What is Your “Why”?

what is your "why"What is Your “Why”?


Everybody has one. The thing is, we don’t always realise what it is. Oh, we may think that we know, but it’s only when we take just a moment to reflect on it that we realise what it is. What is it? What IS your “why”?

Well the answer to the somewhat cryptic opening paragraph is quite simple really: the “Why” to which I’m referring is the reason that you want to have your own online business. However, the answer to exactly what is YOUR “why” might require you to take a mental step back and to reflect for a moment.

I shall pose the question to you: “Why do you want your own online business?” You’d be forgiven if you answered with something like, “To make money.” That’s a perfectly acceptable answer as, unless you were making money, there would be no business, right? But what is the real motivation for you to want money? Is it just to possess it and that’s it? Or could there be a little more to it? Let’s see…

When we think about why we want our own online business, even if we have the goal of making money in mind, wouldn’t you agree that there’s much more to it than that? Would you say that it’s more to do with things such as what you can actualy do if you had enough money? What about the freedom it would bring? Freedom from worries about not being able to provide materially for yourself and your loved ones? Freedom from a 9 to 5 job? Freedom from an overbearing boss? Freedom to travel? Are you noticing a pattern here?

While I can’t speak for you or for anyone else as to what your motivations are, I think that most of us will be in agreement that the reason we want to have our own online business is ultimately for the freedom that we hope to gain. Sure, the money is nice, but isn’t it more what we can do with the money once we have it? That said, there are definitely other ‘whys’, so perhaps the more pertinent question, having established that we want our business to make money, would be: “Why do you want money?” Again, just taking a step back and reflecting, I think that we’ll likely still come to the same conclusion of wanting freedom with respect to whatever it is we’re thinking about. Nevertheless, I think it’s still worthwhile to actually take a moment to think of the different ‘whys’ that you may have.

I will give you some of mine. I find that when I take a moment to reflect in this way I seem to end up with a few groups. The first group is things like these:

  • I want to have enough money to be totally self-sufficient, without having to rely on anyone else, especially the state
  • I want to be in a position to be able to buy my house
  • Currently, my house is in desperate need of decoration. While I do have some of the stuff already in order to do this, there are still some things I need and my choices are very limited according to my budget. I would like to just have the whole house decorated from top to bottom with money as no object

I then usually take it up a notch and think of things that I would be able to buy freely if I had the money to do so:

  • To be able to just walk into a car showroom and take my pick from the nicest cars
  • My main passion is music, so I would like to be able to build a nice recording studio
  • To be able to buy my dream instruments, such as a Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 guitar
  • Another love of mine is astronomy, so I’d like to get a really nice, powerful telescope and have a home observatory built. Manchester isn’t really the best place, what with the light pollution, but still….

Then come the more ‘freedom-to-do’ kind of things:

  • I would like to be able to just take a holiday when and to where I feel like it. I can speak Spanish, yet have never been to a Spanish-speaking country, so I would love to go somewhere to try out my skills in a native environment. Somewhere I dream of visiting is Peru so that I can visit the wonderful Machu Picchu
  • To be able to just go out for the day or the evening without worrying about how much it’s going to cost. As a music-lover, I love going to concerts, yet there are often so many that I have to miss because I have to be selective in which ones I go to because I simply can’t afford them all

Then, as I think some more and go a little deeper, I find that come to the more personal things:

  • Although I’m not married yet, I want to be able to freely provide for my wife when I have one
  • I want to be able to help out my family and friends if and when they’re in need
  • Although it’s neither practical nor possible to be able to help every single person, cause, or whatever, there are things that I wish that I could help with and times that I wish I had the money to be able to give it away

Now the above list is by no means exhaustive, but do you notice that there are three groups there? The first one is the more practical things, the next is the more extravagant or whimsical things but the last one is the personal, heartfelt, fellow-feeling type of things.

So when it comes to my “why(s)”, of course I’d like to have enough money to buy things, but for me those aren’t the most important things. I’ve never been a very materialistic person so I actually struggle when I try to think about the things I want or would buy if I had enough money. I usually always gravitate to the more practical things and the ways in which I would be able to help those who are important and dear to me.

So I believe that really, most of us want pretty much the same things when it comes down to it: freedom from being answerable to or reliant on a boss or the state, freedom to be able to do what we want, when we want, freedom from the constraints and worries of not having sufficient money, freedom to buy nice things if that’s what we want, but most of all I think most of us want the freedom to help, provide for and share with our loved ones.

Visualise your Dreams

Now, while I don’t personally think it’s a good thing to have a materialistic outlook on things and to be putting things like possessions in first place, it is good to actually reflect on and visualise what you’re aiming for, what you would like and how you plan to get there. Maybe you already plan things out with regards to your business itself, but do you do the same thing with regards to your life, your future? I’m sure you’re likely familiar with the phrase, “The Internet lifestyle”. If you truly want the Internet lifestyle, then how about linking your business plans and goals along with your personal plans and goals? For example, if you have written down already a goal for a year from now and have broken it down into smaller sections, each with even smaller sections on what you think you need to do in order to reach each goal and, ultimately, the long-term goal, why not do the same for your personal goals? Then, once you have both plans you can look at them both side by side and consider how your business progress and goals will help you reach your personal progress and goals in each given timescale. You could even have a chart by your work area, or perhaps a book in which you can write your goals and plans of action. Perhaps put pictures in your book or on your chart to help you to visualise what it is you’re working towards, actually imagining it as though you’ve already achieved it? Hopefully this may keep things real to you and help you to remain focused and determined to keep on pushing for those targets.

So, what is your “Why”? This is only a rhetorical question, I’m not asking you to divulge your personal feelings here. But if you feel that you want to share them then please leave a comment below, I’d really love to read about your goals and dreams. But most of all, just take some time to actually reflect as to what is your “Why” and hopefully this will give you a bit more clarity and focus.

And Finally…. Some Updates

In my previous blog post I mentioned that I have something cool on the way. Well, although I’m not giving away too much at this stage, suffice it to say that it’s going to be a video course that, hopefully, should help beginners greatly and help them to really get kick-started with their online businesses. So how’s it going? Well just since last night I have already completed two videos. Later on today I’m hoping to have maybe another two or three completed. So I’m well on track! I’m really excited about this as I’ve never done anything like this before, have never thought that I could even do anything like this before, but now I have realised that, hey, I can actually do this and I do actually have lots of stuff to offer! Why haven’t I see it before? Well I think it’s all down to mindset. I now have a totally different mindset than when I first started and have a much stronger self-belief than before. So, stay tuned and I shall keep you posted with how I’m getting on.

Although I’m working on my own stuff right now, this doesn’t mean that I’m neglecting my 60 day challenge. In fact, I believe that my efforts with my own products will only serve to enhance what I’m aiming for with the challenge. So it’s all exciting stuff, I’m learning lots as I go along and I’m really pumped about what’s going to happen. If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you’ll know that I’ve proclaimed more than once that this year, 2013, is going to be MY year and I am going to be successful! I believe this more than ever and am going to really try to hit the ground running when I get my own stuff out there.

Glenn “On A Mission” Shepherd 🙂



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18 thoughts on “What is Your “Why”?”

  1. Hi Glenn,

    When I first started out, it was all about the money in creating an Online business. It changed for me when I met Adrienne. Now it’s about having the right mindset. I want to have enough when I retire to supplement my income and help others. I need to feel the joy in whatever I’m doing in my online business. I need to reinvest my money back into my business. I have to give value in my posts to keep my business going and to keep people coming back. I believe the results just take time through learning from the right people.

    I outsourced my social button project to fiverr. It’s taking her a long time to complete the job.

    I need the why”s first and then I need to be Passionate about what project I’m doing or working on.

    Thank you for the post.

    You have a wonderful week!

    Linda Schrier recently posted…Learning From OthersMy Profile

    1. Hi Linda,

      I’m glad you’ve found Adrienne to be helpful. She’s a top lady and knows her stuff.

      Having the right mindset is so important. I’ve actually just been jotting down some notes to do with this very subject for a future blog post. I’ve talked about mindset a lot before, however this blog post will look at things from a whole different angle. Stay tuned…! 😉

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Two Big Reasons You May Be Failing In Your Online BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hey Christopher,

      Nice to see you again, thanks for stopping by 🙂

      It’s good to have passion, it’s an important motivator. But ask yourself: “What’s behind my passion? What drives me to succeed? What do I want ultimately?” Being sure of the answers to questions such as those can help to ensure that your passion never dwindles, even during the difficult times.

      Keep your passion burning strong!

      Kind regards,
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…2 Keys to SuccessMy Profile

  2. Everyone’s why is different. I had been selling real estate for 25 years and was a heavy hitter. This one year I was the top producer of my office, of which would not bring any additional money, call it ego. My manager told me that he couldn’t give the award to me as Sandy as always gotten the award and couldn’t make a change. At that point I decided to go into my own internet business. I started in the early 90’s selling promotional products on the internet and there were very few companies that were doing this. I was told I was nuts and I would never make it as it was a man’s business. Well I am still going strong today, and just as money is a driving force, the feeling of accomplishment ,no one can take that away from me. I started the business with no knowledge of the internet as I was 50 years old and when I was going to school we did not have computers. I am still going strong and love what I do.

    1. Hi there Arleen,

      You’re right, everyone’s “why” is different, hence why it’s essential for each person to focus on what it is that personally motivates them, what it is that they’re really striving for and the reasons for doing so.

      I’m so glad that you’re going strong and also that you love what you do. It’s really great that you have been able to grab hold of the Internet and really make it work for you. I can only imagine the feeling of accomplishment, especially considering that it could have been so easy to allow people’s negativity to hold you back. Well done for sticking with it and becoming successful! 🙂

      Thanks very much for visiting and commenting. You’re welcome here any time 🙂

      All the best,
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…What is Your “Because”? Eliminate Your ObstaclesMy Profile

  3. Glenn,

    I totally agree. While money is important it is hard to have the abstract thought of simply, “making money” really drive you.

    But the things that money can do for you, and the freedom that working online allows something strive for.

    I’ve been making a living online for nearly 10 years. While I’m not “filthy stinking rich” from it, I make a decent living and it affords me all the things I love. One of the main things being the freedom to travel a few months out of each every year.

    I would also say that in addition to visualizing a goal that is more than simply making a few bucks, it is important to also have a passion for what you do. Not only does it show in your writing and your ability to come up with great ideas but it makes the whole process a lot easier and helps to get to the tough times… Because there will be tough times.

    Have a wonderful day,

    SJ Scott recently posted…27 Strategies for Breaking ANY Bad HabitMy Profile

    1. Hi SJ,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.

      I totally agree, passion is an essential ingredient, especially to help you maintain momentum when things get tough. For example, a couple of the big online niches are weight loss and dog training. Now, not once did I consider entering into either of these niches because I simply cannot be enthusiastic about them. Oh sure, I have a few pounds around my middle so weight loss is certainly important and I also love animals, but neither of these are niches that I could be passionate about. So I decided that it was better to stick with what I know, what I could excel in learning more about and what I could be passionate about.

      Thanks again for commenting, please stop by again 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…What is Your “Because”? Eliminate Your ObstaclesMy Profile

  4. Hey Glen,

    Another great post, as always! Most people don’t know the WHY. They come in thinking that they will make money fast. All they think is about making money and not giving anything back and for most part these people fail.

    One does not start a business only because one wants to make money. A good businessperson creates a business because he/she has a product or a service to offer. If the product is of value to the customers he will make the money and have an awesome life.

    So part of our WHY has to be “what is it that I am going to offer to people to make money” and have a good life.

    I finally know WHY I am here. I love to help people and I am striving to do that with my blog. When I know my post helped someone I feel on top of the world. What I am seeing also is that because people are getting to know me and see that I am honest, they don’t mind clicking on my links and even purchasing from me. So I think that the value I offer will bring me the money in the long run and that is Why I am here.

    Makes sense?

    Take care,

    BloggingSpree aka Dita recently posted…How To Build A List Of Subscribers With Aweber AutoresponderMy Profile

    1. Hi Dita,

      Thanks for great support as always 🙂

      What you say is so true. It’s like Alex Jeffreys says: give value first, money comes second. I’m not sure if that’s word-for-word what he’s said, but it pretty much sums it up. So many people in business look at things the other way around. It’s obvious when looking at some of the big businesses that even they just don’t get it. Sure, they may have lasted for many, many yeas following a ‘churn and burn’ approach, but that will always dry up eventually, one way or another.

      It’s those who look at providing value first who last the duration. You should always put your customer, subscriber, reader, or whoever in first place. Think about what will benefit THEM and what THEY want. When people see that you’re a genuine person who cares, who will always look out for them and always wants to give them value then you will begin to establish your reputation as a ‘go to’ resource and, as you say, people won’t mind buying for you. In fact, I think you’ll find that, with time, people will be ANXIOUS to buy from you! Why? Because you give good VALUE!

      I know from my own experience, I’ve tried various online business, money-making systems for around 13 years and until I discovered the likes of Alex Jeffreys and Dean Holland I just didn’t ‘get it’ entirely and got absolutely nowhere. But since applying their techniques and changing my mindset and approach?

      – I’ve had a core element of people regularly visiting my blog, commenting and enjoying what I have to offer. This is something I’ve never had before. How have I got this? Through GIVING value

      – I’ve had people asking me for my opinions and advice over certain things. Why? Because I’ve GIVEN in the first instance

      – Visitors have come from various sources, not only ones I know already, have found value in what I’ve posted and have returned, subscribed or purchased through my site. Again, this is something totally new to me. But, again, it’s down to my always GIVING out on here and anywhere else that I visit online.

      I do believe that giving is the fundamental, first port of call. Sure, we’re in this to make money and build businesses, but people are more likely to buy from someone whom they know, like and trust than someone who just gives them a pitch-fest the moment they walk through the door. So if we give value in the first instance then people won’t mind buying from us because they know that we always strive to help them and to give value.

      So you’re right, part of our “Why” really needs to be asking ourselves what it is that we are going to offer people that will give them value and help them? If we focus on this then I believe that the results will come in abundance 🙂
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!My Profile

      1. Emma Jones

        Hello Dita and Glenn,

        I love this concept of giving value to our visitors, I think this is the right approach. Then it is not about ourselves but about them and everything is done considering them…. which allows to progress.

        Thank you for emphasizing this.

        Take care,


        1. Hi Emma,

          Thanks for your comment. You’re absolutely right. It reminds me of something I read recently that’s to do with the old saying, “The customer is always right.” It went something like this:

          “Remember: the customer is always right.

          If the customer is wrong, then refer to the above sentence.”

          It might be a little hard to swallow at times, but the moral is an important one, yet so often ignored in business. A big mistake, in my mind.

          Thanks again, Emma. You have yourself a great week. 🙂

          Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Check Out This Big Orange!My Profile

  5. Hi Glenn,
    Very important to know our ‘whys’!
    It will give us motivation when times get hard, plus it will help us to focus generally.

    My why is that I have believed for over 30 years about the power of goal achievement and opportunity, and the online wolrd open this up for us even more now.

    I’ve written about it to help others for many years, and carrying on inspiring others is part of my why, because doing that will bring income my why, freeing up myself to follow creatvie avenues.

    Thanks for an excellent prompt!
    The Great Gordino recently posted…Self Improvement – Get The Funk Out!My Profile

    1. Hey Gordon,

      Thanks for stopping by, buddy, I hope you’re doing well. I think that we all know what our “Whys” are but they oftentimes get buried amongst everything else we’re doing and then we sometimes get focused on the more mundane matters. It’s good to, every so often, just take a moment to reflect on that it is that’s REALLY driving us and then this can help give us some clarity.

      Glad you found it beneficial, talk soon 🙂
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…What is your “Why”?My Profile

  6. I just read this and jumped into your 60 days challenge. Totally awesome man! We all have things underlying behind our actions (motivations I mean, or in your word – the “why”) and they make us move forward. The “why” can be easily affected by circumstances around us (like how we are easily affected by others lifestyle and like.. “oh i want that too”. But do ya really want that!!??! I believe the “why” deep down inside each of use make us move forward, and that’s the “real why” that make dreams come into practical step-by-step action plans.

    I love your blog already man! Keep in touch 🙂

    1. Hi Anh,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving such a great comment! You know, I think I can add another “Why” to my list – the awesomeness of affecting someone in a positive way! 🙂 It may sound cliché but it’s comments like yours that help to really add fuel to what I’m doing and help to maintain my motivation. I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit and my content, thanks for your encouragement!

      Please come back and visit any time 🙂
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…What is your “Why”?My Profile

  7. Wow Glenn,

    That’s awesome stuff man. You hit the nail right on the head. You gotta know what’s driving you. If don’t have that at the forefront of your mind, then any little obstacle will stop you. Also congrats on your video series. I guess you and I are on the same page with that. I too have a lots of things going on right now and I wanted to make sure that those projects were done as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing and hope your dreams come true real soon. That includes that new wife.
    Jerry Handy recently posted…60 Day Challenge-Week 3My Profile

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