“All Search Engines Are Soon to Be Closed Down!”

BREAKING NEWS – All Search Engines Are Soon to Be Closed Down!”


search enginesHey everyone,

I bet that got your attention, right? If you came online one day and came across a real headline that read something like that, I reckon that would get your attention too!

So just imagine the reaction from a marketing standpoint:

“But… but… I’ve spent all this time and money on SEO. What am I supposed to do now?”

“How will I get traffic to my site?”

“How will people hear about my offers?”

It would turn some Marketers’ worlds upside down for sure!

However, there would be some who wouldn’t be too worried? Wanna know who?

Marketers who have already been implementing strategies without giving much thought to SEO.

“A real man makes his own luck.”

– Billy Zane as Cal Hockley in the film, “Titanic”.


search enginesYou may have heard me mention before the importance of not relying on SEO. Now, I’m not suggesting that you should totally ignore it and I’m not suggesting that it doesn’t have its place. But I believe that it’s a game that you will never win. The mighty Google will always command the playing field and, well, I won’t play that game.

My blog is my blog, not Google’s. I play by MY rules. Does that mean I will do silly things that I know will harm my chances to be seen by Google? No, of course not. I have SEO strategies in place and I would advise that you do too.

What I don’t do is allow my blog to be governed by Google’s every whim.

At this point you may say, “Well, that’s common sense. Isn’t that what we all do?”

Sadly, no. The way some people carry on you’d think that their worlds would fall apart if the umbilical cord between them and Google was cut. And yes, it could spell disaster for them.

There are, of course, certain websites that rely a lot heavier on Google rankings than others. In these cases it would make sense to have a good SEO strategy in place and focus a lot heavier on SEO than, say, bloggers might. I get that. But here’s the thing: some people seem to have no idea what to do if that was taken away from them. You just have to see the flurry of panic that sets in whenever there’s talk of some new Google animal to see how this is the case for some.


So, What WOULD You Do?


search enginesIf that faux announcement at the beginning was actually real, how would you deal with it? What would you do?

What would I do?

Probably nothing different to what I’m doing now, in all honesty.

As I started writing this post a line from the film, “Titanic”, came to mind that Billy Zane’s character says: “A real man makes his own luck”, except that I applied it to marketing and traffic: “A real Marketer gets his own traffic”.

You’ve possibly heard me use this phrase before: “Don’t drive traffic – BRING it!”

So if the search engines no longer existed (which is highly unlikely to ever happen, I hasten to add) I would carry on doing what I’m already doing – doing the legwork and actually getting out there and connecting with people on their blogs and social media, giving value and being helpful.

In other words, treating the whole idea of traffic as we all should:

Traffic = PEOPLE.

search engines

Basically, this means doing stuff that we should all be doing anyway. Again, just as there are those for whom it makes sense to give more attention to SEO than others, there are those for whom it’s not so much of an issue to be making those personal connections as it is for others.

Bloggers, for example, would do well to focus on getting out there, making themselves known and thus bringing ultra laser-targeted traffic back to their blog.

Whereas someone who sets up squeeze pages that get people to opt-in to a mailing list and go on to an offer would do well to focus on SEO.

But the thing is, SEO is always changing and, theoretically at least, it could disappear.

However, people will always be people and connections can always be made regardless of what Google or any other search engine says, does or ‘thinks’.

As I said earlier, I do have SEO strategies in place and I would advise that you do too. I believe, though, that SEO is of far, far, far less importance to bloggers  it is to other types of site owners. However, connecting with people is an important factor of all businesses and although you may not have much opportunity to connect with your audience on an individual basis by means of a squeeze page, you should always be thinking about how you can build and maintain relationships with your visitors, subscribers, leads, buyers, etc.


How Can You Do It?


search enginesTwo words: be proactive.

This means that you need to make sure that you are approachable and that you engage with your audience. If someone sends you an e-mail, reply. If they send you a message via social media, reply. If they leave a comment on your blog, reply. If they have a complaint, address it.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s also essential to get out there and get yourself known. Don’t just put up your blog and expect people to stumble across it. Visit other blogs and social media pages. Interact with people, give value and give people a reason to seek you out. That is how you end up bringing traffic back to your site rather than ‘driving’ it.

All those things are things that engagement-oriented people, like bloggers, do all the time. But they are not mutually exclusive to bloggers. These are the type of things that we should all be doing.

If you’re a blogger then make sure that you write for people, not for search engines. Aside from the fact that you’ll always be playing catchup with Google, if you are people-focused then your content will be of better quality which, it turn, is good for your audience and can have the added benefit of Google looking favourably upon your blog.

If you find that your business is growing to such an extent that you can’t deliver the personable experience that you would like to, then recruit, outsource, delegate. Do whatever you need to do, but don’t allow your relationships with your audience to suffer.

The thing is, if you’re already doing all this stuff then even if you’re someone who needs to focus a lot of attention on SEO you will always have a backup if the SEO side of things ever goes sour for some reason. I believe that if you are already putting people in first place then you will find it much easier to draw on that rather than learn the ropes if your SEO strategy goes belly up and you know nothing else.

So, in summary, what I am saying to you is do not rely soley on the search engines. Yes, they are very useful and yes, a good SEO strategy can work wonders, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. On the other hand, if your primary focus is always on the customer, subscriber or whomever then you will always automatically have your eggs in many baskets and, so long as you don’t drop them, your eggs should remain nice and intact!

Next Week


In my post next week I’ll tell you about how a Hollywood film Director made my brother late for work and what you can learn from this.

Until next time!


Glenn is a Certified iPro Masters Partner

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22 thoughts on ““All Search Engines Are Soon to Be Closed Down!””

  1. Hey Glenn,

    I was drawn to this title too but it’s really sad to know that there are and have been people who only relied on the search engines for traffic and they lost everything when Google changed their algorithms.

    I had a girl call me a few years back that this had happened to and she lost all her sales overnight. Google is enticing and for those sites that do nothing but sell products, optimizing their sites for the search engines use to work wonders.

    It’s 2015 now though and we’ve been scammed way too many times. There will always be a few people who will buy on a whim but you’re not going to find as many of them today. You have to do the work, put yourself out there and start making those connections.

    That know, like and trust factor definitely needs to come into place and without it people will continue to struggle until they throw their hands up and call it quits. I hate to see that happen to people so hopefully they’ll take your advice and get to work. Meeting people is just fun to me though so I find it the most enjoyable method online today.

    Great share Glenn, thanks so much for this and I hope you’re having a wonderful week.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Rediscover Your Desire For BloggingMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Yay, another person I have snared with the title! Hehe! 😉

      Yes indeed, Google has its place and all but it’s folly to place all our trust and efforts in it. You simply cannot replace the KLT factor, which is something that will remain independent and self-sufficient.

      You’re so right about how enticing Google is for those sites that are geared up to do nothing but sell. And sure, it makes sense to focus on SEO for those kinds of sites. But even in those cases I think it makes sense to have an alternate strategy, as you simply cannot rely on Google. All it takes is a tweak at their end and your whole income can be virtually wiped out overnight, as you so aptly mentioned. That’s one reason why I have avoided that whole business model, it’s simply too much of a headache to keep up with IMO.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing that experience, Adrienne. I hope all’s okay with you and that you’re feeling a bit better now. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…EMA Podcast 004: “5 Top Tips for a Successful Blog”My Profile

  2. Hi Glenn,

    This is a best example for get traffic into website within very short time, I saw your post Because when I read your article, I think check this post and what type content this post have..
    This is very impressive article because title is awesome.. I will use this post into my post title making.


    1. Hi John,

      Welcome to my blog. 🙂

      Yes, when I came up with the title for this post I had a feeling that it would be a good one for catching people’s attention. 😉 Although I haven’t had a load of people leaving comments, I have noticed that after publishing this post there was a spike in my traffic. So it would appear that it did its job!

      Thanks for stopping by, John and thanks for your comment. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Read the Manual!My Profile

  3. Hi mate!
    Even if search engines are dead, a blogger can use social networks to get tons of visitors to their sites. John chow has already done this with twitter. His blog was removed from Google and he still managed to earn six figure income on monthly basis. His story is amazing and inspirational. BTW, the title of this article is amazing.
    Pramod recently posted…How i increased blog traffic from search engines (Google & Bing)My Profile

    1. Hi Pramod,

      Thanks for stopping by, it’s good to see you. 🙂

      You’re right, social networks are very powerful. Although I incorporate them into what I do I know that I don’t even scratch the surface as to what’s really achievable with them.

      That’s really interesting about John Chow, I hadn’t realised that. There’s no denying his huge success, though, so he’s clearly done a lot of things right!

      I’m glad you liked the title. If you liked this one, take a look at the one that follows. 😉

      Thanks again for stopping by and thanks for your comment. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…“Tim Burton Made Me Late for Work”My Profile

  4. Hi Glenn,

    You article title is very attractive an eye opener, when I saw you post my first expression is first read your article and what you are sharing inside this post, and here I learn some very amazing tips which I can implement into my blogging strategy.. thanks so much for eye opening article

    Mohd Arif
    Mohd Arif recently posted…Ninja Blaster-Best Facebook Marketing ToolMy Profile

    1. Hi Mohd,

      I knew that once people had seen the title they would find it hard to resist coming to find what it’s all about! 😉

      I’m glad you found some tips that you can implement in your own strategy. If I can help just one person with something I’ve written then I’ve done my job.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…How to Auto Duck in AudacityMy Profile

  5. Hi Glenn,

    WOW! Yes, your title grabbed me immediately even though I know they are not closing, lol…

    I think you are very wise. I have built my business on networking both offline and now even more importantly online.

    The truth is that great networking is what it’s all about. Just today I got a referral from a reader who has followed me for a few months ago and is a loyal follower of my client Adrienne Smith who has not only endorsed me publicly but also uses my service.

    That is how it’s done. Good old fashioned, smart networking that starts with great content that shows us to be competent and then socially validated.

    Search engines are great at bringing in traffic, but this type of traffic right now tends to be more DIY and that doesn’t help my business.

    I couldn’t agree more with your position. You are absolutely right. If you take the time to build your community, the search engines will take care of themselves and if they do close then you’ll have nothing to worry about.

    So, why don’t we all just be one another’s “Google”?

    Great post Glenn,

    Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted…Calling Veterans to a New Service as Exceptional Business OwnersMy Profile

    1. Hi Don,

      Hehe, it just goes to show how beneficial a good headline is, right? Of course, I knew that seasoned pro’s such as yourself would never believe that the search engines are actually closing down, but I also knew that many wouldn’t be able to resist clicking on it to see what on earth I was on about! Mission accomplished! 😉

      Yup, good networking is the key. Of course search engines can do a good job when it comes to traffic, but aside from the various algorithm scenarios, the traffic they send is cold. Of course we then have to warm it up. But through good networking we are warming up our traffic and thus can end up having ultra high quality traffic that, even if lower in numbers, can turn out to be much more valuable than the traffic from search engines.

      “Why don’t we all just be one another’s ‘Google?'” – I LOVE that! In fact, that’s how I often describe my approach – being my own search engine. In fact, looking at the other side of the coin, if I want to find new blogs in my niche I very rarely bother using Google. I will just visit other blogs, take a look in the comments and find people that way. I’ve found some truly excellent bloggers that way.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and contributing such an awesome comment.

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…The Top 6 Reasons Why I May Not Be Commenting On Your BlogMy Profile

  6. Hi Glenn..!
    Apart from all you mentioned, this post is the best example of driving traffic easily..
    After I read your title, I just stunned for a minute and which pull me inside the content. Title is very important to attract people and I know 100% today 🙂
    Anyway thanks for shared this awesome post..!

  7. Hi Glenn,

    Yes, your title caught my eye immediately! We cannot put all our eggs in one basket. This is why I too do a bit of SEO. But more importantly than that, for me it is all about engagement with people.

    Yes, I have the opt-in on my blog, an email list …actually a few of those. But I do connect with people there. I also have a strong social media presence. I’m on most of the platforms, but find more people I engage with on Facebook, so that is where I do spend more of my time when it comes to the social sites.

    I think of this kind of thing often. What If? What if Google falls apart? What if social sites shut down? Sometimes I even think of What if the internet suddenly goes haywire?

    As those wheels spin in my head, I think of getting actual addresses from my followers. It is something that has been on my mind. I do have people from all over the globe. I wonder that if I had a tangible gift to send to them would they give me their address? Something on the back burner lol.

    As bloggers and marketers, we do have to use many different ways to connect with others. It is important to have SEO, Social sites, and even a phone call or a Google+ Hangout to get together and connect with others.

    Now please don’t scare me again with another title like that he he he

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Your Silent Inner VoiceMy Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      It’s certainly a curiosity-piquing headline, right? 😉

      Something you said there is, I believe, the key point: “I do connect with people there.” It’s YOU who does the connection, something that is definitely apparent to me. Those who make SEO the be all and end all often wait for Google et al to make the connections for them. I believe that’s totally backwards and incredibly dangerous.

      Those ways that you mentioned about connecting with others are interesting. I know that there are those who implement the phone aspect into the equation, Adrienne Smith being one of them. It’s particularly interesting that you mentioned the physical address aspect too, as I’ve noticed that more and more online Marketers are actually incorporating this in their businesses to some degree. Funny how some things come full circle, huh?

      LOL I’ll try not to scare you again. Although, that’s now giving me ideas….. 😛

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…EMA Podcast 002: “6 Ways to Avoid Sabotaging Your Online Business”My Profile

  8. Excellent advice Glenn!

    And just ask all those marketers that used to rely primarily o Google for the vast majority of their traffic!

    With the simple introduction of yet another animal, Google simply turned some marketers world inside out!LOL!

    So it’s definitely best, as you advise, to constantly be in the process of developing some viable targeted traffic alternatives!

    Great advice! And all serious marketers had better heed your warning! Or else!
    Mark recently posted…So Entrepreneur What’s The Real Reason You Still Haven’t Built Your Very Own WordPress Blog Yet?My Profile

    1. Hi Mark,

      Yep, those animals can cause havoc if you’re not prepared. The best way to be prepared? Stay out of their way!

      I’m a firm believer in viewing traffic in its true nature – people. If you always focus on people first then I believe everything else will flow a lot more naturally.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Mark. Always a pleasure. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Change Your Thinking, Change Your LifeMy Profile

  9. Amen to that Glen,

    I must admit that your title did catch my attention buddy and the nice use of ccs3 for Breaking News is a nice touch, I may have to use that one day! I assum it’s some css3 text shadow.

    I learned a lot over the years from my client and blogging mentor Ryan Biddulph and one thing I have kept in mind is not to worry about seo; instead to focus on giving and providing value to our audiences. At the end of the day Traffic is put simply Human Beings and I am of the mind that I want to write for humans and not robotic spiders.

    So with all this in mind My focus (especially as I am building my Old New Blog) is to provide as much value and inspiration as my noggin can provide to my fellow Homo Sapiens. If Google, Bing & Yahoo was to shut down tomorrow though I would not be bothered and I like you would continue to do what I do, however I would be a little P****d off that I would not be able to search for info anymore.

    Top post and happy to have paid a visit Glen, Have an awesome Day.
    ~~ Phillip Dews ~~
    Phillip Dews recently posted…Are you ‘Living Your Dream?’My Profile

    1. Hi Phillip,

      I’m glad the title caught your attention – exactly what it was designed to do. 😉 The effect is actually done using a plugin. To be honest, I’m not sure I’m going to continue using it as, for a while, it’s been causing some layout issues within my WordPress dashboard. The plugin hasn’t been updated in forever and I get no response from support, so I’m thinking of ditching it.

      Yes, I’d be a bit inconvenienced if I wasn’t able to search for stuff via the search engines – good job it’s just a hypothetical scenario, huh? 😉

      It’s great that Ryan’s your blogging mentor. He’s a good guy, as I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your great comment. Come by any time. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Two Top List-Building TipsMy Profile

  10. Hi Glenn,

    I don’t depend on SEO as my sole course of action as you said don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

    I use methods like blogging, blog hopping and blog commenting which I didn’t know even existed if I hadn’t seen a link on your site to Adrienne Smith. You opened up my eyes to a whole new world. I use solo ads too. I need to scale up on this method.

    I’m going to be making a lot of changes to my blog this coming month. I have huge plans for my blog.. I’ll let you know when I’m finished and I will look forward to your thoughts.

    You have an awesome weekend,

    Linda Schrier recently posted…Growth In Internet MarketingMy Profile

    1. Hi Linda,

      All those methods are excellent and, as I’m sure you know, are ones that I strongly encourage. I’m so glad you discovered Adrienne and have been able to learn some valuable stuff from her. She’s truly an expert in her field, hence why she’s referred to as the “Engagement Superstar”.

      Solo ads are all well and good but they’re a minefield. I wouldn’t say to not use them, you just need to be very careful and be prepared to lose money with them, because it’s a very real possibility. I do buy them myself from time to time. but it’s not a strategy I’m focusing on right now.

      I look forward to seeing the changes to your blog. Of course you know that you can get my input whenever you need it. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Read the Manual!My Profile

    2. Hey Linda,

      Thanks for the mention here, I really appreciate it and so glad that you found me through Glenn and I’m grateful to him for that. I’m so excited for you and eager to see what you have in store for everyone moving forward.

      Adrienne recently posted…Breaking Away From The Me Too CrowdMy Profile

      1. Hi Adrienne,

        Thank you for the comment on Glenn’s blog. I appreciate both you and Glenn for being a part of my life and the support you both give me.

        I am learning things I never knew were possible through the help you both have given me freely and from the heart. I thank you both!

        You both have an awesome weekend,

        Linda Schrier recently posted…Growth In Internet MarketingMy Profile

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