“Hi all. I’d just like to say a few words about Glenn Shepherd. He has helped me a lot with his input on blogging and list building. You’d be doing yourself a huge dishonor if you didn’t let him help you succeed online. Trust me, he knows his stuff.”

Chris DeeWaard – Online Marketer

Jennifer Giacoppo – Deep Soul Connection Breakthrough Coach

“In whatever context I’ve connected with Glenn, I have been very impressed with his knowledge and grasp of details–he has the big picture as well as the practical suggestions. More than that, he is one of those people in Internet Marketing that stands head and shoulder above the rest because of his generous good spirit, willingness to spend time with you, and excellent detailed support. He’s one of the best. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I feel blessed by knowing him.”

Anne Uemura – Blogger

 “Glenn Shepherd is the real deal, a person who has succeeded in the complicated world of Internet marketing by persistent effort. He has helped me greatly with timely advice that showed not only expertise, but a willingness to help out people who are struggling to succeed. He did succeed, and he knows the challenges we face and is able and willing to help anyone succeed in their business.”

Robert Scott – Pastor

Dr. Sameer Joshi – Online and Offline Entrepreneur

Sabine Matharu – Online Entrepreneur and Business Coach

“I’d like to write a few words about Glenn Shepherd.

Ever since meeting Glenn inside an elite marketing group online, he’s been a huge support as I’ve grown…

Glenn is a man of many talents and a man of integrity…

In fact, I put my relationship building online down to Glenn’s advice because as we know, it can be a little bit different online…

Glenn is a brilliant blogger and a tech wizard as we like to say and I don’t know of anyone who has a bad word about him…

Glenn is the type of marketer who builds
lasting relationships and most definitely not the churn and burn type.

Glenn cares which in IM is often sadly rare.

You’re definitely in safe hands here with Glenn Shepherd.”

Ian Howarth – Online Marketer

Cody Bertagnoli – Digital Entrepreneur

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