Two Top List-Building Tips

Two Top List-Building Tips


list-buildingHello friends,

Well, this post was started yesterday and I aimed to have it published as per usual. However, WordPress decided to kindly throw a hissy fit when I was saving the draft, so after it had greeted me with a message telling me that this particular function could not be performed, I found that it had deleted everything that I had written since the last save.


Now, I have actually experienced this before and had implemented a habit of copying and pasting everything I’ve type just in case this stupid error comes up. But no, on the one occasion when I click “Save Draft” without doing that, it decides to throw up the error.

So with about an hour’s work down the drain I just couldn’t bring myself to type all that up again, so I decided to call it a night.

Instead, I have covered all that I wanted to say in a video.

I don’t mind doing videos but I find that I can articulate what I want to say much better in written format rather than spoken format, hence why I do more written content on my blog. But seeing as I just didn’t have the heart to start writing from scratch I decided that it would be much easier and, indeed, quicker to do a video instead.

list-buildingSo without further ado, on to the topic….


I’m sure you’ve heard it said, “The money is in the list”.

There are variations on this, such as: “The money is in the relationship that you have with your list” and, “The money is in a responsive list”.

Whichever way you look at it, you should be building an e-mail list, if you aren’t already.

But are you getting the subscribers you want? If not then there could be a couple of reasons for that. In the video below I talk about two tips that you can implement to increase the chances of someone noticing your opt-in form and entering their details.




I hope that you found those little tips useful.

If you have a mailing list, are there any other tips that you have found that you’d like to share? Please feel free to leave them by commenting below.

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8 thoughts on “Two Top List-Building Tips”

  1. This is great article which driving great information which is helpful into email list building, I think list building is best source for getting targeted traffic on your blog, because by help f email we can send some best information…
    Inside this article I found some very cool tips which I can implement into my own blog..

    Mohd Arif

    1. Hi Mohd,

      Many thanks, I’m glad you found this post to be helpful.

      With regards to targeted traffic, this is a very important thing. However I would take what you said and flip it around – getting target traffic to your blog is one of the best sources for getting people on your e-mail list. Of course, once you have people on your list you can then send them back to your blog when you have updates, promotions, etc and, so long as you have good quality subscribers, this will be good quality traffic. But if you can get good quality traffic coming to your blog then this is an excellent way to get good quality subscribers in the first place. Of course, the best quality subscribers are buyers, but that’s a subject for another time. 😉

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…“All Search Engines Are Soon to Be Closed Down!”My Profile

  2. Hi Glenn,

    I don’t know how I missed this post, must have had a senior moment LOL!

    Great video and post helping us with the two proven methods for building our e-mail lists. The money is in the list or in the relationship that you have with your list.

    We must have the op-tin form at the top right hand corner so people don’t have to scroll down to get to it and we have to give away an ethical bribe.

    Such simple advise but very wise advice.

    Thank you for that information.

    Sorry you lost your blog post, it happens to the best of us.

    You have a wonderful weekend,

    Linda Schrier recently posted…Achieving Success In Internet MarketingMy Profile

    1. Hi Linda,

      I wouldn’t worry – the more you blog, the more blogs you visit, the more you’ll end up missing posts. It’ll become harder to keep on top of every blog and everypost as you’d like, but so long as you blogging and commenting is generally consistent, that is the main thing. 🙂

      Something I could have expounded upon in the video is that even having the ethical bribe isn’t enough. Again, I see people promoting what could well be a great product, but the call-to-action is something like, “Sign up to get this e-book” or, “Subscribe for a free video”. The question still remains: “Why?”. Why should people sign up? What will the e-book do for them? What will the video show them? Obviously you can’t include a wealth of info in an opt-in form headline, but you have to give a potential subscriber at least some indication as to why they should entrust you with their e-mail address.

      Thanks very much for stopping by and leaving your comment, Linda. I hope you’re have a great weekend. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Can You Really Make Money Blogging?My Profile

  3. Well said, Richard. While reading Glenn’s post I was saying to myself that I’d recommend writing it, whatever it is, in a Word or Open Office document first and pasting it . . .
    . . . only to discover you’r beaten me to it by over 3 hours.
    Great post, Glenn!
    The video is awesome! Thank you for sharing.

    Keep smiling!
    Mike recently posted…Trapped Online. Surrounded By Deadbeats . Low On Funds.My Profile

    1. Hi Mike,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for leaving a comment. 🙂

      Yep, as I said to Richard, I used to do it that way but I can’t recall why I stopped. There must have been a reason.

      I’m glad you liked the video. I do plan on doing more videos but I am generally much more comfortable with writing. Video is generally quicker though, so it does have its advantages! 😉

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…How to Auto Duck in AudacityMy Profile

  4. Hi Glenn Thanks for the illuminating post. very helpful indeed. Your comments at the start about WP hissy fits puts me in the unusual position of having a suggestion for you rather than the other way around for a change 🙂 I had some bad experiences with blogs myself recently, and I now compose everything in MSWord and then copy/paste it in to WP after so I always have the original on disc. Just my method 🙂
    Richard Seaton recently posted…Let’s Not Beat Ourselves UpMy Profile

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks so much for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I beat you to it as I this is exactly what I used to do! However, I found that there were problems doing it that way. I can’t for the life of me recall what they were but they must have been significant for me to decide not to do it anymore. I think it may have been a formatting issue but I don’t recall. Maybe I’ll try doing it that way again and see what happens.

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…EMA Podcast 002: “6 Ways to Avoid Sabotaging Your Online Business”My Profile

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