succeed at all costs

DON’T Try to Succeed at All Costs!

Don’t Try to Succeed at All Costs?

succeed at all costsOkay, have I gone absolutely bonkers!? No I haven’t – well, at least no more than usual anyway! So why would I tell you to not try to succeed at all costs? I shall explain.

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog then you’ll know I’m all about an ethical approach, right? If you’re a new visitor then I hope that you’ll get to know me better and then you’ll see that this is the case.

I’ve written a few times about proper ethics in business but I just thought I’d spend a bit of time in this post focusing on one important factor.

The Success Mentality

I think it’s safe to say that we all want to succeed in whatever it is that we’re doing. After all, why would we be doing it at all if that wasn’t the case? But the question is, just how hard are we prepared to achieve the level of success that we desire? How far are we willing to go? How far are YOU willing to go?

If you want to succeed then you’re going to have to work for it. But first you’ll need to address some important issues if you’re going to get to where you want to be:

  1. What exactly is it that you want to achieve? What is your ultimate goal?
  2. Why do you want it?
  3. How are you going to get it?

Those are the basic three main things you’ll need to have the answers to, or at the very minimum have some kind of idea about, if you’re going to get anywhere. In the following video, John Chow talks about how to succeed:


There is a caveat that you must bear in mind: your customer comes first. Period. Without your customers you will have no business, so you absolutely must put them first, whether they are buyers already or they are visitors who could end up being buyers.

Now, you may think that this is obvious. Yet, so many times we see actions to the contrary in business, whether it be online or in the high street. One example of this is when supermarkets use tactics such as artificially inflating prices so as to deceive the consumer into thinking that they’re getting a better deal. And let’s not pull any punches here, it is deception, plain and simple.

In the UK in November 2012, the Office of Fair Trading issued a press release that highlighted the principles that had to be adhered to. Yet a year later, in November 2013, the BBC reported that supermarkets were still guilty of misleading consumers.

“When using internal reference pricing, such as ‘Was £3, Now £2’ or ‘Half Price’, the principles say that prices should be presented as discounts for the same or less time than the product was initially sold at the higher price. And prices should not be artificially inflated to make a later ‘discount’ look more attractive.” – Source: Office of Fair Trading, November 2012

So what are the priorities of the supermarkets who are guilty of this? It would certainly appear that it isn’t what is in the best interests of their customers, otherwise they wouldn’t be trying to trick them. And let’s face it, they know EXACTLY what they are doing!

“A spokeswoman for the Department for Business said it was a criminal offence to mislead consumers on prices, including special offers.” – Source:, 19th November 2013

Online Shenanigans

succeed at all costsIn the online world, there are those who evidently think that to mislead, defraud and scam people is just part of the course. Just recently I referred to a Marketer who has been out of the limelight for a while but has recently returned. Just as on many occasions previously, he is selling absolute trash.

Now, this Marketer is very clever and he is extremely good at what he does, I have to give him credit for that, he’s an excellent Marketer. His exuberance is infectious and he soon has pretty much whole forum threads practically bowing down and worshiping him! Those that dare to criticise or voice concerns will all too often find their comments removed or even find themselves with a forum ban, leaving a thread of glowing praise.

I am surprised that so many are still duped by him but, sure enough, he gets the praise. The problem is, his products are usually only based on ideas and not anything that he can prove that he is actually implementing to make any money. Sure, the ideas are great – in theory. But all too often they haven’t been tested and those who actually do know something about the subject matter will soon pick up on the dangers.

My point is this: if you are looking out for the best interests of your customers first, then you will be up front and honest with them. You won’t try to trick them, you won’t try to bluff your way through things, you won’t sell them rubbish and you certainly won’t scam them.

Sure, mistakes can be made and there’s always room for improvement. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with saying, “I’m sorry” or, “I made a mistake”, or “There’s a problem”. Your customers will be much more likely to respect you for that rather than if you make a habit of using misleading or ‘cloak and dagger’ tactics.

“Don’t Chase Money, Let Money Chase You” – Alex Jeffreys

I’ve quoted the above words before and I’m sure I’ll quote them again! That’s because they make clear sense. Don’t try to succeed at all costs, sacrificing your integrity, your credibility and your relationship with your customers. If you’re constantly thinking of the money then this will be what will drive you, but you risk a lot by doing so.

In contrast, if you constantly think of how you can deliver the best value and help to your customers then yes, you can strive to earn money, but you’ll be more likely to do it in the proper way.

As always I’d love to get your comments so please don’t forget to give Dr Einstein a click and then drop a comment in the section below.

Talk soon,


Glenn is a Certified iPro Partner

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16 thoughts on “DON’T Try to Succeed at All Costs!”

  1. Hi Glenn,

    Great post Glenn and you hit the nail on the head

    I loved the video and the Harvard Law School example. I understand that a lot of people use the “no money” excuse. Anyone who starts a business should know that there is going to be an outlay of money in the beginning.

    I think a lot of people use that as an excuse because they are afraid to jump in and start doing. They are full of excuses and trepidation.

    Nothing is certain and your success really all depends on YOU. It depends on how fast you learn and it depends on your work ethic.

    Have a great Oscar night. 🙂
    Geri Richmond recently posted…When AWeber Goes DownMy Profile

    1. Hi Geri,

      A certain amount of trepidation can be understandable, but sometimes we just have to work our way past that and DO something!

      You’re spot-on about success depending on YOU. Having the right mindset is vital, not only for our advancement but also for making sure we do things in the right and proper way.

      I’m not really an Oscars buff, but thanks for the thought nevertheless. If you followed them then I hope you enjoyed the event 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…How To Be More ProductiveMy Profile

  2. Hi Glenn,

    I love the quote by Alex Jeffrey, ‘ don’t chase the money, let the money chase you’; most people are practically practicing ‘faking it to make it’ but from my own perspective, it won’t last, and their reputation will be stained for the very long term.

    I appreciate what you have shared, there is need to always remind ourselves and newbies that online success is dependent on hard work, perseverance and patience.

    Thanks Glen for sharing this helpful piece.
    James recently posted…11 ways to secure a website from hackersMy Profile

    1. Hi James,

      You’re absolutely right, buddy. Those people who try faking it are really not thinking beyond the short term. Time and time again we see these people come and go, leaving behind them a damaged reputation and disillusioned customers.

      Yes, success is dependent on hard work, perseverance and patience. This is where so many go wrong, either becoming frustrated and giving up or wanting big results quickly and so resorting to unethical tactics.

      The right way is the only way to do things!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your input, James 🙂

      Kind regards,
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…One Thing You Should Know About Joint VenturesMy Profile

  3. I am getting started in IM and want to be an ethical marketer. There is so many scams in the IM sector, so the challenge is to find genuine trainers/marketers who can take your business to the next level.

    1. Hi John,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks very much for leaving a comment.

      Great stuff that you want to be an ethical Marketer, that’s really the only way to do it properly.

      As Sylviane mentioned earlier in the thread, IM has got a bad rap and it doesn’t help that there are so many scammers and people who just don’t deliver value. This can make it difficult to find those who are genuine, as you mentioned.

      I can assure you that there are a lot of genuine coaches and Marketers about. Before choosing anyone you really have to do your due diligence first, but it’s worth putting in that extra effort to find somebody good.

      I notice that you’ve subscribed to my list, thanks so much for that, I appreciate it. I hope that you enjoy looking through my e-book and that you find it helpful. Soon I am going to be releasing a free video course, so you may find that of interest also.

      Thanks again for your visit and if there’s anything at all you think I can help you with then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 🙂

      Kind regards,
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Seven Silly Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your BusinessMy Profile

  4. Boy, John said it like it is in his video didn’t he Glenn!

    I’ve kind of had my own experience with this as well. I use to get so many calls from people who wanted to learn how to make money online. I would spend the time explaining everything to them and giving them actionable steps to take to head them in the right direction. The problem was they never did the work. I became more and more discouraged until I finally realized that I was attracting the wrong people to me.

    Once I changed my mindset about that then I did attract those who were willing to do the work and there was no “trying” involved. It’s obvious to me who those people with that mentality are and that’s why they’ll never get anywhere in life.

    I know of another marketer like the one you’ve mentioned here and I think it’s just horrible deceiving people like that. I know for a fact I’ll never buy from him again but boy does he have a lot of people fooled. I can’t see how since it’s so obvious his products are crap but maybe one day everyone will finally wake up. I sure hope so before they spend more money with him.

    Great message Glenn, thanks for sharing.

    Adrienne recently posted…Why Connecting With Influencers In Your Niche Is CriticalMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Thanks for sharing your personal experience. I think that those type of people who are half-hearted and don’t just take action can have as much of a draining effect as those who are negative. It certainly seems that you found that to be the case.

      Yes indeed, it can be baffling that some Marketers get away with continuing to peddle rubbish, especially on somewhere so public such as the Warrior Forum. What I find bizarre is that, while there are bound to be people who buy who simply don’t know any better, Marketers such as the one I’m thinking of have previous buyers and experienced Warriors fawning over him and his products even after purchase. You’d think that surely they’d change their tune after finding out that the products aren’t any good! Go figure huh?

      Thanks for stopping by as always Adrienne, it’s always great to see a notification telling me that you’ve posted a comment 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…One Thing You Should Know About Joint VenturesMy Profile

  5. Sherman Smith

    Hey Glen,

    You were right on point with this post! I really like the video that you presented here. It’s either do or don’t do, there is no try. Aint this the try.

    I was of this mindset when I first started doing marketing. I told myself that I’ll try this out, but you know the results of this. You end up doing the thing that will help you succeed half-assed which inevitably got me no where.

    Yes you definitely want to be ethical. I actually did a post on the difference between persuasion and manipulation. Persuasion is where you make it a win/win for you and your prospects, versus manipulation where only you win. This in turn will say a lot about your reputation!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      Great to see you, buddy, how’s it going?

      I know what you mean, I was very much the same for a long time. It was only when I had a clear goal and clear direction that things changed and I started to progress.

      I like your point about persuasion verses manipulation, that’s a very good point. I shall have to check out your post on that subject, I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading it. It’s unfortunate that so many people think that in order to be successful you have to be manipulative. How misguided they are!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Have a great week 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Get My Brand New, Free E-Book!My Profile

  6. Hi Glenn,

    Success takes dedication and anyone half hearted will not make it. I agree that this is one of the main reasons there are so many failures when it comes to making money online.

    Sadly internet marketing got itself a bad wrap and many people think that it’s not real and that also may prevent some people to plunge all the way in.

    For those who truly believe they can do it and do the walk, it does work though.
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…7 Smart Ways To Leverage Your Blog ContentMy Profile

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      I think you make a very important point there. Of course, whatever we do requires all or nothing, but when people often have a misguided, preconceived idea about Internet marketing then it can cloud their judgement as to how much dedication to give it. If they believe that it’s probably not genuine or not really worth too much effort then of course they’ll end up with a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      Thanks for your insights, Sylviane. I hope you’re having a good week so far and that the rest of the week goes well.

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Seven Silly Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your BusinessMy Profile

  7. Hello Glenn,

    Good article.

    When it comes to those who chose to deceive, they seem to follow the mantra, “You can only fool some of the people some of the time, but it is usually enough to show a profit.”

    Also these individuals know how to apply the principles of psychology to their advantage by using it on those who are desperate wanting to make it online. It is a sad state of affairs and end up hurting those who are legitimate and really can help them.
    Michel Snook recently posted…Difference Between Optimists, Pessimists, and RealistsMy Profile

    1. Hi Michel,

      That’s very true. As I mentioned in the post, everyone can make mistakes and there’s always room for improvement in everything we do. But there’s a big difference between falling short in that way and knowingly and purposefully being deceptive. Unfortunately it’s all too often the desperate who suffer.

      Thanks very much for stopping by, my friend. I hope you’re having a good weekend and that all is well.

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…One Thing You Should Know About Joint VenturesMy Profile

  8. Hey Glenn,

    Very articulate and straight-shooting as always my friend.

    Many people don’t have the success mindset, and let me be honest, it took a very long time to develop it. It’s taken me reading heaps of biographies, autobiographies and personal development. Most people give up too soon. It takes work to become a success, especially if you’ve come from the so called ‘middle class’ and lower classes of society.

    There are so many myths out there that it takes a lot of good information to replace the bad programming in your heads.

    I wonder who that ‘marketer’ is? I’m very curious now. 🙂

    Read this on my phone, so couldn’t leave a comment earlier, now I’m on my computer – much easier to type. 🙂

    Keep up the great content, and continue to create awareness. 🙂

    1. Hi Ben,

      Thanks, mate. Yep, you know I like to shoot nice and straight to the point. That’s how you hit the target, right? 😉

      I know exactly what you mean, I can definitely relate to that. Once you have a wrong mindset it’s much harder to replace those entrenched ideas than it is to insert them with no preconceived ideas. So you end up having multiple battles going on and, as you say, so many people give up. It’s a real shame though because with the right direction and just a few changes they can end up seeing massively different results.

      I don’t know whether or not you’ve seen my testimonial video for Dean Holland’s iPro program but in there I point out how I’ve been trying for 20 years to make money for myself but without success. it’s only since applying what I’ve learned from people like Alex Jeffreys, Lee McIntyre, Dean Holland and especially what I’m learning as an iPro Partner, that I’ve been able to actually make some real money. Without making the necessary changes and applying what I’ve learned I certainly don’t think I’d have been experiencing four-figure days!

      With the regards to the Marketer I’ve referred to, well I’m not going to name names. 😉 Suffice it to say, he’s getting a lot of exposure right now and, as I mentioned, he’s a very clever Marketer, there’s no doubt about that. But as for building long-term trust, relationships and a good reputation, well unless he wises up I believe he’s sitting on a time-bomb.

      Thanks for your visit and comment, Ben. Always great to have your input, buddy. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Seven Silly Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your BusinessMy Profile

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