Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life


change your lfieHello everyone!

For this post I’m trying something different.

I haven’t planned anything at all to share with you. Nope, I’m just winging it and seeing what comes out.

Why am I doing this?

Well, I’ve been sitting here thinking about what to base this week’s post around and I found that, for some reason, I just couldn’t decide.

Now, anyone who knows a little about me may know that I write stuff down a lot. Whenever I get an idea for something that could be good for a blog post, video, e-mail headline or whatever, I write it down. I have ideas for blog content for at least the next three months!

However, I just couldn’t settle on what to actually choose for this week’s post.

So, I thought, “You know what? I’m just going to start writing and see happens.”

Now, I have to admit that I do have a point to make regarding this, although the point didn’t actually come to me until after I’d come up with the idea of just writing off the cuff.

The point is this:

change your lifeAs bloggers, content creators, Internet Marketers, or whatever we are doing, we have to come up with ideas for content. Now, I come across objections a lot, such as:

“I don’t know what to write about”.

“I’m not good at writing”.

“I get stuck”.

“How can I come up with ideas for good content?”.

The thing is, all these can lead to a common result:


I could have sat here all night and agonised over what to write about and, although I have plenty of stuff on my list, I could very well have become frustrated and ended up doing nothing.

Instead I decided to show you that, even without a clear plan, sometimes you can still get results.


By taking ACTION.

Look, if you’re the type of person who isn’t doing things because you “don’t know how”, or “you can’t think of anything” then I say to you this:

Stop messing around and DO something about it!

Now, I know that it would be unreasonable to expect you to do something you don’t know how to do. But guess what? You can learn! So go ahead and learn!

And so what, if your writing isn’t very good or your video manner leaves a lot to be desired or you haven’t mastered how to make your blog look nice? There’s only one way to ensure that you don’t improve – doing nothing!

You won’t improve unless you TAKE ACTION and just give it a go.

Where I Was

change your lifeAround two and a half years ago I didn’t know the first thing about WordPress. When I bought my first hosting and installed WordPress for the first time I took one look at it and went to look for something else to do because it all seemed too much like hard work.

Guess what I accomplished?


It was only when I decided to just get stuck in and get things moving regardless of my lack of knowledge that I started to make progress. That shift in attitude was the turning point for me.

Where I Am

I now have a functioning blog that has regular visitors and readers who are appreciative of my efforts to share good content with them.

I now use an autoresponder and have a mailing list. Did I know anything about that stuff before? Nope! I just got it going and learned as I went.

A couple of years ago I created my first e-book. Had I created an e-book before? Nope. But I now know how to do it. How did I learn? By DOING it!

I have started podcasting.

I have held my first webinar.

change your lifeWith all of this stuff I have had to:

1) make the decision to do it.

2) jump in and do it.

Of course, there are some things that you simply can’t just do by experimentation, but in those cases you take action by learning. Then, you APPLY what you’ve learned.

Introducing an Action-Taker

Richard Seaton
Internet Entrepreneur, Richard Seaton

My friend, Richard Seaton, is an action-taker. If he doesn’t know how to do something he tries it anyway. If he can’t try it by, well, trying it, then he asks for help. Then he tries it. If he still struggles then he does research and asks for more help, if necessary. Then he tries again. He may not get things perfect but he will keep on trying and keep on tweaking.

Until a few months ago, I think I’m correct in saying that Richard had never made money online. I’m sure he’ll correct me if I’m wrong! Whichever way, he hadn’t had anything close to the results he’s been having over these last few months as a result of taking ACTION.

Richard’s gone on to make thousands of dollars online by refusing to sit on his butt and do nothing. Rather, he’s consistently taking action. It’s been imperfect action at times, but so what? Imperfect action is still action and the only surefire way to failure is to do nothing.

Check out Richard’s blog. He is proving to be an inspiration to many people.


So what about you?

What do you want to do?

Make a decision and DO it!

You know, I’ve seen people invest thousands of dollars and then do nothing with the training and do nothing to make use of the materials and products that they have at their disposal that could give them a return on their investment and then some.

Totally screwy, if you ask me!

You’re not screwy, are you?

It could be that you have actually taken action and you have tried to make money online, but for some reason you haven’t had success. Maybe the product had vital pieces missing or perhaps you didn’t have the support you needed.

If that’s you then I highly recommend you check out this training course called the Big Commission Blueprint:

What’s contained in there is exactly what people like myself and Richard have gone through. It’s by taking action and applying it that we have gone on to get results.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I didn’t know what I was going to write about and am coming up with everything totally off the cuff. I felt it appropriate to throw in a push for the Big Commission Blueprint at this point for one very good reason:

It works.

Is it a magic system that will get you overnight riches? No, and, frankly, if that’s what you’re looking for then you may as well go elsewhere as you won’t ever find that stuff on my blog.

What it is, however, is a proven training course from a real rags-to-riches Internet millionaire that will take you through the necessary steps to finally have success online. I have seen many, many people go through this and go on to achieve fantastic results.

But, you know what? If you’re the sort of person who’s not going to take action then don’t click the banner and don’t buy the Big Commission Blueprint.

Yes, I will make a commission if you buy it, but if you’re not going to do anything with the training once you get it then I’d rather you didn’t bother.

change your lifeBut if you’re prepared to actually apply what’s taught in there then I encourage you to take action and click that banner!

So, if you’re someone who makes excuses as to why you can’t do this, that or the other, change your thinking. If you’re not prepared to take action on things, learn what you need to and apply what you learn, you know what? You’re probably not cut out for making money online.

I hope that I’ve demonstrated how you can get results by taking action. None of this post was planned. I’ve just gone ahead and written what came into my mind.

I took action.

So never mind all the excuses. Excuses won’t get you anywhere.

Are you an excuse-maker or an action-taker?

I sincerely hope that you’re an action-taker!

If not, then take action and change!

Change your thinking and you can change your life.

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Glenn is a Certified iPro Masters Partner

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18 thoughts on “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life”

    1. Hi Maja,

      Thanks so much. Being positive is the only way to go.

      You’re right, so often we can give up even after taking action. The key is to not give up! You’re only sure to fail if you give up. After all, if you fall down then there are two options: stay down or get up. I prefer the latter! 😉

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…EMA Podcast 003: “One Surefire Way to Avoid Failure”My Profile

  1. Wayne Gretzky once said “you lose 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” Glenn, you have rightly brought out that its important to try. If we don’t take action, we are never going to succeed. During my travels, I met so many people who wish to travel to different countries. But, they tell me that they have been so busy and never take time out. They always postpone their plans and never make them. I tell them the same thing to take ACTION. In my opinion, We should “Take Action” without worrying about results. In our holy and very popular book “Geeta”, Lord Krishna said that “Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Faleshu Kadachana”. This means that ” You have right to take action only but never to its fruits.”
    Pooja recently posted…Europe Travel – What’s stopping your plan?My Profile

    1. Hi Pooja,

      I love that quote by Wayne Gretzky! I’ve never heard it before, thanks very much for sharing it. 🙂

      It never fails to amaze me how busy people can be at doing nothing. Taking action – MASSIVE action – is the difference between making it and spinning your wheels.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I hope you’re having a great week.

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Two Top List-Building TipsMy Profile

  2. Hey Glenn,

    Just have to be like Nike and just do it!

    Enough with the excuses. You’re definitely right about this. There are so many people, including myself at times, that make enough excuses to stop themselves in their tracks.

    You will end up going no where which results in regrets. So why wait for regret. Now is the time to live in moment and it’s the best time to learn how when you don’t know anything.

    This was a great motivational post Glenn! Sometimes we need post like this whether we’re beginners or veterans. Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…7 Ways You Can Benefit From Your CompetitionMy Profile

    1. Hi Sherman,

      Yup, just doing it is sometimes all it takes! It can certainly be the difference between success and failure. At least if you do it and get it wrong, you can learn and do it again, whereas if you do nothing at all then you can’t even learn from that.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for your great comment. It’s always great to see you stopping by, buddy. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…EMA 001: The Number One Newbie Traffic Mistake That Could Cost You Thousands (And Your Sanity!)My Profile

  3. Excellent post Glen!

    First of all, I love how you so skillfully demonstrated that armed simply with the will and true desire to do something positive and very constructive, that trumps shear talent and virtually little or no hunger!

    Practically every time!

    For sure there are plenty of people that are more than intellectually smart enough to do tons of different things!

    However, as is typically the case (more times) than not! They simply lack that true burning desire in their gut to simply not take no for an answer!

    They probably have luke warm desire at best!LOL!

    I really liked several of the excellent points that you shared in this post.

    And I’m quite certain, your critics and nay sayers will contest that you had at least some of this post pre planned!LOL!

    Since it turned out so extremely well!
    Mark recently posted…How One Of The Biggest Email Marketing Myths Is Destroying Your Chances For Online Success!Part TwoMy Profile

    1. Hi Mark,

      You mean to say I have critics and nay sayers? I can’t believe that! 😛 In all seriousness, I haven’t yet been aware of any, but I’m sure that there will be some lurking out there and I’m sure you’re right, that there are those who would contest that I had some of the post planned. But nope, it was absolutely spontaneous. It was only where I made reference to what the point of the post was going to be when anything remotely like a plan came to mind and it wasn’t until the very last sentence that I came up with the title!

      Maybe I should run an experiment in the future where I get people to suggest subjects to me on a live webinar. I could get one of the attendees to pick one of the subjects and then I could actually write the post live on the webinar! That would really make the point! lol! You know, I may actually do that some time…. 😉

      Thanks for visiting and sharing, Mark, and for the great comment. I hope yuo have yourself a great week. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Two Big Reasons You May Be Failing In Your Online BusinessMy Profile

    2. Wow Glen!

      First of all, let me say that I don’t know if you’re partly joking or not! But I’d be almost willing to bet you, that if you actually did do some sort of “hot seats” like your suggesting, and recorded them via a live webinar.

      You’d have a fabulous product that you could sell and or giveaway as a free upsell bonus or whatever else you wanted to do with it!

      Like maybe give it away to anyone that provides a video testimonial!

      Anyway, demonstrating something like that live is a totally awesome marketing idea Glen!

      I hope you decide to go through with it!

      If it’s okay, I’d really like to reference this article and do one about “how to” add and or create value with your specific target audience!

      Great job Glen! Thanks!
      Mark recently posted…Five Simple Questions That Prove You’ve Potentially Found An Incredibly Profitable Niche!My Profile

      1. Well yes, it was a little tongue-in-cheek, however while I was writing that I did think, “Why not just do it?” so yes, I may end up doing this. Watch this space….. 😉

        And yes, by all means reference this post, that’s absolutely fine. 🙂
        Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Can You Really Make Money Blogging?My Profile

  4. Hi Glenn,

    An awesome post off the cuff! I am an action taker. If I take a course, I apply it immediately. Sometimes I may skin my knees, but I get back up and do it again because the first try at something may not work well.

    I think what prompts me to take action is that I’m in competition with myself. I set up my goals and no matter what take the necessary action steps to achieve them. This way I don’t get overwhelmed.

    Sure there are courses I take along the way to enhance what I’m doing. But each time I do, I apply it.

    In essence, those that apply do reach success. It is a constant learning curve that goes hand and hand with it.

    On the other hand, I know people who buy every shiny object and never apply it, then complain that nothing works. Go figure?

    Donna Merrill recently posted…How To Write Blog Posts Like CrazyMy Profile

    1. Hey Donna,

      Thanks very much. Action-takers are the ones who succeed for sure. I, too, have come across people who never seem to get out of buying more into applying mode and end up just going round in circles. They’ve no-one to blame but themselves yet, as you say, they complain that nothing works. Well no, nothing will work if they’re not prepared to actually take action on rather than expect some magical money genie to drop money into their lap for doing absolutely nothing!

      Thanks for your great comment, Donna, always great to have you drop by. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…The Top 6 Reasons Why I May Not Be Commenting On Your BlogMy Profile

  5. Hi Glenn,

    Boy you are on fire and are right. We all need to take action in our businesses. It’s what we are doing in our business that counts.

    Three weeks ago, I took the BCB training over again and I am working on other courses of Deans. There is a lot of training he has put in place so we can succeed in this journey of internet marketing.

    I see Richard on facebook three times a day. You picked a good one to mention as an action taker.

    I am on a strict schedule now broken down to days which was your advise to me and I really appreciated that.and for me that is how it has to be for me to succeed. I will never give up!

    Thank you for your post it was well taken.

    You have an awesome week ahead!

    Linda Schrier recently posted…How Blogging Began For MeMy Profile

  6. Dear Glenn,
    I so loved your recent blog it inspired me. I am very much where you are in the sense that I have learned alot in 2 months that I never knew before. It doesn’t take long to learn things…it just requires an openness and a willingness to have a go……I am excited about creating my new website and have some wonderful ideas. You have done such a great job on your website/blog and all things you keep adding.It’s fun isn’t it? Anyway just wanted to say your content is always good and entertaining…..I still love the duck joke …..keep it up ….Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Yep, willingness plays a huge part. Far too many people want – nay – EXPECT things done for them and handed to them on a plate and throw their toys out of the pram when things don’t work out for them. Getting off your backside and actually taking charge of your own destiny is the only way to succeed. No messing about. No excuses.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my content and, more importantly, that you find it useful. That’s the ultimate aim. Keep on pushing forwards and you’ll get to where you want to be. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…How to Setup a GravatarMy Profile

  7. Hi Glenn,

    I LOVE the action you’re taking!

    I’d add; if your actions seem to be fruitless, change your thinking. As within, so without.

    Changing your thinking requires diligent personal development.

    Practice shifting the inner world to change your outside world.

    Thanks for inspiring us Glenn!

    Tweeting from Singapore.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…10 Blogging Lessons I Learned in Bali (New Amazon eBook)My Profile

    1. Hey Ryan,

      Thanks so much, buddy! Yours is one of the blogs I get real inspiration from, so it really means a lot to have you say positive things about what I’m doing. 🙂

      That’s a really important point about what to do if your actions seem to be fruitless. It’s all down to our thinking. I’ve seen people who are taking action and, largely, doing a lot of the right things, but their thinking has been all wrong and so they’ve found themselves getting frustrated and sometimes even giving up.

      “Practice shifting the inner world to change your outside world.” – I love that!

      Thanks again!

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…EMA Podcast 002: “6 Ways to Avoid Sabotaging Your Online Business”My Profile

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