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Just Who Is Glenn Shepherd?


Glenn ShepherdHi there!

First of all, I’d like to say welcome to my website and thank you so much for taking the time to visit.

So then, who am I?

My name is Glenn Shepherd and I am a Digital Entrepreneur and Coach from the UK. I currently work along with the greatly-respected Dean Holland as part of the coaching and support team at Internet Profits Limited.

Having learned from some of the world’s top Internet Marketers, such as Dean, Alex Jeffreys and Sean Mize, I have taken what I have learned and made it my goal to use it in the best way that I can to help others to achieve success online.

I believe that there has been no better time to start an online business, however it can be difficult to know whom to trust and where to go for reliable help. It is my aim to provide inspiration, motivation and help for those who would like to make money online, always doing so with complete transparency and honesty.

A Little Background

When I was forced to leave work for health reasons in the early 1990’s I became very interested in working for myself. For many years I tried various ways to accomplish this but had little success.

Just like so many, I found myself turning to the Internet and doing searches such as “make money online”. For years and years I searched but found very little in the way of real value or direction.

In 2012 I discovered an Internet Marketer by the name of Alex Jeffreys and it was his training that gave me a whole new outlook, a fresh enthusiasm and gave me the kick I needed to start to change things for the better. It was then that I started my very first blog (the very one you’re visiting right now), made my very first blog post and, for the first time, had an idea of where I wanted to be and how I wanted to get there. Of course I still had a lot to learn but just a few months later I was to be presented with a life-changing opportunity that would take my efforts up to the next level.

In January 2013, I attended a webinar hosted by one of Alex Jeffreys’ success stories, Dean Holland. Dean had been developing a partnership program for some time and was finally making it available to a limited number of people. Knowing Dean’s pedigree and the reputation that he’d been able to build for himself, I just had to join him in this exciting venture.

Having the personal mentorship and training from a proven seven-figure Marketer, along with a working system that is the exact system that Dean himself uses, really helped me to hone my skills and accomplish things that I had never done before – things such as making my very first online sale, having my very first four-figure payday and being in a position to assist and teach others to do what I had learned to do.

In September 2015 I had the privilege of being taken on to work with Dean in his company, providing tutorials, coaching and technical support to our clients. Not only do I strive to add value to Dean’s company as a crucial part of his team, but the experience is invaluable in helping me to serve my blog visitors, my subscribers and customers even better.

Presenting on stage at the Internet Profits Partners workshop, January 2017
Presenting on stage at the Internet Profits Partners workshop, January 2017

Let Me Help You

Through this website, through my e-mail newsletters, via my social-networks and through the training I provide in Internet Profits, my aim is to provide the much-needed help and direction for people who are interested in making a living online but perhaps don’t know how to get started or what direction to take once they have.

Here are a few of my past blog posts that you may find useful:

“It’s Alive!” – My very first blog post.

“23 Useful Internet Marketing Tools” – 23 tools and resources I wouldn’t be without.

“Make Money Online – Can You Do It?” – Many people doubt they have what it takes. Here I highlight how you’re no different from those who have gone on to be hugely successful. You CAN do it!

“You Have the Knowledge!” – Do you know enough to get things going and be successful? You may be surprised!

“Your Business Needs YOU!” – It’s often said that you must have a USP. Do you know what that is? And do you have one? Find out in this post.

“What is Your ‘Why’?” – Everyone must have a “why”. Do you know what yours is?

“What is Your ‘Because’?” – We all make excuses from time to time that hold us back. What’s holding YOU back?

“Protecting Yourself on the Internet” – In my very first guest post, I.T. expert, Ben Solomon reveals some of the simple and easy ways that we can protect ourselves online.

“Seven Silly Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Business” – When it comes to business ethics I will never pull any punches! In this post I address seven of the silly mistakes that I’ve seen time and time again in business.

“Seven Silly Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Blog” – We all want our blogs to be successful but are we actually putting people off? This post covers some of the things that could be.

“EMA Podcast 001: “The Number One Newbie Traffic Mistake That Could Cost You Thousands (And Your Sanity!)” – My very first podcast!

“Two Big Reasons Why You May Be Failing In Your Online Business” – Are you struggling to get anywhere? It could be down to one or both of these two big reasons.

How I’ve Done It So FarWhy Not YOU?

For a more detailed background about me and the steps that I’ve taken so far, grab my free e-book, “Why Not YOU?”

Would you like to learn for yourself exactly how I achieved success after starting from complete scratch?

Would you like to have access to the very training that I’ve gone through and to have the opportunity to have Dean help you to get to where you want to be?

How about discovering and having for yourself the exact system that is helping hundreds of people to have their first online successes, many not only making their first ever sales online but also experiencing their first four figure days? Then click the banner below:

Please subscribe to my mailing list to be kept fully up-to-date and also receive my free e-book. You can rest assured that I will NOT share your details with ANYONE, nor will I spam you with garbage.

Also please follow me on Twitter, ‘Like’ me on Facebook and wherever else I may be.

If there’s anything at all that I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

With warmest regards,

Glenn Shepherd

Glenn is a Certified iPro Masters Partner

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