How to Get Other People to Build Your List

build your listHow to Get Other People to Build Your List

Hey everyone,

If you’ve spent any time at all on the subject of Internet marketing or making money online, you’ve surely heard the saying, “The money is in the list”, right?

Now while it’s true that this saying can be adjusted to say such things as, “The money is in a responsive list” or, “The money is in the relationship that you have with your list”, there’s one thing that I think all Internet Marketers agree on and emphasise strongly…..

You NEED a mailing list!

The Big Question

“How do I get people to join my mailing list?”

The simple answer to the above question is: give them a reason to.

Your prospects must have a reason to opt in other than the fact that you have asked them to. Sure, some may do it on the strength of that, but usually it will require more. (Incidentally, please subscribe to my list!)

Now, there are lots of factors to consider that are all related to each other when it comes to list building and I’m not going to cover them all in this post or we’ll be here all night. Basically it comes down to this: give your prospect an incentive. This could be a free report, an e-book, a video, an audio recording, a piece of free software, a WordPress plugin…. you get the idea. (Incidentally again: please subscribe to my mailing list to get my awesome, free e-book!)

So then, where does the aspect of getting other people to build your list come in?

JV Giveawaysbuild your list

What is a JV Giveaway? The “JV” stands for “Joint Venture” and basically, a JV Giveaway is an online event whereby someone organises a website that contributors can sign up to and give away for free a product that they own.

Once the event goes live then people can sign up and get access to all the products that are given away. When they see a product that interests them they will be sent to the contributor’s squeeze page and will thus be required to sign up to their mailing list.

So, instead of just one person trying to drive traffic and get people to sign up to his/her list, you have a number of different people who are all promoting the event and driving traffic to the website, thus putting everyone’s products in front of an army of potential subscribers.

Additionally, if you’re the event organiser, you will get the added bonus of collecting the e-mails of all the people who register, as both contributors and subscribers will have to register to the event with their e-mail address.

Would You Like to Check One Out for Yourself?

I have never taken part in a JV Giveaway before, neither as a contributor or as a subscriber, but recently the opportunity to get involved as a contributor presented itself.

So I invite you to check out . Remember, it doesn’t cost a penny to join and, once inside, you’ll get access to tons and tons of free products such as e-books, courses and scripts.

Just how beneficial – if at all – being a part of this event will be to the growth of my mailing list remains to be seen. As I said, I have never done this before, but it’s something that I know a lot of people have success with so I figured that it would be good to try it for myself.

So head on over there and sign up. I’ve managed to find some great gifts that come with various license rights, so I can add these to my stock of products that I can give away or sell if I choose to. I’m sure that there’ll be at least one thing that you will be able to find to your liking.

One product that is in there is my free e-book, “Why Not YOU?” But don’t forget, you can get that quickly and easily by subscribing here on my blog too πŸ˜‰

Have you had any experience with JV Giveaways? If so, what is your opinion? Are they worthwhile resources? If you’ve been involved in running a JV Giveaway yourself, what was your experience? Please leave your comments below.

Until next time,



28 thoughts on “How to Get Other People to Build Your List”

  1. Agree with you mate. List is really helpful to make money and enhance business online. It helped me a lot in selling kitchen design stuff.

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, building a list is essential for many reasons, not least of which keeping in touch with your audience and maintaining that all-important relationship.

      Since writing this post I’ve tried JV giveaways a few more times and have had mixed results, but I can’t really say that I’ve found them a great way to get responsive subscribers. I think you really need to build the relationship as soon as possible, so that when people subscribe they are already warm to you.

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…3 Essential Rules for Making Money with Your BlogMy Profile

  2. Glenn,
    This is a creative idea, and I don’t remember hearing about it before. And it makes sense if the person organizing it can get some base traffic, and makes sure there is not duplication of offers.

    There are other things besides direct list building this could be applied to also, for instance multiple people in a niche where each person has a different aspect of the niche.
    Larry Grenevitch recently posted…Even The Experts Have ProblemsMy Profile

    1. Hi Larry,

      I’ve been quite surprised at just how many people haven’t come across the concept of JV giveaways before. They certainly have to be well organised, though, otherwise I don’t think that they’re really going to produce the desired results.

      I think that if you can get a good one it’s certainly worth giving it a go. A lot of Marketers have had great results from them and highly recommend them. My experience with this one wasn’t so great, but I’ll be sure to try again some time.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting, Larry πŸ™‚

      Kind regards,
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  3. Sandy Halliday

    Hi Glenn,

    I entered quite a few giveaways a few years ago but I didn’t find them effective for building my list. The position of your gift usually relies on the number of people you can get to register for the giveaway. Often they demote your gift if you can’t get people to it and that is very often the problem for people entering them to build their lists.

    As Adrienne so rightly says they tend to be freebie seekers who are attracted to these Giveaways and they will never become your buyer

    Although you say they are free to join you often do better if you pay for one of the upgrades. That way your gift may become more visible.

    When I looked at the number of members (people registered) once they started most of them had very few.

    Having said that I did put my detox report in the Self Empowerment Giveaway that you mention just to see.

    There are a couple of big ones that I do enter because they are run by big names and they know how to promote the event. One I regularly enter is the Self-Improvement Giveaway that starts in January. That is always well promoted and I have had success with that. Here’s the registration page for contributors if anyone is interested:

    I will be interested to hear how you get on with the giveaway.


    1. Hi Sandy,

      I’ve a feeling that the results from this type of thing, just like most things, is dependent on a variety of factors. One important one, I feel, is to do with what you mention towards the end of your post – how well organised and promoted the event is.

      Personally, I don’t think the freebie seekers are so much of an issue. After all, if we’re giving away something anywhere, such as our blog for example, then we’re trying to appeal to someone who’s going to want to opt in to our list to get for free whatever it is that we’re offering, right?

      Our job is to make sure that we deliver the value, build a relationship with people and turn those cold prospects into customers. They’re all components of the bigger machine and we have to give attention to each of them to get the whole thing working. Sometimes a component doesn’t work very well so we’ll have to replace it with one of more quality, but usually we won’t know unless we test.

      So far, I have to say I haven’t been overwhelmed with this particular event as a whole. But that’s not to say that the approach is a bust. I will definitely try them again. Once this one is over I will be sure to report back with my findings.


      P.S. I hope you get your IM site back up and running ASAP! So frustrating πŸ™
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Are You Sending Your Visitors Away?My Profile

  4. Hey Glenn
    Exciting. I have never actually heard about a JV giveaway before. It sounds like a great idea. It is very hard to get people to sign up to your list and this is one of the main things that I struggle with.

    So I am very interested in seeing what it is all about and how you benefit from it. You need to do a follow up post later on and tell us all how you went with it – if it was worth it etc.
    thanks Glenn and looking forward to these other things you have coming up
    Ashley recently posted…Market Samurai Review – Get on page one of GoogleMy Profile

    1. Hey Ashley,

      Yeah, I think they’re a great idea in principle and I know that lots of people have had lots of success by participating in them. What my results will be – well, we shall have to see.

      I’ll definitely be posting a follow-up when the giveaway’s over to let everyone know how things went.

      As for the other things, I just have to be careful not to try taking too much on and ending up doing nothing! But I’m trying to improve my planning and scheduling so this should hopefully keep me on track πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your awesome comment, it’s always great to see you.

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…2 Keys to SuccessMy Profile

  5. Hey Glenn,

    I’ve always steered clear of any type of giveaways because it attracts a lot of the freebie seekers who end up just cluttering up your list and never end up buying anything from you cause they’re too cheap. I’ve never done one myself to be honest with you but I was in a group at one time and we were encouraged to do this very thing and everyone that did do it only complained that’s what ended up happening.

    I’m sure for a lot of people that’s not always the case but I just didn’t want my list to explode overnight, I was paying extra for them and they weren’t really doing anything for me. Bad attitude right!

    Good luck with that though and please please please prove them wrong.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Get Noticed In A Sea Of BloggersMy Profile

    1. Hey Adrienne,

      Great to see you, my friend πŸ™‚

      You make some very good points here. Whether or not I’ll come to the same conclusions remains to be seen, but for the moment I’m happy to test. After all, we don’t know how or if something will work out unless we test it, right?

      That’s a really good point about paying for the people on your list. I suppose there’s a fine line between building your list at an acceptable rate and having too much ‘dead weight’ on your list that you end up paying for when they’re not even benefiting you. I’d love to have more people on my list with whom I can connect but, at the end of the day, if someone’s not going to appreciate being there then it’s no use to them or me.

      It’s the same with ‘traffic’. I’d rather have just 10 people come to my site who are completely targeted than 1000 people who end up being nothing more than a statistic.

      Everything’s a learning curve and balancing act in this industry, especially for someone like me who’s still quite new and has a LOT to learn! I’m enjoying the journey though and especially loving meeting great people like yourself from whom I can learn a lot.

      Thanks for your support as always, I hope you’re well and that you have an awesome week πŸ™‚

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…What is Your “Because”? Eliminate Your ObstaclesMy Profile

  6. Glenn,

    Machiavelli has intelligently argued that only two things make a man respond: greed and fear.

    In the case of the mailing list example, greed for something good (obviously) and fear of missing out by not subcribing.

    To achieve anything in marketing, never forget these two tips…they’ll come in handy to get whatever you want off people!

    Do have a great day!

    – Terungwa
    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…IS YOUR POVERTY AN ACT OF GOD?My Profile

    1. Hi Terungwa,

      Thanks for your insights, you’re absolutely right. I’d be inclined, though, to substitute the word “greed” with “desire”. I think there’s a difference between greed and desire and although some people may be motivated by greed, someone who is desirous isn’t necessarily greedy.

      So with our marketing, we need to remember to target people’s desires and implementing that with the scarcity aspect we can be on to a winner.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, I hope you too have a great day and week.

      Kind regards,
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Four Figures in One Day! Why Not You?My Profile

  7. Sherman Smith

    Hey Glenn,

    I heard so many people talk about JV giveaways but never really looked into it myself. This post explained it quite well and really piqued my interest about getting involved with it. I already wrote an ebook and plan on writing another one. I’m giving myself more time by not blogging as much, so this will give me the opportunity to look into JV giveaways. I’m always open to building my email list and I know the word “FREE” are a lot of people’s favorite word LOL….With this is mind I can definitely filter out the ones who aren’t serious and focus on the ones that are…. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Sherman,

      Great to see you again, buddy πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the great comment. I’m glad it’s helped you to think about taking a look at JV Giveaways.

      I believe that building our list should be of paramount importance so I’m all for finding different and effective ways to do it.

      Well done on getting an e-book written and well done also on planning on doing another one. Of course the key now is to make sure that you get it out of the planning stages and into the writing stage! πŸ˜‰ Of course, you’ll do this, I’m sure.

      Thanks for stopping by, always a pleasure.

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Are You Broadcasting Your Log-In Details to the World?My Profile

  8. Hi glenn,

    These are great tips for a blogger to let people know about him/her. Making a list of 100 blogs, websites of our niche is really a tough task but its great if people are doing this for us…

    We need to focus on how we can force people to do it. Giveaway is one of the best ways you have suggested already.. Thanks for letting me know about JV giveaways. I wasn’t aware about this before..
    Aman Bansal recently posted…8 Marketing Tactics You Never Learnt from Neil PatelMy Profile

    1. Hi Aman,

      Welcome to my blog, it’s great to have you here πŸ™‚

      I’m glad you’ve learned something you didn’t know, it’s great when I can help in that way. There are so many different approaches that we can take with our blogging and/or marketing and perhaps we aren’t well suited to some of them or maybe be never get around to using them or even needing to use them. But it’s always good to at least know what’s available to us and what the benefits can be.

      Thanks very much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Please visit again soon πŸ™‚

      Kind regards,
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…What is Your “Because”? Eliminate Your ObstaclesMy Profile

  9. Hey Glenn,

    I have heard about JV’s and how powerful it could be in building lists, selling products or even marketing campaigns for new product launches.

    I have heard about it from Brandon Burchard, Jeff Walker and many top marketers. Yet, I have personally not made use of this phenomena for a long time. Recently, I have started a few JVs and I can already see the benefits of it.

    Thank you for sharing this awesome post and reminding me to keep my focus on such opportunities.

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted…12 Powerful And Easy Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress WebsiteMy Profile

    1. Hi Kumar,

      It’s something that I too had heard about for a long time but I have to admit to not really grasping what they were all about at first. But, like so many things, we have to follow a learning curve and now I’ve had a go at getting involved in a giveaway event it’s helped me to really understand much better how they work and also the potential benefits both for contributors and subscribers.

      Thanks for your return visit to my blog and for taking the time to read my post and leave a comment, it’s very much appreciated. Have a great week, my friend.

      Kind regards,
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Triberr for Beginners – Finding Tribes & SharingMy Profile

    1. Hi Enstine,

      Thanks so much for stopping by, great to see you πŸ™‚

      I’ve heard a lot of people recommend them before but it’s only now when I’ve been able to get involved myself. Whether it ends up being worthwhile or not I shall have to see, but even the results don’t end up being very good it doesn’t necessarily mean that the strategy is a bad one. I imagine that these giveaways, just like so many things depend on a lot of differing factors.

      At the very least, it’s a bit more experience to get under my belt, so whatever the outcome it will ultimately be a positive thing.

      Kind regards,
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Get My Brand New, Free E-Book!My Profile

  10. James Robson

    Hey Glenn,
    I’ll be waiting with baited breath to see what kind of results you get. I tried to set up a JV giveaway a few years ago as an organizer, but failed to get much interest in it (which was probably due to my lack of marketing skills at that time). However, I still have a great JV giveaway script (“The Ultimate JV Giveaway Script”) which I paid quite a bit for at the time, so may give it another shot in the future now I have some idea of what I am doing these days, haha!


    1. Hi James,

      I hear ya. I’ve done that myself – bought something that seems really cool but then, when it’s come down to it, I’ve thought to myself, “Hang on a minute, I don’t really have a clue how to make best use of this!”

      Now that you have more experience and more of an idea of what to do it may well be worthwhile giving it another go with your script, especially considering you paid quite a bit for it. Let me know if/when you get something off the ground.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, James. Always appreciated πŸ™‚

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…2 Keys to SuccessMy Profile

  11. Hey Glen,
    You have had some great post lately. I like this one because it hits home.
    I have gone to several give away events and have got a lot of great products. I have never have joined one as a participant. I have been thinking of setting up my own in the near future probably around February. Keep up the great blog posts.

    I enjoyed reading your e book Why Not You.

    Steven Haar

    Check out my blog where I have a link to what will eventually will be a giveaway or a membership site, Would Love some feed back.
    Steven Haar recently posted…Warning: Keep track of your web site purchases!My Profile

    1. Hi Steven,

      Many thanks for your kind words. I’m glad that you enjoyed my book too πŸ™‚

      I think you should definitely give hosting your own JV event a try. These things all contribute to our learning so at least you’ll be getting some more experience under your belt.

      I’ll definitely check out your blog. I’m just off to have something to eat now, but will come and pay a visit afterwards for sure πŸ™‚

      Keep in touch,
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…What is Your “Because”? Eliminate Your ObstaclesMy Profile

  12. Glen, I’ve kinda heard of jv giveaways in the past but never really given them too much thought. Sounds like an interesting idea that I may dig into at some point. The biggest thing I’m trying to focus on is getting better at building those relationship and trying to understand the needs of my subscribers.

    But it’s always great when you can explore new marketing venues and build your business in the process. Please do let us know how you faired.
    Jerry Handy recently posted…Is it easy to make money online?My Profile

    1. Hey Jerry,

      I’d heard of JV Giveaways before but it wasn’t something I was really able to participate in until now. At the end of the day, it’s something for me to try and if it turns out to be beneficial then great. Whichever way, it’s all part of my learning experience.

      I’ll definitely let you know how things go!

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Four Figures in One Day! Why Not You?My Profile

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