One Thing You Should Know About Joint Ventures

One Thing You Should Know About Joint Ventures

Hi everyone,

Well I have to admit I had a shock today when I realised just how long it is since my last post! I was supposed to be posting something regularly at least once a week on a Thursday, but somehow I’ve slackened off. It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything at all, I’ve just not stuck to my plan.

This just emphasises what I often say – plan things out and write things down! I have to be honest and say that this is something that I have let slip somewhat and the result is I haven’t been as productive as I would like to have been or as I should have been.

Well, I aim to change that, starting NOW! From next week I will be posting at least once, whenever possible, on Thursday. I’m making it next week rather than this week because obviously it’s the holiday season for many and for that reason a lot of people will be taking time off away from their computers, the Internet, their businesses, etc. So rather than post to an empty room, so to speak, I’d rather post when people are getting back into the swing of things.

But if I slacken off again please feel free to send me a message and tell me off!

My Results

So as you may know, I recently took part in a JV giveaway event. What were my results?

Well to be completely honest, I was hoping that it might have turned out like this…


joint ventures


But instead of being a massive success and cause for a huge celebration, it ended up being more like this…


joint ventures


Now, this isn’t to say that it was a total failure. I did end up getting a couple of subscribers to my list (yes, that few) but I had hoped for a few more.

So why were my results not so great?

The Thing You Need to Know

Just like so many aspects of everything that we do online, there’s an important thing to remember about any kind of joint venture, whether it be one that you do as part of a product launch or one that’s a JV giveaway event. It’s nothing profound or secret, it’s simply this…

Not all joint ventures are created equal. My coach and mentor, Dean Holland, often says a similar thing about traffic and he is absolutely correct. Just as not all traffic is created equal, not all joint ventures are created equal.

Whenever you’re taking part in anything that involves another person (or persons), the results can vary greatly. When it comes to JV giveaways I know that there are many people who have great success with them, so I don’t think that the model itself is flawed.

Just as the results can vary greatly when you do a JV product launch, from what I glean from other people it’s apparent that this too is the case with JV giveaways.

At first I got to thinking that maybe my offer just wasn’t compelling enough. While this could be true, after taking a look at the results table I’m more inclined to think that it’s more to do with how the event was put together, promoted and run generally. Again, this may not be the the sole reason or even the reason at all, but I definitely think that the concept requires a bit more testing.

So, What Next?

Rather than write the experience off, I am going to be getting involved in another JV giveaway event in January. This one is being organised by one of the big-hitter Marketers so I’m interested to see how this one is run and in what ways, if any, it differs from the one I’ve just taken part in. Most importantly, I’ll be interested to see what kind of results I get! Of course, I’ll let you know how things pan out.

What list building methods do you find to be the most successful? I’d be interested to hear your experiences so please leave a comment below πŸ™‚

See you soon,


Glenn is a Certified iPro Partner

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6 thoughts on “One Thing You Should Know About Joint Ventures”

  1. Hi Glenn,

    Writing five posts a week is not just possible for me. At the moment, I’m just sticking with one post per week.

    It allows me to do more research, case studies and come up with a good content.

    NB: thanks for the JV lecture, quite helpful

    1. Hi James,

      I don’t currently write more than once a week either. My advice is to just stick with what works for you and roll with it. Some people can write every day, even more than once a day and they have an audience who expect it. Others, just once a month. The main thing is to have a consistent routine, which is something I am doing now.

      The point you make about having more time to do research, case studies and come up with good content is of key importance. It’s much better to post less often but deliver good quality rather than post more often but be delivering lower quality content.

      Thanks for your visit and comment, James. I hope all is well with you and I wish you a great week ahead. πŸ™‚

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Make Money Online – Can You Do It?My Profile

  2. Hey Glenn,

    I’m about a month and half late on this!

    I know how it is to skip a couple of weeks from blogging. At one point I made sure I didn’t skip any weeks or days by writing my posts and setting a date for them to be automatically published. At one point I had up to 3 months of material, so it definitely helped.

    The problem now for me is that my scheduled changed so I can’t write 5 days a week like I use to. Once a week is working fine now. I also look at the fact that the content started to loose quality, so now I can concentrate on that more.

    Now it’s February 2014 and you mentioned you were going to do another JV giveaway in January. How did it go?

    1. Hey Sherman,

      Good to see you, my man. πŸ™‚

      I know a lot of bloggers write and schedule posts in advance. I might have to give that a try myself.

      The January giveaway went considerably better. The giveaway ran for about two weeks I think and I got a minimum of one new subscriber per day, giving me about 20 new subscribers in total. Now, I don’t know if the results were typical, bad, average or good, but they were a huge improvement over the previous giveaway.

      It’s a strategy that clearly works but I do think that a lot has to do with how it is organised. I definitely noticed the second one being much, much better organised.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Sherman. I hope you’re keeping well.

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…DON’T Try to Succeed at All Costs!My Profile

  3. HI Glenn

    Don’t sweat it about not posting. Sometimes life gets in the way!

    I’m now posting twice a week but it can tricky sometimes to keep up with that.

    I’ve only joined one JV Giveaway before and in total, I got one subscriber!

    I may try another one in 2014. I’ve got a bit more experience now. Before when I tried it, I didn’t really understand what they were about.

    Apart from that experience, the only way I’ve been building my list is through opt-in forms on my blog.

    I bought Premise before Copyblogger stopped selling it. It’s a landing page/sales page builder and I’m going to set up some pages with that to drive traffic to.

    I’ve not tried solo ads but I don’t think they work so well these days. Have you tried that?

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Glenn.

    Tim Bonner recently posted…WordPress Plugin Round Up 2013: What’s On My BlogMy Profile

    1. Hi Tim,

      I’m definitely going to be posting regularly from now on. I think it’s important for not only maintaining the interest and relationships with my readers, but also for maintaining my own attentiveness to my blog. It can be so easy to let things slide and that’s the last thing I want to do – I’m wanting to go in the other direction!

      I haven’t heard of Premise before. Building minisites is something that I haven’t done much of so far but is a strategy I will be implementing. I have a variety of webpage tools at my disposal: I use Paper Template a lot, both for building landing pages and for formatting my blog posts. It’s a really cool plugin and one of my best purchases. I also have a membership at which, although I haven’t used that component yet, has a few page building tools. I’m looking at investing in FunnelKit too – that looks like a really cool piece of kit that could be very useful indeed.

      I haven’t tried solo ads to any of my own pages yet but I’ve used them a few times to send traffic into what I’m working on with Dean. I think you’re right that they perhaps don’t work as well as they used to but it’s definitely a strategy that still works well enough and is probably the best way to get quicker results.

      Personally, I always get the best quality results as a direct consequence of what I do on my blog and through connecting with other bloggers on theirs. I believe that there can really be no substitute for connecting with people on a personal level. So my advice in this area is if you want high quality, targeted traffic and subscribers then the manual approach is best, although potentially a lot slower. But if you want faster results then solo ads are the way to go.

      The thing about solo ads too is that the same thing applies that I mentioned in my post – the results can vary hugely based on a variety of factors. So it’s important to only invest in them if you have the money to do so and then to make sure that you do your due diligence and 1) do a LOT of research as to who are the good sellers and 2) start small and test, test, test!

      Thank you too for all your comments and your support during my first year of blogging. I’m looking forward to seeing what next year brings for both of us! Have a great week, buddy.

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…2 Keys to SuccessMy Profile

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