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Hey everyone!

Well I haven’t posted for a little while but there’s been a reason for that which I’ll go into shortly.

In my last post I said that next time I’d talk a little about what other things I’ve been working on. I’ve already spoken about the fact that I have been making a little money so far. It’s not much yet but it’s building up slowly and gradually and could turn out to be pretty cool. Basically, I signed up (for FREE!) over at, perhaps you’ve already heard of it or seen the banner at the top in my slidey thingy. Not to spend too much time talking about this, basically you can sign up for free and they’ll even give you $10 to get started. You use this to purchase credits which go towards getting views on a website of your choice. The way you make money is through spending a couple of minutes viewing the ads of other Profitclicking members. This money can be either reinfused to your account in order to generate more views and more money in the long run, or you can cash out. The site explains the model in more detail and there’s a lot more to it than that, but that’s the basic concept. Now, am I recommending that you focus on this? No. Although there are plenty of glowing testimonials around, the model appears sound and the whole thing seems legitimate enough, I haven’t yet invested any of my own money in it and won’t be doing until I’ve seen for certain that the payouts are reliable. That being said, I’m happy to recommend that you check it out as it’s completely free to start and you can get some traffic to the site of your choice this way so there’s really nothing to lose. So sure, set it up and make use of it on the side, but at this stage I would advise keeping your focus purely on your Internet business if, like me, you’re just starting out.

Now for the big thing I’ve been working on and the reason for my being somewhat quiet for a few weeks…

As I’ve said before, there are a few individuals in whom I place my trust and would recommend them highly. One of these is UK marketer Alex Jeffreys. If you don’t know about him just do a quick Google search and his reputation will soon become apparent, you’ll find nothing but glowing praise. The stuff that he teaches is absolute gold and every so often it’s possible to sign up for one of his training courses. Well this is what I have done and I’m so excited! The things I am learning are simply blowing me away and are so invaluable. So for the last couple of weeks or so I have been focusing on my training. Ultimately I’m confident that this will help to make me a better Internet marketer and hopefully I can pass on the value to my visitors and readers here. I’m still pretty much new to all of this but I’m learning all the time and have accomplished more in the last couple of months than I have through the last 10 years combined! So if I can offer advice or help in any way, just leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

As a concluding point I just thought I’d mention focus. As a beginner it can be overwhelming, what with all the various products being fired at you, the varying opinions and information and also the hurdles and struggles that we all face. But you absolutely have to focus. One thing I cannot recommend highly enough is to write stuff down. It doesn’t matter where are how, just get it written down. If you have an idea, write it down. If there’s something you need to learn more about, write it down. This helps you to focus on the point at hand and also gives you a point of reference to come back to. Also if you write down a plan for you business, something that includes your goals, your ‘plan of attack’, a time scale, etc then again, you have something upon which you can focus. Otherwise, the danger is you can end up feeling like you’re in a boat without a rudder in the middle of the ocean, without a map, being buffeted this way and that and you’ll soon feel nothing but despair and frustration. So get your map written down as soon as possible!

What are some of your worries, frustrations and obstacles? I’d love to hear your feedback and, as I said, I am more than happy to help if I can. Please leave your comments below 🙂


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