Be Inspired

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Hey all, Just thought I’d share this awesome video with you. As I mentioned previously I’m currently working through some training by the amazing Alex Jeffreys. You may know a little about him already but this video gives a personal and emotional insight into the man behind the name. Take a look and I’m sure […]

And so it grows

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Hey everyone! Well I haven’t posted for a little while but there’s been a reason for that which I’ll go into shortly. In my last post I said that next time I’d talk a little about what other things I’ve been working on. I’ve already spoken about the fact that I have been making a […]

Where it’s at….

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Okay so recently, after many years of wheel-spinning, I’ve finally started to get a little traction and started to move forwards in the world of Internet marketing. Perhaps I’m only crawling at this stage but at least it’s movement! So what have I managed to accomplish? Well I am a ‘techie’ kind of a person […]

It’s Alive!

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Well after much toil and sweat my website is finally live and (hopefully) working! First and foremost, who am I….? No, no, I’m not having a case of amnesia – it was a rhetorical question. :-p If you want to know a bit more then please take a look at the “About Glenn” page, but […]