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How Can I Keep Going?

How Can I Keep Going?


Hi guys!

Wow! It has certainly been a while. It’s been MUCH longer since my last post than I realised and FAR too long!

I have to be completely open and honest and say that I’d found myself getting a bit burned out. I had been eating, sleeping and living Internet marketing for so long and something had to give before I went crazy! I certainly didn’t intend to leave it so long but sometimes you find that life gets in the way and, before you know it, days have turned into weeks. Anyhoo, I’m back with renewed vigour! 🙂

There’s nothing earth-shattering to report regarding my absence so I won’t bore you with all the ins and outs of what’s been happening in my life. Don’t worry though, nothing bad has happened other than my usual health battles.

A Bit of Reflection

keep going

One thing that taking a bit of time out has enabled me to do, though, is reflect a lot on what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, how I’m doing it, where I want to go and how I want to get there. I must say that I haven’t really changed with regards to the answers to all these, but I have managed to gain just a little more clarity.

Something that I have realised is that, although I hadn’t been doing anything wrong, per se, I needed to just take a step back and reevaluate things somewhat. I think that it’s important to do this from time to time and it holds true for most things in life.

One major thing that has been taking a back seat for a long time is my music. Now, you may or may not know that music is a huge part of my life and for a quite a while now I’ve been allowing this side of me to be suffocated. Whilst I believe that you absolutely must make sacrifices in order to be successful in your business, especially at the beginning, there has to be some kind of release, otherwise you risk going screwy!

So I’ve been spending a lot of time on my music recently, especially for the last month or so. I’ve found that this has helped me to ‘breathe’ again. Being the growing Marketer that I am, though, I haven’t simply been doing this for the pure enjoyment of it. I’ve been working on incorporating this into my business plans and have putting to good use a lot of what I’ve learned over the last couple of years in Internet marketing.

How Can I – Indeed – How Can YOU Keep Going?

In view of the fact that I’ve been away for a bit and have done quite a bit of self-examination, I thought that the subject of “How Can I Keep Going?” was an apt one. We all ask ourselves this at some point in life and I think it’s something that everyone who is trying to start and maintain any kind of a business asks themselves, likely more than once along the journey.

Well, I’ve discovered a video that I believe hits the nail on the head. I’d love to share this with you and I strongly encourage you to spend just five minutes to watch it. Why? I shall explain after the video…



What I Got From Watching This Video

keep goingWhether you’re trying to start a business, online or otherwise, or if you already have a business, it’s vital to poke your head up once in a while and take some time to breathe. Reflect on why you’re doing what you’re doing. Appreciate the skills you have, even if you’re just starting out. The likelihood is that you have a lot more skills and and a lot more potential than you realise. So rather than worry about what you don’t know, what you’re not doing, or what’s not happening, be thankful and positive about what you DO know, what you HAVE accomplished and what you HAVE experienced, no matter how little these things might appear.

Secondly, take some time to appreciate your life in general. Again, we can so often pass over some things and take them for granted at times, but think about what you are able to do, what you have, what you’ve accomplished and what you have to look forward to. We all have ups and downs and some of us go through periods of real difficulty. But I believe that we all have something, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, that we can be grateful for.

In my last post I talked about a big orange. Yep, you heard me! If you haven’t read this already then take a look, I’m sure you’ll find it enjoyable. I mentioned that next time I would talk all about a lemon. Yep, you heard right again! Rather than just jump straight into that I thought it better to write this post instead, in view of my not being around. But I shall definitely talk about the lemon next time and you’ll find that it actually links nicely with this post.

And Finally…

Something that I’ve come to appreciate during my time of reflection is just how much I have actually learned and just how much I don’t actually need the majority of the stuff that drops in my inbox, is posted in the WSO section of the Warrior Forum, etc. That’s not to say that there isn’t some great stuff out there and I definitely still have much to learn. But oftentimes these things do more harm than good and only serve as distractions.

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Yes, you need an education.

This is what you will find from my coach and mentor. It’s what I have learned from him that has enabled me to make my first ever money online after years of trying and failing.

If you want to get a sure-footed start in the world of online business then just click below. You’ll learn from one of the best and have access to the precise methods that he himself used to get started and what I, along with many others, have put into practice:

So keep an eye out for my next blog post where I will be embarking on the second part of my fruit-related journey! The best way to keep up-to-date is to subscribe and I will let you know as soon as there is a new blog post or any other titbits of exciting info.

If you enjoyed this post then please leave a comment below and if you could take a second to share, that would be awesome too!

Until next time,



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12 thoughts on “How Can I Keep Going?”

  1. Hey Glenn,

    Nice post buddy, I like the video and the narrator’s perspective on life, every day is a gift! I think we all take a lot of things for granted, I actually just stepped outside and took in what was around me, it is good to step back and re-evaluate our direction.

    It’s also good to see you are back with us and in the words of ELO ‘Back into the Grove’

    Looking forward to Lemon post 🙂

    All the best,

    John recently posted…My Honest Review Of Siteground HostingMy Profile

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for stopping by, mate, 🙂

      In the words of ELO?? You’re really going to have to clarify that one for me, buddy, as I’m a lifetime ELO fan but you’ve totally lost me! lol!

      The lemon should be along later today. 😉

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…WARNING! You Are Being Tricked!My Profile

  2. Hi Glen,

    another amazing post. We all need to reflect sometimes and remember what works for us and what does not. I did that summer too.

    I particularly loved the video. Many people forget to take a break to look around and take a whiff of the fresh air. And you and I know where it leads to.

    Take care

    Dita recently posted…An Optimal Blog Design Blueprint [Infographic]My Profile

    1. Hey Dita,

      Great to see you, as always. Yes indeed, we all need to take time to reflect. I believe this is important no matter what stage we’re at or what level of experience we have. It’s essential to know where we’re headed, how and why.

      Thanks for stopping by, my friend. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…How to Avoid Guaranteed FailureMy Profile

  3. Hi Glen,

    Good to see you back again. Sometimes we need to step away for a while in order to “re-boot” We can get so immersed in what we are doing with blogging and marketing, that it becomes our little world.

    When doing so, we can get overwhelmed, ill, and even crash. Now I’m glad you put that wonderful video in this post because it gave me a good five minute break. But more than that, it is a lesson to all of us.

    I often turn the faucet on and thank God I have running water because I know many do not in this world. I do look at the sky every day because I know it will never be the same. Living in gratefulness helps us take our lives down a notch. We start to be grateful for one thing, and then form a habit and realize there are endless things we can acknowledge in just one day.

    I do this 90 percent of the time and it does keep me grounded. I can only be more productive when I work smartly and take the time to notice my surroundings, give thanks for all I have and all I can experience.

    Yes, I do put my marketing time in, but need to take a few breaks in the day to just look at the sky and be fulfilled.

    We can choose to work hard or work smart.

    Blessings to you,

    donna merrill recently posted…Build Your BrandMy Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      Yes, I really love this video, I think it contains some really powerful stuff.

      You’re so right about choosing to work hard or work smart. Of course, working smart can involve working hard, but working hard doesn’t always mean you’re working smart!

      Thanks for visiting, Donna and for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Five Essential Reasons to Attend Live EventsMy Profile

  4. Hey Glenn,

    Well it’s good to have you back and know that you’re okay. Sorry to hear that your music had to take a back seat for awhile but you’ve been enjoying that again.

    I think at times we need to take a step back and look at the big picture. Where we are now, where we want to go and what we need to do in order to get there. I think that overall when we take a step back and look at the overall picture, so much of what we’re hit with online is just not important to us. It’s not a deal breaker which is why I think we each have to do what’s best for us.

    Hope you’re feeling okay these days, I know you have a constant issue but glad to hear you’re on top of it.

    Have a great week and happy blogging.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Thanks for your visit, comment and support as always. 🙂

      I’m doing okay thanks and I feel a lot more focused. I just needed that semi-break to kind of ‘re-boot’!

      Yes indeed, stepping back is essential. After all, if we take a step back we can see if we’re still on the right path and change our route accordingly. Otherwise, we just carry on going in the same direction and if, further down the line, we find that we have been going in the wrong direction then we may find that we have much more work to do to get back on track.

      Great to see you as always, Adrienne and thanks again.

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…One Magic Number to Increase ProductivityMy Profile

  5. I love inspirational things like this. I also always try to look at the bigger picture myself and intertwine some philosophy, humour and spirituality when I write anything. I like the way you do the same. The film is a gift itself. It wakes us up from the sleep that is each day. The mind is the same as a computer that boots up and goes to the cache, offering us the most recent programs we used, thus taking away our ability to choose. We end up repeating patterns and habits. The mind is the same. Every morning we wake up and are immediately offered the thoughts and feelings we went to bed with – thereby denying us the chance to be proactive – but only reactive. It is so important not to be fooled and lulled by the mind in to habitual repetitions. Thanks again for your post…

    1. Hey Richard,

      I love the computer analogy. Having a computer background myself that’s something I can totally relate to. The mind can be so readily conditioned – it’s just a shame that, all too often, we allow it to be conditioned in a negative or restrictive way when it it’s equally possible to condition it in a positive, fresh, proactive way.

      Thanks so much for your visit and contribution, buddy. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Check Out This Big Orange!My Profile

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