is something missing from your strategy?

Is There Something Missing From Your Strategy?

Is There Something Missing From Your Strategy?

is there something missing from your strategy?Hi, dear readers!

Sorry for the missed post last week. I spent a few days overhauling and redesigning my website and the only days I could do it were around the latter part of the week.

I hope you like the new design. This is all part of my desire to offer even more value and better serve you going forwards. As the saying goes: watch this space…

So, onto the subject of this week’s post:

Is there something missing from your strategy?

I got the idea to cover this topic specifically because it is something that I covered on one of our iPro coaching webinars last week.

I often get asked things like:

How do I get started?”

“What shall I do next?”

How can I get better results?

With all these questions and many more like them, I often see a pattern. It’s not always that people just don’t know what to do. It’s often a case of they either don’t know how to go about doing what they want to do or they simply don’t know how to structure everything and put it all together.

“Aha!”, I hear you cry, “They must have a strategy!”

Yes, having a strategy is essential. However, as you probably guessed from the title of this post, a strategy on its own may not be enough.

What do I mean by this?

Well, let’s take a look at that picture at the top of the post. There are four points there, but with one missing. We’ll now cover each one in turn and, hopefully, put the pieces together.

is there something missing from your strategy?1) Idea

Before you can get started with anything – a project, a promotion, or whatever  – it has to start with an idea.

Without an idea, you won’t have anything to to draw from, right?

No matter what it is that we want to do, it must start with an idea.

So then, let’s say that we want to make money online. After all, that’s why you’re on my blog, is it not? You either want to make money online, you are already making money online or you have, at the very least, some interest in the subject.

No doubt you will have done some research on the subject and considered the various avenues that are available. You will have had a think and tossed around various ideas until you have settled on one that appeals to you.

So, in order to reach the goal of making money online based on the ideas you’ve had as to how to do it, you need the next point in our list:

is there something missing from your strategy?2) Strategy

Now, this here is where a lot of people fall down.

The thing is, it’s not that they don’t have a strategy.

They spend time analysing their chosen niche and the different options that there are to make money in it.

They decide on a particular method and they think about what different components they may need in order to implement the given strategy and get closer to their goal.

Let’s say, for example, that a person wants to make money through affiliate marketing.

Let’s also say that they’ve already decided on exactly what it is that they are going to promote.

Essentially, all they have left to do is the marketing and, in turn, get traffic to their offer.

Perhaps they decide that their strategy will involve a mixture of blogging and paid advertising. So they decide that they are going to blog once per week, buy a solo ad once per week, be active on forums, social media and other blogs in order to build relationships, get better-known and bring traffic back to their blog. They also decide that they want to build their mailing list.

And that’s it.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong at all with that strategy. In fact, with the exception of regularly buying solo ads, that’s pretty much all I do myself.

But there’s one more essential thing that must be done…

is something missing from your strategy?

3) Plan

Yes, in order for your strategy to be effective, you absolutely have to have a plan.

It’s all very well saying that you have a strategy, based on the various components that you have decided you will work on. But without a plan of exactly HOW, WHY, WHEN, with/to WHOM, etc., you run the risk of getting nowhere fast.

Let me run a hypothetical scenario past you – I bet that you can relate to this (I know that I certainly can!):

You’ve decided on your strategy. Perhaps it looks something like the one I briefly outlined above.

So, you get up on Monday morning and sit down at your computer. You switch it on. Perhaps you check your e-mail first. Oh, John Smith has a new launch today. Wow, that software looks cool, I’ll have to check that out!

Or maybe you have a quick look on Facebook to see what’s been happening on there. Oh look at that cat! Aww! I know just who will appreciate that, I’ll have to share it with them. Oh wait, I’m getting a private message. Better see who that’s from…

Now then, let’s get to work. What am I supposed to be doing again? Oh yeah, driving traffic. Okay, what shall I do first? Hmm, I suppose I’d better decide on a solo ad vendor. I’ll have a look at a few in a bit. First, I’ll get this blog post done.

Right, what am I going to write about? Actually, I’ve just recalled the name of a solo ad vendor who comes highly recommended, I’ll just check them out. What’s the name of that Facebook group again? Let have a look on Facebook…

What on earth’s happening in that video? That can’t be real! I gotta check that out…

Okay, we’ll leave it there, but do you get the picture? Maybe you’ve experienced days like this? I know that I certainly have!

Strategise Your Strategy!

is there something missing from your strategy?The thing is, we may have our strategy all decided upon in our heads, but we haven’t come up with any kind of PLAN as to how to implement it!

It’s no good sitting down at our computer and then thinking, “Okay, what shall I do first?” We should already know! In fact, we should already know the night before!

What I suggest (and this is based on what I learned from Alex Jeffreys) is to sit down each night and plan out what you need to do the following day. Have a “To Do” sheet for each day. Assign the most important things to be done first and allot each task a set amount of time. When it comes to actually performing each task, set a timer and stick to it.

At the end of each day analyse your “To Do” sheet and see what you accomplish and the time it took.

You can take this principle and apply it to the whole week in advance. Take your strategy and plan out exactly what you intend to do on each day and for how long. Then, when it comes to each task, stick to the allotted time.

There are many ways in which you could implement this approach and many variations on the idea, but hopefully you see the power in this.

Do you think that you would get more accomplished by doing this rather than just approaching each day with a vague idea of what you want to do as part of your strategy, but no idea as to what to do first, for how long, etc.?

You don’t have to plan all this stuff on a task sheet, perhaps you could use a mindmap. When going over this stuff on the webinar I drew up a basic mindmap as an example and lots of the attendees loved this approach as it helps to really visualise your strategy and how each component relates to working towards the ultimate goal.

is something missing from your strategy? 4) Success

So then, once you have formulated your strategy based on the ideas you’ve come up with and you have planned out exactly how you will implement your strategy, you will be better-equipped for success.

I truly believe that there is no good reason why anyone cannot achieve success online. I believe that anyone can achieve whatever it is they want to. You just have to know how to get there.

Some things are more difficult than others and everyone is different. But if you have a dream, if you have a desire, then go get it!

Work at it, remain determined and always, always keep on going. Never, ever give up on your dreams.

Need Ideas, A Strategy and a Plan?

The Big Commission BlueprintIf you have absolutely no experience but want an easy way to get started online, then I have a superb blueprint that I can recommend to you. It’s called the Big Commission Blueprint and it’s this very blueprint that has been responsible for many, many people going on to not only make their first ever sale online, but even experience their first ever four-figure pay days!

If you are someone who has kind of got started but have found your progress a bit like a spluttering engine that’s struggling to get out of first gear, I’m willing to help you if I can. Just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll give you a free, no obligation, no pitch strategy session. I can’t guarantee how long I can keep this offer open, so if you think that this could be something that may benefit you, be sure to get in quick.

In the mean time, I’d love to hear your comments below.

Did this post help you to see things just a little clearer?

Can you relate to the ‘strategy, but no plan’ scenario?

What tips can you share that you have found have helped you to have a well-planned, effective strategy?

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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27 thoughts on “Is There Something Missing From Your Strategy?”

  1. I loved your article very much. Will to comply with. Fine submit and love what you said about ‘Strategise Your technique’ – very fundamental

    Thanks Glenn

  2. Hi Glenn,

    You have written an amazing blog.
    For making strategy, first of all your idea should be innovative. Then, strategy, planning should be extra ordinary so that you will succeed in your business. All these steps are very important for building up a perfect strategy. At each point, you have to think deeply and in true manner. At the end, you will achieve your goal. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi, Glenn!

    Whenever I come over to your blog, it’s like being an “Alice in Wonderland”! I could spend hours here, your content is so engaging, valuable and magnetizing!

    Your blog is the perfect example of your “hypothetical scenario”, hahaha!
    It was a great IDEA coming over to your blog, but I definitely need a PLAN when I’m here (and a TIMER, the repeating one that can’t be turned off!) My STRATEGY too, goes all hay-wire when I’m here!
    SUCCESS – I get it … I gotta get outa here!

    Thanks for all that you do and provide for your readers, Glenn.


    1. Hi Emily,

      Many thanks indeed for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I’m so sorry for such a very late reply, but my blog has had some problems for a number of months and I wasn’t able to reply to any comments. Thankfully, I’ve fixed the problems now, so I’m catching up with anyone who kindly left comments all those months ago!

      I hope your strategy plan is working out for you. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…What a Pair of Old Shoes Can Teach You About Making Money OnlineMy Profile

  4. Hey Glenn,

    Great to stop by your blog! I think that I found this post at the perfect time.

    In the past, I have had a big problem “stratigising my strategy”. I didn’t like to write things down, because I thought that I would be able to just remember them for the next day. The only problem was that I found myself doing exactly what you described in this post. I would check my email, look at Facebook, chat with a few people, and by the time I knew it… half of the day was gone and I didn’t remember anything that I had “planned” the night before.

    Funny enough, just recently my wife and I were at the store, and she said to me, “why don’t you get some kind of daily planner or notebook for your work?”

    I bought one of those small calendars and started planning out in detail the night before (like you suggested) what I was going to get done the next day. I will definitely use your time scheduling idea to make the strategy stronger!

    It really makes a huge difference in the productivity. I know what I need to get done, and when I need to get it done. The one problem that I do have now, is trying to fit too much into that daily schedule and getting burned out, or not finishing at all.

    This post really helped me (and I’m sure many others) to have a lot more clarity into what it takes to run a successful business and the who creative concept.

    Thanks for a great and eye opening post Glenn.

    Have a great rest of the week and weekend ahead!

    All the best,
    Jeff Sollee
    Jeff Sollee recently posted…What Aspiring Marketers Can Learn From The Movie “American Gangster”My Profile

    1. Hey Jeff,

      Great to see you! 🙂

      I’m glad this post has been of value to you and that you are improving with strategising your strategy! I totally get where you’re coming from with trying to fit too much in – that can be almost as bad as not strategising at all!

      This could be a whole training session on its own! But basically what you need to do is:

      Think of your big goal, then work out what sub-components are needed for you to get there. Break down each sub component into smaller sections and keep on doing that until you know exactly what it is that you need to do in order to accomplish each task. Look at each of those tasks and then prioritise them. Ask yourself, “Which of these will immediately get me closer to my goal?” . Always make sure you have the important stuff done first.

      This is where writing stuff down and actually working out the details of our plan comes into play. We might have in our heads all the different things we need to do, but without prioritising and scheduling we run the risk of spending too much time on the wrong things, not being focused, being distracted and so on.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jeff. Take care and have an awesome weekend! 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…“Are You Talking to Me?”My Profile

  5. Shantanu Sinha

    Hi Glenn Shepherd,
    Good post.

    Big or small everything starts with a plan and need some strategies to be work upon with.
    You come with up an advice which is practically being less followed, frankly speaking I too lack
    but if you gonna end up with some good work, definitely you need to work upon the plan you have
    made and got to get our strategy, strategise.

    Thanks for sharing this among us 🙂

    Shantanu sinha

    1. Hi Shantanu,

      Welcome to my blog, thanks for visiting. 🙂

      Absolutely, everything starts with a plan. Part of the plan can be to have a strategy, but it’s no use having a strategy without having the plan – you need to know just how to implement your strategy, otherwise you can end up going round in circles.

      Thanks again for stopping by, I wish you a great weekend. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…3 Warning Signs of Make Money ProgramsMy Profile

  6. Hi Glenn,
    you are right.when you will get began along with something,first of all you are thinking about idea and then apply the idea,Strategy and hard work are important content for success.Many people work hard,but only a few become really successful because of their plan.

    1. Hi Mahbub,

      Welcome to my blog! 🙂

      You’re absolutely correct. Many people work hard but they don’t work smart. You can work hard but still not get anywhere if you’re not also working smart and that’s the key to success.

      Thanks for your visit, have a great weekend! 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…What Hiking Can Teach You about Online BusinessMy Profile

  7. Dear Glenn,
    I love your way with words-‘putting it on ice'(podcasts). I love the look of your new site, definitely looks less cluttered and cleaner. Well done.
    OMG I love this topic.
    Strategize your strategy!

    Yes, I think this is where people fail because they fail to apply themselves. Too many distractions going on.
    I love the bit you said about using a timer. I use my watch and keep a close eye on where I am supposed to be at with what part of the schedule.

    Recently I saw Louis Doughty receive a gift from Dean. It was a larger whiteboard. I am going to go and buy myself one since writing it in a book is not a bad idea, but having it on a wall and being active with it weekly will prove to be more productive.

    I’m with you on the Warrior Forum, I struggle with it at times although I do like the mind warriors.

    I love that you are leading the way, it is like that for me.
    I like watching how you do things and then I go and make my own way with it. You are teaching us much.

    I also love all the links you have put in this post.

    As usual I really enjoyed this one, so well done matey-Jennifer
    Jennifer recently posted…How is blogging going to serve me?My Profile

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      I’m glad you like the new-look blog. There are still a few bugs that need to be ironed out, such as the search function not working and CommentLuv links not appearing at the bottom of comments. It’s still worth selecting a linked post using when you leave your comment, though, as the link is actually there, it’s just not being displayed for some reason. I’ve narrowed and it down and know that it’s a theme issue and hopefully I’ll be able to get this all sorted ASAP.

      I’m glad you found the post helpful and also other things I share. I always try to share the best content I can. 🙂

      I think a whiteboard is a great idea. I’ve thought about getting one myself but, for the moment, I really have nowhere to put one. But however you choose to do it, planning out and breaking down your strategy in detail is key.

      Thanks for your visit, as always. Have a great weekend! 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…3 Essential Elements to Successful PositioningMy Profile

  8. I think I’m good at making plans; I have an idea of what needs to get done but I struggle with actually following through with the plan. It’s hard for me to stick to a schedule and take consistent action each day! I’m trying and hopefully I’ll figure it out soon. I told myself I have to commit to publish at least one article on my website per week and so far it’s been going alright. Anyways, thanks for the reminder to create a plan!
    Timothy Gagnon recently posted…How to Drive Free Targeted Traffic to Your Website With InstagramMy Profile

    1. Hi Timothy,

      What I found helped me is, as I mentioned in the post, to actually set a specific time for each task, even down to scheduling break times. Not only that, but setting a timer at the start of each task, with an alarm that goes off after the time is up, made a huge difference.

      If, on the whole, remaining focused and committed is something that you struggle with, it might be worth considering getting an accountability partner, as I mentioned to Chris. I appreciate that this isn’t for everyone, but I’d highly recommend at least giving it some thought if there’s a chance it could help. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, it’s much appreciated. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Exciting Changes!My Profile

  9. Hi Glenn.

    Great post.

    Yes, having everything clearly outlined from the get-go is definitely important.
    Without planning every step out, we will never get anywhere fast, as you said.

    I must admit to not planning things out as much as I should. I know I need to
    comment on others’ blogs more often, write posts for my blog on a more consistent
    basis, promote BCB and everything else we have with iPro, finish projects I’ve started,
    etc. I do know how to plan my week ahead of time. I just need to get off my butt and do it.

    I know, for a fact, that the techniques I wrote about in my time-management report do work
    when implemented. There’s no excuse why I am in the situation I am in right now, except for
    my own laziness.

    Time to write everything out and get to work.

    Thanks for this kick in the butt……..Chris
    Chris DeeWaard recently posted…Walk The Walk! Don’t Talk The Talk!My Profile

    1. Hi Chris,

      I think we’ve all been guilty of insufficient planning, even if we’ve known what we should be doing. I know that I’ve certainly been guilty of that many times myself!

      In your case, Chris, you clearly know what kind of things you need to be doing and you know how to plan them. It’s just the implementation, which is down to you. I wonder if maybe you’d benefit from an accountability partner? have you ever considered that? It might be worth seeing if someone in the community group might be up for that. I know that there are many members who also struggle with the implementation side of things, so it might help both yourself and whomever who ended up partnering with. I know it’s not for everyone, but I’d certainly recommend at least giving it some thought, if you haven’t already. You have so, so much potential and have already made some great strides. If we can just fill in that bit of a gap it could make an enormous difference and help you shift up a gear! 🙂

      Any time you need any more kicks in the butt, just ask! 😉

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…What a Pair of Old Shoes Can Teach You About Making Money OnlineMy Profile

  10. Sam nuku

    Good post. Its so true right. If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

    Re my online business uts something im starting to get better at.

    The benefits are well worth it. Thx

    1. Hi Sam,

      That’s a very well-worn phrase, yet is so true. Proper planning is absolutely vital for business success. Without it, the tendency is to be busy doing nothing, or doing nothing of real value for our businesses. That one piece of the equation must be in place, otherwise we can end up feeling that we’ve don e a lot but, in reality, we’ve actually accomplished very, very little.

      I’m glad to hear you’re getting better at this with your business. When you can put this stuff into practice and see the benefits, it helps to give you a boost and focus to do even better.

      Thanks so much for your visit, I hope you have a great week 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…3 Warning Signs of Make Money ProgramsMy Profile

  11. Hi Glenn

    Great to be back here again

    And what a wonderful topic too. Everything starts with the idea – the spark of inspiration that gets our creative juices going.

    Of course, an idea without a strategy is a waste of space – it just becomes another thought bubble, another pipedream.

    But a strategy without a plan is also useless. As you say people must have a plan, the main component being the action steps. Importantly, action steps need a deadline for completion. Without that, the tendency will be for things to drift – and nothing will be accomplished.

    Nice post and love what you said about ‘Strategise Your Strategy’ – very important

    Thanks Glenn

    Kim Willis recently posted…8 Ways to Convert Uncommitted Lookers Into Hot Prospects OnlineMy Profile

    1. Hi Kim,

      Great to have you back again, too! 🙂

      That’s certainly an important point about a deadline. I know that I can certainly find myself guilty of massive procrastination if I don’t have a deadline to work to.

      From my observations, I’ve found that people very often get stuck in the ideas stage or in the strategy stage. They almost become addicted to the theoretical stuff and the learning without actually planning out their action steps properly and then, most importantly, acting upon them. The actual planning might not be the most fun thing to do at times, yet this vital step is the part that can make the difference between actually getting the desires results or not.

      Many thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Have yourself a great week ahead! 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…What Hiking Can Teach You about Online BusinessMy Profile

  12. Thanks Glenn. I always get so much out of your writings. It has been stressed over and over how important it is to plan your day the night before or better yet for the whole week. This is great advise and I confess I have not been doing that but that changes today. Thanks again for this great and I mean it a very valuable post to me. Wishing you continued success. Sincerely

    1. Hi David,

      I’m glad you get so much out of what I deliver. I always endeavour to put out content that I know works and that people will benefit from.

      Planning is so very important. Individuals will have their own way of doing it that’s tailored to them, but so long as you have some kind of plan that you can work to, it will make all the difference, rather than just kind of ‘winging it’ as you go.

      Keep on progressing, David. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…3 Essential Elements to Successful PositioningMy Profile

  13. Hi Glenn,
    What an excellent post and yes I’m nodding my head about having days like you described going all over the place online but not getting on with my key strategy action plans.

    Every day I have “to do” and a “what not to do” lists but to be honest I still have times when I get distracted despite my planning.

    I do know when that happens I end up being disappointed in myself.

    My strategy is very much along the same lines as you Glenn apart from forum commenting that I’m going to replace with the creation of a regular podcast.

    So in future I better be absolutely sure I stick with my daily planning schedule becauase I also know when I have completed every task on my list it gives me a great sense of satisfaction and achievement – and results always follow!

    Many thanks for this important share Glenn.

    Best wishes from a remote Thai village blogger

    Peter Beckenham recently posted…8 Ways To Create Enthusiastic Blog ReadersMy Profile

    1. Hi Peter,

      I don’t really spend much time in forums these days. Well, I say, “forums”, it was only really the Warrior Forum, but I find that place annoys me too much and I don’t need the kind of negativity that’s rampant on there.

      I think doing a regular podcast is a great idea. It’s something I was doing for a while but I’ve put it on ice for the moment. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

      I hope you’ve had a great weekend and wish you all the best for the week ahead! 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…6 Blogging Resources You Need to Visit TodayMy Profile

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