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Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

Can You Really Make Money Blogging?


make money bloggingSo then, can you really make money blogging?

Absolutely, 100% yes!

John Chow has made a very successful business from doing that very thing.

I myself hadn’t made any money online at all until I started my blog. My very first sale came from where? Yup, via my blog!

What about my first four-figure day? How did I make that four-figure sale?

Via my blog!

Okay, what about my second and third four figure sales? And recurring sales?

You guessed it – via my blog!

Seeing a pattern yet?

Done the right way, it’s very possible to make money blogging. When I first started my blog back in 2012 I hadn’t made a bean online. I didn’t know how I was going to do it exactly, but I knew that I was going to do it and getting a blog up and running had to be my first task, according to what I was being taught.

So I did as I was told, stuck with it and can testify that the strategy works. Yes you have to put the work in, be consistent and check a lot of other boxes as to how to do it correctly, but so long as you do so then you can do it.

As the title of my free e-book says, “Why Not YOU?”

You’d like to discover exactly what steps I took to make money blogging, right?

Click here and all will be revealed!

make money bloggingBut some people think that blogging’s not for them. They hear the suggestion to start a blog and the sigh, roll their eyes and say, “Oh, not that antiquated strategy? Who thinks that works in 2015?”

Well, I’ll tell you who thinks it works, bucko – the people who are jolly well doing it and who are jolly well making money from it, that’s who!

The ones who don’t make it work aren’t doing it properly. Sorry to say, but that’s the truth. It may only need just a small tweak in their strategy, but it would be better to make that tweak than to just give up and claim that it doesn’t work.


But Is It All About Blogging?


make money bloggingI’m going to let you in on a little secret…


Come closer…

Okay, are you ready?

It isn’t all about blogging!

“Eh? What do you mean, ‘It isn’t all about blogging’?”

What I mean is, by blogging you are going through an important education.

You see, there are lots of ways to make money online and many different online business strategies. But who, without any experience, can come right out of the gate and create their own products, let alone launch them?

Who, without experience can get traffic straight away?

Who, without experience, comes to the table with a load of contacts in the industry, with whom they have good, solid relationships?

make money bloggingYou see, having a blog is something that ANYONE can do.

Once you have your blog, you don’t need to have your own products, have a ream of contacts, have hundreds of visitors per day, have a huge mailing list, etc. right off the bat.

These are things you learn to do gradually as you go.

And how do you learn a lot of these things?

That’s right, though running your blog.

By having a blog you learn how to research, how to write great content, how to engage your audience, how to bring people to your blog, how to bring them back, how to influence them to do what you want them to do, such as signing up to your mailing list.

Yes, by having a blog you’re starting small, but you are learning some invaluable lessons that will help you once you become established. All these things that you learn along the ways are skills that you can put to good use when it comes to creating your own products, teaching others, connecting with potential business partners and so forth.

So yes, a blog can act as a central hub for everything you do online and yes, it can be a good way to make yourself known, liked and trusted. But if you stick at it, keep learning and keep growing, then you’re learning some essential skills that you will be able to call upon when it comes time to scale things up and branch out.

The cool thing is, you may never even have realised that you have been acquiring all these skills!

So yes, you CAN make money blogging. Not only directly from your blog itself, but, by extension, from the many things you learn how to do as a result.

I hope that this has perhaps given you a fresh perspective at how powerful blogging can be.

What do you find beneficial about blogging?

What do you enjoy most about it?

If you don’t have a blog but want one, what’s holding you back?

Is there anything that you struggle with?

Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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18 thoughts on “Can You Really Make Money Blogging?”

  1. Hey Glenn,

    How many times can I say yes to this question? You can absolutely make money through blogging. As a matter of fact I believe it’s the best way to start if you want to make money online.


    Because it’s a great way to brand you self as well as building a loyal following! You build the know, like, and trust factor among your target audience. These three things are the reason why people will buy from you or do business with you.

    So with that said it makes it all possible to make money!

    Great share Glenn! You have a great rest of the week!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Thrive Leads Review: The Unprecedented List Building PluginMy Profile

    1. Hey Sherman,

      You’ve got it in a nutshell there, my friend. It’s so simple in principle, yet people seem to struggle with this. Sure, it requires hard work, but it’s not difficult, or at least shouldn’t be. But for some reason, I see many being put off by the simplicity! Totally screwy, if you ask me! If I were presented with two options for making money – one that was simple and required very little capital or one that was incredibly complicated, had a steep learning curve and needed a huge monetary investment then which one would I go for? Heck, the simple one each time! Yet, for some whacky reason, some people choose to reject blogging BECAUSE it’s simple and, therefore, ‘can’t work’! Um, well actually, yes it can and yes it does!

      What I find annoying about these people, though, is that they can have a real negative influence on newbies who may otherwise have had a go at blogging but, through listening to the nay-sayers, have been put off and ultimately are still spinning their wheels looking for the magic solution.

      The good thing is that there are many bloggers out there, such as your good self, who are actively teaching people the right way to use blogging as an effective strategy and proving that the method is perfectly sound, it more than has a place in 2015 and beyond and that it plain old WORKS!

      Thanks for sharing your input, Sherman. You have yourself a great weekend, bud! 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…How to Auto Duck in AudacityMy Profile

  2. Hi Glenn,

    Absolutely YES…we can make money from our blogs! Once we start and gain traction with good content and getting traffic to our blogs, it builds the KLT factor. Then comes the good old opt-in whereby one can sell products/service right there on their blog!

    The thing is, people think that once an opt-in is there, money comes rolling through…no, but it is a great way to build your list. And yes, the money IS in the list. Once a person kindly gives us permission to their email, then we start the great engagement process there with a good sales funnel.

    Our blogs are our central hub whereby we are giving value constantly. Even when running an ad for a product/service, people will always come check us out on our blogs.

    OK…I’ll stop the novella here because I’m very passionate about this subject.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Why You Must Make “The Shift” In MarketingMy Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      I totally get where you’re coming from. As someone who has seen success first-hand from my blog it’s something I’m passionate about too. It frustrates me when people try blogging and give up because ‘it doesn’t work’. If they’re not getting the results they’re wanting then there’s a reasons for that, but it’s not blogging in itself that’s at fault.

      Yes, I think the idea of money rolling in is one that hamstrings a lot of people when they realise that it doesn’t happen that way! It’s like anything else – it requires work to make it happen. If people aren’t prepared to put in the work, well, they can’t expect much to come of it.

      Thanks for sharing your passion, Donna. Never lose it! 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…EMA Podcast 002: “6 Ways to Avoid Sabotaging Your Online Business”My Profile

  3. Hey Glenn,

    Some very good points about blogging.

    It is great for the long term and for authority building.

    But I think, and I see, that the top players in the online business world, don’t really blog that much.

    They create offers, get affiliates and/or drive traffic themselves to them, and build a buyers list. Then they market to this list with back end offers, and continue to build authority by offering good content on a blog (later as part of the ‘value adding’ process). Some have a team of writers that create relevant content (ProBlogger, CopyBlogger, DigitalMarketer etc)

    Nothing against blogging as such, but we need to have offers out there and/or learn to drive traffic and build lists of people that are highly engaged.

    Can blogging make money, for sure, when we build lists and promote offers to them, but I really think that it is a supplementary and nurturing strategy.
    Ben Solomon recently posted…Week 11 Update – Gary Halbert Copywriting ChallengeMy Profile

    1. Hey Ben,

      All great points there, buddy. I think with regards to the top players, it depends. I know of some who definitely keep an active blog and of others who used to, let it slide, but because they know how valuable it is, they are making a return to blogging.

      I think it’s overlooking the points you made and also the ones that Ryan made that is why so many people don’t value blogging. It isn’t simply about having a blog and making money directly from blogging itself, it’s about how everything else builds up on, from and around it. You have to think long term, which is where many fail, I think.

      Great to see you as always, buddy, thanks a lot. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…EMA 001: The Number One Newbie Traffic Mistake That Could Cost You Thousands (And Your Sanity!)My Profile

    1. Hey Glenn,

      Good to see you making money from your blog. Surely, JohnChow is one of my favorite blogging – following him since 2006. Loved writing guest posts on his blog too.

      Agreed with you completely – a blog is the central hub around which one can spread out his entire online business.

      Uttoran Sen,
      Uttoran Sen recently posted…$100 Cash Giveaway ContestMy Profile

      1. Hi Uttoran,

        If you’ve been following John Chow then you’ll be sure to have learned some valuable blogging lessons and insights. When did you write guest posts for him? I don’t recall seeing your name, but then I’ve only been following him for a couple of years. I’ll take a look through his archives and see if I can find you. 🙂

        Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment. 🙂

        Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Do You Need Knowledge to Be an Authority?My Profile

  4. Hi Glenn,

    Thank you for another wonderful post.

    I know you can make money Online blogging because of you and Adrienne.

    I have myself on a schedule now on all the things to do each and every day for my blog and they are:
    1. Post every Tuesday;
    2. Learn one new technical skill once a week;
    3. Blog hopping every day (weekends off);
    4. Signi traffic every day (weekends off);
    5. Webinars twice a week;
    6. Go over Dean and Louis’ teachings three times a week;
    7. Solo ads.

    It’s hard but I’m keeping up with it.

    I love blogging now, this was not always true. There was a time when I felt like it was a chore, so I wrote a post about it and that helped me to get out of that mode of thinking. I feel that blogging helps a lot of people both bloggers and visitors and me.

    Blogging is a release of feelings for me and I enjoy doing it now.

    I have technical issues but I’m working through those issues. I know if I need help, all I have to do is just ask.

    Can you think of anything I need to add to my things to do list?

    You have an awesome weekend!

    Linda Schrier recently posted…Life’s Limitless PossibilitiesMy Profile

    1. Hi Linda,

      That’s good that you have a schedule. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head specifically that you should add to it. Largely, it will depend on your own situation, goals, etc.

      What i would say, though, regarding your schedule (not specifically the one you shared here, just scheduling in general) is to prioritise well. Write the the things down that you want to do the following day, along with a time frame for each task. Then, once you have them written down, ask yourself, “Which of these are the most important? Which of them will DIRECTLY contribute to the growth of my business?” If there are any that don’t, put them on a separate list and only tackle them when and if you have time after addressing the important ones first.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying blogging. It’s certainly no fun if it’s a chore and it certainly should never be that way. If we feel that it is then there’s something that we need to change.

      Keep on making your great progress, Linda! 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Two Big Reasons You May Be Failing In Your Online BusinessMy Profile

  5. Hi Glenn,

    That extension point is telling; really helps to understand that you make money through your content. THEN, after you help folks for free, you offer products, services, etc. I just released a new eBook on Amazon – a few minutes ago – and noted 5 or 6 quick Likes and 2 Shares on Facebook in minutes. Why? I gave away helpful, free information through my blog for months and years even. So folks will pay 2 or 3 bucks to get a valued packed, inspired eBook teaching folks how to retire to the tropics.

    Ditto on my services; folks will hire me to write articles or to coach them blogging-wise because I gave away free, helpful stuff for a minute. The giving primes the abundance pump and the extensions you speak of, or channels, run through and off of your blog. Smart way to put it and yep, we can all make money blogging by creating and connecting, and through detaching from money outcomes.

    Great post Glenn! Keep up the inspired work buddy.

    Gotta go walk some dogs through the jungles of Bali 😉


    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping Part 2 (New eBook)My Profile

    1. Hey Ryan,

      Awesome comment, buddy, and even more so because it’s based on your own experience of putting this stuff into practice and knowing that it works.

      Yup, it’s all (or at least should be) about the big picture, which is something so many fail to see. It’s not helped by so many supposed experts and WSO sellers promising overnight success. It seems counter-intuitive to many to detach oneself from money outcomes, yet it’s by so doing that so much success can be found, to which you yourself can testify only too well!

      Thanks for sharing your valuable, personal experience. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…10 Top Bloggers of 2014My Profile

  6. Hey Glenn,

    Enjoyed the post! I find that a blog, being a central hub, can be the ultimate starting point for the ultimate beginner. A lot of bloggers, when they’re first starting out, have done little with a computer beyond running their facebook page.

    Like you said, a blog can give you the skills you need to succeed in the future. Truthfully, before I started my blog, the most I’d ever done was share one youtube video on Facebook. So yeah, a blog is indispensable. Especially, if you’re you were raised blue-collar like me and had more use for a pen and paper than a laptop 🙂

    Thanks for the post,

    Mark Curtis recently posted…Show Your Power in the Digital WorldMy Profile

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