. Eventually he trails off and moves on to something else.


The Story of Frank

you are being trickedyou are being trickedFrank buys the same training. He's quite enthusiastic about the concept of implementing these simple steps to start an online business so he gets to work. He gets his domain, his hosting, his autoresponder, sets up his blog and finds a free offer that he can give away as an incentive. He makes a few blog posts but doesn't really see the results he was hoping for. So he trails off and moves on to something else.



The Story of Jeanette

you are being trickedyou are being trickedNow there's Jeanette. She too buys the same training that Bill and Frank bought. She's quite similar to Frank in that she gets everything set up and starts to make blog posts. She maintains the approach for a while and gets traffic, gets people commenting to her blog, has a few sign-ups to her list and has some interaction with her visitors and subscribers. But after a number of weeks she still isn't making the money she was hoping for, so she trails off and moves on to something else.



So then, what would you conclude from these examples?

"Blogging doesn't work!”

“Guru Marketer So-and-So says that you should set up a blog to start with. We all know that strategy doesn't work. I mean, how could it? It's far too simplistic to work. So I'm not buying into his teaching and I don't think he has anything to offer.”


Again - WRONG!

What was the real reason that Bill, Frank and Jeanette failed? Likely one or more of the following reasons:

  • They weren't consistent.
  • They were impatient.
  • They didn't apply precisely what they were taught to do, so missed out vital steps and then became frustrated.
  • They weren't focused.
  • They were easily distracted.

These are only a few of the possible reasons, but you get my drift.

you are being trickedNow, this is only a hypothetical example and the above example can applied to any scenario, not just blogging. But I'm using blogging as an example because I know that this is a good example of a sound strategy that too many people dismiss, don't apply properly or don't stick with. However, just like anything else, you have to put the work in, remain consistent, keep building and, above all, LISTEN TO THE ADVICE OF THOSE WHO HAVE HAD SUCCESS DOING IT!

Granted, there are scammers out there and those who sell half-baked information. And yes, I know that some coaches don't teach in the best way and don't look after their students in the way that they should. But there are a lot of good Marketers and coaches too and there's a lot of good, solid, actionable information that, when followed, just WORKS!

Who Is It Who Is Tricking You?

There is absolutely no point in buying something, not following it through and then complaining that it doesn't work. How can something work if you haven't even followed the instructions or stuck with the method?

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of certain tasks. Time after time after time I see people sneering cynically at certain methods or strategies – strategies that have been acted upon by the successful. And how much money are the cynics making online? Usually very little, if any.

So they sneer, mock, dismiss and overlook certain methods because they “can't work”, or they are “too simple” (erm, what!? So they'd rather have something difficult!?), or they “must be a scam”. Yet have they actually tried the methods? Usually, no. Now, sometimes they have actually tried them, but have they followed the instructions step-by-step, no matter how much they just don't 'get' why they are doing certain things? Again, usually no. So then, what is it that isn't working – the methods or the person?

I'll just ask that again: what is it that isn't working – the methods or the person?

Think about that one good and hard.

you are being trickedMaybe, just maybe, it isn't the method or the teacher who is at fault. Could it be – perish the thought! - that it's actually the student who isn't approaching things properly and maybe THAT is why they are not having the results they'd like?

Yes, as much as it may hurt if you're one of those people, the only trickster in these circumstances is YOU! You are tricking yourself, are short changing yourself and deluding yourself.

Now, I make no apologies for being blunt about this. I see this wrong attitude so often and it makes me feel sick to the stomach – not so much for the ignorance being displayed, but I think it's a crying shame that someone can have so much potential and be on the verge of getting somewhere, yet they sabotage and trick themselves into thinking that a solution must lie elsewhere. Yes, they are their own worst enemy.

Whichever Type of Person You Are, I Want to Help You!

you are being trickedRight, let's get down to brass tacks here. I want to help you. However, I want to make one caveat:

If you're the type of person who is constantly trying to second guess everyone and everything, who is forever cynical, who has to give a “Yes, but...” to everything, who isn't prepared to trust that whatever it is that they're being instructed to do it's for a good reason, then perhaps having your own online business isn't for you just yet. The reason I say this is that you're likely to end up spending more time arguing with everyone and everything than putting into practice what you ought to be doing. If that's you then go away and ask yourself, “Is this really for me?”. If you're the type to be constantly looking for fault then you'll end up sabotaging yourself before you've even got started and you'll just end up wasting your time and, potentially, the time of your coach, if you get one.

If you've been following me for a while then you may have heard me say this before: making money online requires hard work, but it needn't be difficult.

Yet, some people seem to be determined to make things as difficult as possible. No matter how easy a particular method may be, no matter how well it works, no matter how many people can testify that it works perfectly well just as it is, they simple cannot get a handle on this. So they either sabotage their own efforts by creating obstacles that otherwise simply wouldn't exist or they just refuse to try and go on the hunt for something that requires a lot more effort, money, you are being trickedtime or all three.

Totally screwy!

But that is the way that some people are. Now, if that's you then please, be my guest and go ahead with that approach. But I still maintain that maybe trying to start an online business is just not for you right now, not unless you change your way of thinking.

Having said that, I do know that starting an online business isn't a 'walk in the park'. I understand that it can be difficult to know what to do and how to do things at times. Even having a fantastic coach doesn't guarantee success, especially as we all relate to different people in different ways.

Okay, here's the deal: if you're prepared to follow instructions, knuckle down and stick with it, then I'm going to highlight three opportunities that I am sure can help you. You can pick just one of them, any combination of them or all three if you wish.

These Opportunities Will Help You

One is free. Yes, completely free. One requires a very small investment (I'm talking less-than-the-price-of-an-average-night-out kind of small). The last one requires a slightly larger, but still highly affordable, investment. However this one is EXTREMELY limited.

you are being tricked1) So, the first one is something that I started working on probably over a year ago now. For various reasons it took a backseat until now. This is an over-the-shoulder video course that will show you how to set up your very own online business from the ground up. Now as always, total honesty here – this is NOT a make money course. Rather, what this is is something that I've found a lot of the make money courses leave out. It's a nuts & bolts breakdown of every single step that you can follow along with in real time in order to set up a solid foundation upon which you can start, build out and expand your very own online business. Again, this is totally free. Some other Marketers think I'm crazy for offering this without a substantial price tag but, well, there ya go. Maybe I'm just crazy!

Now, I've been working on this course like mad for the last couple of weeks and it's almost ready to go. What I'd encourage you to do is to sign up to my mailing list now using any of the opt-in forms on my site so that you can get immediate access as soon as it is live. For anyone who comes across this post after the course has gone live then don't worry, you'll get it automatically when you subscribe.

2) The next thing I'd like to offer you is an excellent course from my friend and mentor, Dean Holland. It's called the Big Commission Blueprint and has already helped many, many people to get themselves started online, some who have even gone on to make their first four figures within just a few short weeks as a result of getting in on this.

Click Below to Get the Big Commission Blueprint

The Big Commission Blueprint

3) The final one will require some very swift action as there are very limited spots remaining and just a matter of days now until it's too late. This is Dean Holland's Automated Income Seminar that will be held in Manchester, UK on 28th/29th June. Now this is not going to be your typical 'pitch fest', neither will it feature a load of different speakers. Nope, this is going to be Dean delivering a value-packed weekend of training that will give you plenty of “Aha!” moments, inspiration, direction and ideas. In addition to all the fantastic training you'll get the opportunity to meet, brainstorm and network with some of the biggest and best in Internet marketing whilst also having the opportunity to forge new relationships, make priceless contacts and maybe even future joint venture partners! We have people from literally all over the world coming to this event and yes, I will be there!

You know what? Heck, I'm going to throw in something extra for you. I've literally only decided to do this just now: if you get your ticket through my link then I'll give you a 30 minute exclusive brainstorming session there at the event where you and I will sit down together without distractions and talk about how you may be able to get yourself going or advance yourself if you've already started. All you need to do is grab your ticket through my link, send your receipt to my support desk with the subject, “Glenn! Give me your brain!” (just promise me you're not a zombie!) and indicate which day would be better for you. I'll then get in touch to make the arrangements. If you want to take advantage of my bonus then you'll REALLY have to be quick as I'll only be able to give these exclusive sessions on a first-come, first-served basis and slots will be, of course, very limited.

Click Below to Get Your Ticket Along With My Special, Limited Bonus

Dean Holland's Automated Income Seminar

So now, over to you. Are you a victim of self-sabotage? If so, how did you overcome it? What do you do now to avoid it? As always, I value your experiences and interaction, so get tippy-tappying away on your keyboards and leave your comments below! :)

All the best,


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