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There are a number of Internet Marketers who I admire, most of whom, if not all, have started with nothing. A pattern that I’ve noticed is that they all seem to remember just how much of an impact their very first sale online made. It’s certainly a huge milestone, especially as the ultimate goal for anyone in this business is to make money. Well I can now add myself to this group! I recently spotted the following message in the inbox of one of my e-mail accounts:

Now I’m sure that you, like me, have received many bogus e-mails that look similar to this. You know the type, the “… this is what you could be seeing every day if you click on this link” kind of e-mail that ultimately sends you to yet another hyped-up sales page with terrible actors and an over-the-top but less-than-convincing sales patter. Well, now that I am actively working on my Internet business I have to look out for genuine notifications so when I saw the above message a clicked on it and almost fell off my chair when I realised that it was, in fact, the real thing! So does this mean that I can now jet off to the bahamas and live the ‘Internet lifestyle’? Well no, unfortunately. But it does mean a few things:

  • The techniques that I have been learning and subsequently implementing do WORK! I cannot emphasise this enough. There is a lot of stigma about making money online and so many people give up before they’ve really got going. But if you have a plan, a proven system and you consistently take action and work on your business – yes that’s right, it’s a BUSINESS – then you will see results.
  • I am doing something right.
  • There is no reason at all why I cannot and will not continue to repeat this and grow to ultimately achieve the results that I am aiming for. It can be a hard slog to keep plugging at something and not really see the fruits of your labour, but when you can actually see the evidence that what you’re putting into practice is working, that just following the instructions from your mentors does lead to results, then it gives an enormous boost of confidence and really serves to encourage you to carry on, scale up and achieve your goals.

Now for anyone who’s been following me from the beginning or who has checked back through my post archive, you may recall that I talked in one of my early posts about having made my first money online. Now while this was technically true, this was made via the Profit Clicking site that I referred to and that money was just infused back into the traffic and ad system. Now something I’d just like to highlight about that system is that, although some people may be making good money from it and may be receiving traffic to the adverts that they’re promoting in there, it isn’t something that I will be endorsing. Personally, I just haven’t seen any real results from it. I don’t want to write a load about this here as there’s plenty of info on their site itself. But basically, if you want to try it out and use the free credit that they give you for signing up to test the system and see how well it works for you then I’d say go ahead and just try it out on that basis. But I certainly wouldn’t recommend putting any money into it or spending too much time with it. This is the trouble with traffic exchanges, you can get plenty of traffic generated to your sites but it’s mostly junk traffic, people who are just viewing the site in order to get credits. If you find that this sort of thing works for you then great! But this isn’t something that I would recommend wasting time and/or money on. So given that I didn’t put any of my own money into that site, that it isn’t really part of my business and, as I said, the profit generated just got put back into the system, I’m not really counting that as my first money made. For me it was more of an experiment and I have been less than enthused by the results. However the money I have made recently has been purely from my efforts in building and marketing my business and is part of something that I hope will generate a large amount of profit for me over the coming months and years.

So in summary, bear in mind that just a few short months ago I started with nothing and was receiving nothing.  I set my goals and intentions and set to work upon ensuring that I reach them. After putting into practice what I have been learning I have seen results for each step of the way, proving that the techniques work. And most recently, the goal of making my first real money online has finally been realised. Not bad for someone who knew pretty much nothing about how to do all of this only as recently as five or six months ago!

Now it’s full steam ahead!

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2 thoughts on “Full Steam Ahead!”

  1. Hey Paul, thanks so much for your great comment! Yes, things are definitely possible. Actually having some decent training and being able to see the results of putting it into practice has given me such a boost. I’ve tried various things over the years but have never got anywhere until now. I’m learning so much and now I’m getting so many ideas about how to progress further and I’m finding that I’m even getting ideas about products I could create. Watch this space! 🙂
    Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Full Steam Ahead!My Profile

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