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Okay so recently, after many years of wheel-spinning, I’ve finally started to get a little traction and started to move forwards in the world of Internet marketing. Perhaps I’m only crawling at this stage but at least it’s movement!

So what have I managed to accomplish? Well I am a ‘techie’ kind of a person and am certainly no stranger to computers or the Internet, but HTML and suchlike have always escaped me somewhat. So although I’ve dabbled with websites and stuff before I’ve never really done much to speak of. Well with regards to this website, to date I’ve purchased a domain name, hosting, an autoresponder, set up my autoresponder, installed WordPress, installed a theme, installed some anti-spam plugins, signed up for a few sites on the side to do such things as make a bit of money, generate a bit of traffic to my site and build my list. Oh yes, and I’ve made a couple of dollars! I’ve even had a few comments on the blog, which is awesome and I appreciate this so much! If there are visitors who are, like me, just starting out and can take some inspiration from joining me on my journey then that’s fantastic and hopefully we can help each other along the way.

So what’s next? Well they say that “the money is in the list” so if I can get some more subscribers then that will be great. But it’s not all about the money and it shouldn’t be. I want to provide value here and to be ethical and honest. So if I come across something cool I’ll tell you about it, whether or not I stand to make money from it. Likewise if there’s anything I come across that I feel you need to be warned against then I’ll be sure to let you know. If you come across something, you’re wondering if it’s any good or not and you’d like to see what I think about it then feel free to mention it here. There are a few Internet marketers I admire, trust and respect and there are two main reasons for this: their honesty and the value that they provide on their mailing lists, websites and through their products. I know just how much I thoroughly appreciate these guys so if I can have a similar impact on my visitors then this will make me happy 🙂 The visitors aspect is also something I’ll be addressing: how to drive more traffic to my site.

So, my next two goals: drive traffic and continue to build my list. And the thing is, with all these things I’m learning, everything’s repeatable and transferable. They’re techniques that can be applied to any site in any niche, so I’m getting a valuable education as I’m going along!

In my next post I’ll talk a little about some of the other things I have going that I’m working on as I think they could be of benefit to you. In the mean time I’d love to hear about your progress in your online endeavours or if you have any problems or questions. If it’s something I already know then I’ll be happy to help and if not then maybe I can help find the answer 🙂

Talk soon,

Glenn 🙂


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