$2000 in 60 Days Challenge Results

challenge results

$2000 in 60 Days Challenge Results

Hi everyone,

For those of you who don’t know, a few of us who are partnered in Dean Holland’s business embarked on an experiment to see if we could make $2000 from our blogs in just 60 days by spending a minimum of 60 minutes per day and a budget of no more than $100.

Well, the time has absolutely flown by and it doesn’t seem like 60 days have passed. As the challenge went on, some started to take different approaches. For example, some treated it as 7 day per week task and so worked on it each day, I myself being one of these. Others chose to treat it more like a working week task so took weekends and holidays off. So if you come across any of the others’ blogs and notice that they’re still going through the challenge, you’ll understand why.

We all seem to have taken different approaches to chronicling the challenge too. I started out blogging about it daily, but it soon became apparent that it was going to be very difficult to find something worth writing about each day so I decided to then only write when there was something to report.

Well, we’ve all had differing results and different levels of success. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything exciting to report at the end of it all.

Did I make $2000? Nope. I’m only about 99% short….

Was the experiment a failure then? I don’t think so, no. While I didn’t come close to the target I did achieve a lot. It has to be noted that I’ve had a fair bit of ill health over the last couple of months and this kept knocking me back, but I tried my best to work each day and remain consistent.

Here are some things I and others have gained from the challenge:

  • I found that there was a direct relation between my traffic-driving and my statistics. For example, if I worked to make forum and blog posts (valuable content and NOT spam, I hasten to add!) then I noticed that I got the traffic. On the days when I let this slip, my visitor numbers dropped and then picked up again when I got back to the task again.

Lesson learned? The methods that I have been using to drive traffic work, but consistency is essential.

  • Being conscious about setting time aside to make forum and blog posts has ensured that I have been involved in contributing valuable posts and helping people out when possible.

The result? I have been able to build relationships with others who are just starting out, which will no doubt be mutually beneficial down the line.

  • With a few of us doing this challenge at the same time, those involved have helped each other out with various aspects of the challenge, our websites, concerns and various other things.

The result?Β This has helped us to appreciate even more the different skills that each of us has and how we can help each other gain the success that we desire out of our efforts.

  • The challenge itself has generated a fair bit of curiosity among our visitors and those with whom we connect.

The result? We have received sign ups to our mailing lists, sales, requests for help and new visitors to our blogs who have gone on to become regular visitors.

Pushing Forward

So while it appears that, overall, the challenge hasn’t quite gone according to plan, there have certainly been lots of benefits and lots of lessons learned.

It has to be said, too, that both Dean Holland and his project manager, Craig Crawford, have both been working very hard in improving and tweaking parts of Dean’s business. This has meant that, of course, their primary focus has had to have been on that, so they haven’t been able to always give the rest of us the attention that we may have liked. But we understand that and it’s fine, because ultimately it’s for the benefit of all involved.

The large part of the work that Dean and Craig have been involved in is the transferring of the business over to the Infusionsoft platform, something that has meant that we’ve held back a little from doing as much product promotion as we perhaps would have done ordinarily. But as I said, this is beneficial for all involved so I’m perfectly happy with that fact. It’s just a case of a clash of timing when it came to our challenge.

So what now? Well for me, things will be no different. I shall still be striving to work in the same way as I have for these last 60 days. Additionally, I have been looking into further methods of driving traffic, primarily through social media. Already I have seen results, albeit small, with things such as Tumblr, Google+ and Stumbleupon. I shall be looking further into each one of these in turn, amongst other social sites such as YouTube and Pinterest.

I have also discovered another social media site that could prove to be very beneficial for Internet marketers. I only discovered this yesterday so I need to learn about this a little more, but the the scope appears to be huge. I’m hoping to dedicate a blog post about this because I think it will benefit you greatly.

So I shall leave it there for now. Just thinking about non-paid traffic methods: if you use any yourself right now, which ones are you currently using and which do you find to be the most beneficial? I’d love to hear your feedback on that so if you wouldn’t mind sharing your thoughts by leaving a comment below then that would be awesome!


Glenn πŸ™‚





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32 thoughts on “$2000 in 60 Days Challenge Results”

  1. HI Glenn,

    Not sure how I ended up on your blog, but I was intrigued by your post. I’ve earned a six figure income from the internet every year since 2002. And it all started by writing content on a blog (it wasn’t called a blog back then). Then writing a book. Then creating information products for a specific niche. Then leveraging my time by hiring people. And eventually, I worked very hard promoting a residual income opportunity, which has generated a significant monthly income for me since 2005. Today, I’m semi-retired because of that income.

    Keep at it. You might not have hit your financial goal, but as one person said, the education you’ve received is worth more than $2,000. This is a whole new experience for you and it takes some learning.

    I wish you the very best.

    David Frey recently posted…A Simple System To Generate Thousands of Leads OnlineMy Profile

    1. Hi David,

      Happy to have you here, no matter how you found me! πŸ™‚

      No, I didn’t reach my goal but you’re right, the eduction is worth far more. Since then I have gone on to have made half of that amount in a single day, so things are definitely progressing.

      Thanks for sharing you input, please call back any time πŸ™‚

      Kind regards,
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Four Figures in One Day! Why Not You?My Profile

  2. Aras Androck

    These challenges really do know how to motivate us in reaching our goal. I joined a similar challenge. Though it was a $1000 challenge. I only reached half of the goal. But I really enjoyed the experience.

    1. Hi Aras,

      That’s so true. Even if we don’t end up reaching our target it’s still helped us to remain focused and motivated while learning some valuable lessons.

      Well done for reaching half your goal, that’s awesome! Sure, $1000 would have been nice but $500 is still a great achievement and it proves that you can do it! I’m sure that you learned a lot from the experience and it’s good that you enjoyed it too.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your experience. Onwards and upwards!

      Kind regards,
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Are You Sending Your Visitors Away?My Profile

  3. Hey Glenn,
    It is fantastic that you are taking on board the lessons you have learned with the challenge, these lessons will give you the skills and knowledge you can use over and again to make lots of money going forward.
    “Quitters never Win and Winners Never Quit!”

    Onwards And Upwards To Success

    Gary recently posted…Internet Marketing Learning CurveMy Profile

    1. Hi Gary,

      It might seem a bit clichΓ© but that quote is so true. We all started our little experiment with such high hopes and for a variety of reasons it just didn’t pan out like we expected or hoped. We could have allowed this to discourage us but no, we chose to take what we can from the experience and learn from it.

      One thing’s for sure – I’ll never quit!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting πŸ™‚

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Triberr for Beginners – Finding Tribes & SharingMy Profile

  4. Hey Glenn,

    After reading your post, I would actually say that maybe what you did gain was more valuable than the $2000. It might not seem like it now, but you never know when a new connection can pay off big!

    By going through this challenge, it looks like you were able to learn a lot, and actually start setting the groundwork for a true on going business and not just a fly by night type of deal.

    You definitely have the right attitude and mentality to make a success out of this. Just like you said, nothing will change BUT you will add a few new methods. That is a true fighting spirit!

    Looking forward to seeing what you do next on your journey!

    Keep Pushing Forward,
    Jeff Sollee
    Jeff Sollee recently posted…5 Reasons Why Money is So Hard to Attract – Law of AttractionMy Profile

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Welcome to my blog, it’s great to see you here, buddy πŸ™‚

      You’re absolutely right about not knowing when a new connection can pay off. That’s why it’s so important to lay the groundwork, build a strong foundation, make these connections and never give up.

      I can hardly believe what I’ve achieved so far this year, especially after going for so many years without any results at all. Being part of Dean Holland’s iPro program has definitely been a life-changer and I know that big things are on the horizon with this!

      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, please come again πŸ™‚

      Kind regards,
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Your Business Needs YOU!My Profile

  5. Hi Glenn,

    Marc here. Found your site on the WF. I have to say I like your attitude. Because you’re an action taker you’ll succeed at this soon. I think you just need a couple tweaks.

    I just started driving traffic to my offer and made about $200 out of about 187 visits. I reinvested most of it as it came in and some of it was affiliate commissions I paid out.
    But the important part is it’s only been about 6 days now and I’m building a list.

    Granted this is WSO traffic but honestly I don’t plan on sticking to that one method alone. So I’m going to be doing very similar to your challenge, but with a twist. I’m going to post solid content, but do more promoting of that content, than actually creating it.

    So I think if you’re driving traffic which obviously you are you probably just need a couple tweaks to turn it into money. Was this the blog, or was it another blog?

    I know what it’s like I’ve done this in several niches with poor results, and all of a sudden the money would start to come in. But it’s never been much but that’s because I stopped focusing on it. Which was really dumb of me but hindsight is 20/20 right?

    Thanks for the post,


    1. Hi Marc,

      Thanks for your visit and comment, it’s much appreciated.

      I have to be an action taker, I’ve spent far too long dithering about and getting nowhere. If I don’t stick with this and make it work now then I never will. And I WILL make it work! πŸ˜‰

      Things definitely need tweaking a little, although I’m constantly tweaking as I go. Just trying to find the ‘sweet spot’! Mainly I’m driving traffic to the blog at the moment but I’m also sending people directly to a sales funnel too.

      Well done with your WSO, that’s awesome that you’re seeing the results and building your list. Stick with it, keep focused and I’m sure you’ll get the momentum. You’re right, things are so much easier in hindsight, but the key is to learn from those mistakes and not to repeat them!

      Thanks again for stopping by πŸ™‚

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…(Blog) Hopping Mad! Blog Hopping TipsMy Profile

    1. Hi Carlie,

      Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment πŸ™‚

      The story behind the challenge is that I and a number of other people are License Rights Partners in Dean Holland’s business. It was decided that it could be interesting, fun and educational to set ourselves the challenge to attempt to make $2000 in 60 days with our blogs by spending a minimum of just 60 minutes per day and by spending no more than $100.

      Because we’re all at various levels of experience and abilities, naturally the results have all been quite varied. Plus, due to bad timing with a lot of things we’ve found that a lot of things didn’t go as smoothly as we would have liked, so I feel that this held us back a little. Nevertheless, even for those of us who didn’t even come close to our $2000 targets, we have definitely learned a lot and gained a lot of experience from trying this out.

      For me, I can honestly say that consistently working on my blog each day according to a set plan has helped me to get more involved in the blogging and IM community on a regular basis, has helped me to make contacts and build relationships with other IMers, has given me a whole new degree of focus on what I should be doing and has helped me to carry on in the same pattern, even though I have reached the 60 day deadline.

      The basic principles behind what we were doing are based on what is contained in Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge course that I have linked on various places throughout my site.

      Thanks again for visiting, you’re welcome any time πŸ™‚

      Kind regards,
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Are You Consistently Consistent?My Profile

  6. Glenn, it’s good to see the big E for effort in what you tried in doing the challenge. I admire that and even though the results aren’t what you’d hoped for, still learned a lot from the process.
    What I’d recommend is this:
    Since you’re already committed to doing what it takes to create quality content (as per what you did via this challenge), I recommend a slight pivot.
    Write content each DAY but not as blog posts, but as a BOOK (physical, eBook).
    At the end of 30 days, you will have more than enough content to provide a hell of a lot of value to a lot of people that are about to walk in your path (ie. How’d you do this, What issues did you run into, How’d you overcome these issues, etc etc)
    You get the idea.
    You’d be surprised at what you’ll learn about yourself through the struggle AND how you can brand yourself by writing this book.

  7. Hi Glenn,

    It’s very good that even though you didn’t achieve the money target, but you still discovered or learned something from the challenge.

    I love challenge as it makes us push ourselves to level we might not strive before.

    Keep going and I’m sure you’ll reach your target, no matter if it’s $200 or $2 millions.

    All the best!


    1. Hi Chetz,

      Yes challenge is good for giving us a push. I’m finding that I’m still trying to work as though I were still taking part in the challenge, something I should have been doing anyway but the last couple of months have helped me to consistently take the required action when possible.

      Thanks for your visit and comment! πŸ™‚

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…What is your “Why”?My Profile

  8. Neamat Tawadrous

    Hi Glenn,

    When it comes to challenges, not all get the results they aim for but for me the lessons learned from the experience is much more worth it than the cash and the most important part is committing till the end of the challenge and not quitting in the middle of it. I would applaud for that. Also, consistency is key when it comes to success.

    Regarding free traffic, I would say from my facebook fan page, Google+ and twitter as I share other people’s content and also by commenting on other blogs as well.

    Thanks Glenn for an encouraging post and a reminder to stay consistent and committed.

    Be Blessed,


    1. Hi Neamat,

      Nice to see you here again, thanks so much for dropping by πŸ™‚

      I agree, it’s essential to commit to the end of a challenge rather than giving up in the middle. All too often there are benefits that we get from them rather than just the main goal that we’re aiming for.

      I’m glad that you enjoyed the post, thanks for contributing your thoughts πŸ™‚

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Consistency is Key & the Golden RuleMy Profile

  9. Hello Glenn!

    Just came across your site and this post. I must say that is very good of you to learn from your experience even though you did not reach your goal. Most people would probably have lost hope and quit.

    Us Internet Marketers, we gotta stay consistent.

    – Frederik Jorgensen

    1. Hi Frederick,

      Thanks so much for your visit and comment, it’s much appreciated πŸ™‚

      I definitely won’t be quitting! I am learning, applying what I learn and growing all the time so things will only move forwards and upwards. Plus, I have too many people working along with me who would never let me quit! πŸ˜‰

      You’re right, we absolutely must stay consistent. But consistently doing the right things, of course!

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Five Tips for Taking ActionMy Profile

  10. Hey Glenn,

    Nice to see the action you have taken with this challenge. As the saying goes, ‘There is no such thing as failure, just feedback’. I’m sure you’ve learnt valuable lessons that will and have helped you build your blog, and your following.

    Consistency is the key, especially in this day and age, when we’re starting out as newbies.

    I’ve personally gotta go out there where the traffic is and invite them back to my blog. Still early days, and I’m learning. πŸ™‚
    Ben Solomon recently posted…My Line in the Sand . . . This is where it all begins . . .My Profile

    1. Hi again Ben,

      Consistency is key, absolutely. Even though I didn’t come close to reaching my challenge target, I have certainly learned a lot and seen positive results. I just need to make sure that I keep up the consistency and get this thing growing and gaining momentum.

      I’m sure you’ll get people to your blog, you just need to be patient, stick with it and guess what? Keep consistent! πŸ˜‰

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Consistency is Key & the Golden RuleMy Profile

  11. Glenn, it’s been a lot of fun and very eye opening for us all for sure. It’s always a good thing when a group can come together and help each other out. We had some up days and some down days, but each one has taught us a lot. It was a challenge for sure, but the biggest challenge was overcoming roadblocks within yourself. Maybe some limiting or negative beliefs about your ability to accomplish certain things. Sometimes trying to compare yourself to other marketers can hinder you as well. But, those things are easily overcome by the vision you have for your future. Thanks for sharing bro.
    Jerry Handy recently posted…Quick Start Challenge-Final UpdateMy Profile

    1. You’re right, Jerry. Of course I would have liked to have made $2000! I know that I will, it will just come a little later than I’d hoped, that’s all. In the mean time we’ve all learned a great deal and we just need to keep the momentum up and drive forward πŸ™‚
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Challenge Updates and When Things Go Wrong…My Profile

  12. Hello Glen,

    Interesting article, as I have just started Deans QSC, and also invested in the License rights program. I was just wondering if you are still moving forward, and building up your business, and dare I say are you getting any sales (I am still at the early stages and have made nothing), I am starting to get into a routine with my traffic generation, but still have a few nagging thoughts about not getting any traffic. Anyhow thanks for your honest post.

    Steve Denness
    Steve Denness recently posted…Step by step internet marketing with Dean HollandMy Profile

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for dropping by and welcome to the team! πŸ˜€

      Yes, I am most definitely moving forward. I think that for anyone in the beginning stages it can sometimes seem that the forward movement is very slow or barely even noticeable, but they key is to keep on doing what works and not to give up.

      I have made sales, though nothing world-shattering at this stage. But when I take a step back and look at what I’ve accomplished in just these last 6 months compared to where I was before that, well it’s absolutely phenomenal progress, I think.

      Stick to your traffic routine, Steve, and don’t give up. It can sometimes feel like its a hard slog but if you stick with it then the results will come and, just like Dean said on the webinar today, once we get to the point where we can start to apply leverage to our results then things will be sure to take off, I have no doubts about that.

      Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it very much. I look forward to seeing your progress, you’ll do great I’m sure πŸ™‚

      All the best,
      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Consistency is Key & the Golden RuleMy Profile

  13. Hi Glenn

    Whilst making $2,000 in 60 days was elusive, it sounds as if you gained a lot from the experience at least :-).

    In terms of free traffic methods, I get a fair amount of traffic from commenting on blogs. Of the social networks, Google+ is my biggest traffic provider.

    I was surprised at that because it’s the one I visit the least. Now I need to visit Google+ much more and engage with people!
    Tim Bonner recently posted…BzzAgent Let’s Me Try Out Free Stuff!My Profile

    1. Hi Tim,

      Nice to see you again, buddy, thanks for visiting πŸ™‚

      Yes, the challenge was definitely worth doing, even if I didn’t reach my target. I think all of us who tried it feel the same.

      I, too, find that commenting on blogs is good. I think that it’s the traffic technique I enjoy the most so far as it really helps to build relationships with other bloggers who are doing the same thing that I am.

      It’s interesting what you say about Google+. I don’t use it very much at all other than to link to my updates and so forth, but I think that it’s a tool that’s especially useful for Internet marketers, much more so than as a social network in the traditional sense. I definitely want to get into it a bit more.

      Thanks so much for your comment πŸ™‚

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…(Blog) Hopping Mad! Blog Hopping TipsMy Profile

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