When Your Business Hands You Lemons

When Your Business Hands You Lemons….


when your business hands you lemons… No, I’m not going to say, “Make lemonade”!

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”, right?

If you don’t know what that means, basically it means to use what appears to be a negative thing to your advantage.

It actually reminds me of one of my favourite videos by John Chow, in which he said that he doesn’t see problems, only opportunities.

This is so true, especially in our businesses.

No matter how hard, annoying or frustrating something may be, rather than think of it as an insurmountable obstacle, why not view it as an opportunity? An opportunity for what will depend on the circumstances and the nature of the issue at hand. But instead of seeing it as something to hold you back, take a firm hold of it by the scruff of the neck and find a way to use it to your advantage.

At this point I’ve realised that, although I absolutely didn’t intend to go down the “make lemonade” route, it does actually tie in with what I’m about to share with you. I’ll explain in a few moments.

A Bit of Interaction


I thought it would be a fun change to draw you all in to this blog post and to actually take part yourselves. Now don’t worry, this isn’t going to be difficult at all and it’s not going to take a huge amount of time.

All I need you to do is to sit back, relax and listen to the short audio I’ve prepared for you below. The actual exercise is only about 3 minutes and the brief introduction where I explain the exercise is only about 2 minutes. So, for a total of around just 5 minutes I’d like you to humour me and listen to this audio. I’m hoping it will be fun and who knows? – you might even learn something new!

So hit the play button, have fun and I’ll continue below: 

*NOTE Unfortunately, the site where I have the audio hosted doesn’t seem to be able to supply any reliable, working embedding option. So I will have to provide the direct link to the page that hosts the audio instead.

Click Here to Open The Page Containing the Audio

What Has The Lemon Taught You?

I bet you’ve never been asked that before!

If you listened to the audio (if you didn’t then go back and press that “play” button!) and truly put yourself in the described scene then, if you’re like most people, something likely will have happened.

When it came to the part about biting the lemon, did you notice your mouth start to produce saliva? I can’t guarantee that it absolutely happened for you but, for most people, this is usually what happens.

But what on earth does this have to do with online business?

Well, it’s to illustrate how our thoughts can directly influence how our bodies react to things. In the above audio, nothing actually exists – there was no field, no trees, no birds, no grass and no lemons. Yet, simply the thought of those things and imagining the various sensations, likely yielded a physical response in you.

It’s similar to being excited about something, or feeling dread about something. The ‘something’ doesn’t yet exist, it’s a future event. Yet, the anticipation and the imagination can cause us to feel excited and happy, or nervous and dreadful.

Why is this?

when your business hands you lemonsTo put it simply, the mind, on a subconscious level, cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. So merely the thought of how terrible something may be can cause physiological responses such as rapid heartbeat, perspiration and muscle tension. The event we’re worried about may not even turn out the way we imagine, but that doesn’t make the imagined scenario any less real to our subconscious – it can’t distinguish the difference, it can only react based on the stimuli it receives.

In the above audio you imagined biting into a lemon and this likely resulted in the physiological response of the production of saliva. The lemon didn’t exist, yet your subconscious didn’t know that – it merely responded to the thought.

So we can use this knowledge in two ways:

  1.  Once we recognise that negative thoughts can have a negative effect on us, both mentally and physically, we are in a better position to combat them and prevent them from controlling us.
  2.  We can actually use positivity to boost our confidence, give us motivation and help us to maintain momentum.

You see, we have a whole load of potential influences around us all the time from the things people say, the way society is conditioned, the media and so forth:

“You can’t do that.”

“That won’t work.”

“This is the way things are.”

“This is the way things are supposed to be done.”

“Why bother?”

“I don’t see the point.”

“You have to do ‘X’ in order to achieve ‘Y’.”

But wouldn’t it be better to absorb thoughts such as these:

“I can do this.”

“I am in control.”

“There is nothing preventing me.”

I have the knowledge.”

“I am good enough.”

“I will achieve all I wish.”

You see, it cannot be overemphasised just how important it is to have the right mindset. Aside from the difference it can make with regards to on-the-fly decisions, how we view ourselves and allow ourselves to be influenced over time can hugely affect where and how we end up.

Indeed, whether we succeed or not can hinge on this.

So yes, as I said near the beginning, it turns out that I can apply the old “make lemonade” adage here after all. If you find yourself being handed a ‘lemon’ in the course of your online business, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to view it as something bitter that makes you squirm, or are you going to make something out of it?

Will you see a problem, or will you see an opportunity?

At the end of the day, will it result in action or will it be an excuse?

when your business hands you lemonsEach one of us has to the power to change, the power to steer our lives in the direction we want to go. So what if we get blown off course? It happens. Does a captain of a ship just give up if he gets blown off course? I think not!

Why should you be any different?

If you find yourself a little off course then stop, look around, get your bearings, and set yourself on course again.

No-one else is going to do it for you.

Plenty of people will attempt to push you in the direction they think you ought to go, but it’s not up to them.

It’s up to YOU.

So stand erect, hold your head up high and push forwards. Even if you find yourself heading backwards there’s nothing to say you can’t turn around!

Think good of yourself, think positive and have confidence in your own abilities. If you view yourself in a certain way then you’re much more likely to act in accordance with it.

For example, no matter what stage you’re at, if you view yourself as an Internet Marketer then you’ll be much more likely to behave as one, have the mindset of one and get to where you want to be. On the other hand, if you’re forever saying, “I don’t know anything”, “I’m not good enough”, “What can I offer?”, “Who will listen to me?”, then guess what? That’s exactly how you’ll approach everything you do.

Now this isn’t to say that we don’t need help or guidance at times. We can’t expect to just know exactly what to do in every given situation. But we can approach everything we do with a positive mindset, one of confidence that we will always advance and get to where we’re heading no matter what.

How You Can Push Forwards


If you don’t know where to start but are eager and positive to learn then get yourself on my mailing list. I will give you some free stuff that is based on my own experiences and it will help you, so long as you’re prepared to take action.

Bear in mind that I’ve seen people provide a lot less for money than what I’ll give you for free! Just enter your e-mail in one of the forms either below or to the right and you’ll get access.

Equally, if you’d prefer some more personalised assistance then feel free to drop me an e-mail via the contact form link at the top of the page. I’ll say up front that I cannot promise you riches – heck, I can’t guarantee any results that you may have. But I am happy to help you in any way that I can.

If you feel that you’d benefit from a proven package of training from a top Internet millionaire then I can’t recommend Dean Holland’s Big Commission Blueprint highly enough. Dean is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the industry today and the results that his students are getting speak for themselves. Check it out by clicking on the banner below. I highly recommend this course and, as I hope you know by now, I don’t ever and would never endorse something or someone I don’t have 100% confidence in. Plus, I have gone through this and implemented it myself, so I know the teaching is sound.

The amount of value Dean always gives never ceases to amaze me!

Be sure to check out my next blog post that will be along next week in which I’ll reveal to you why I recently rejected an offer of making an easy $750 per month simply by doing… well, in all honesty, pretty much nothing! Am I insane? Or is there another reason behind my decision? I guess you’ll have to come back next week to find out!

Please let me know below what you thought of the audio. Are you still salivating? Leave your comments below!

See you next week!

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25 thoughts on “When Your Business Hands You Lemons”

  1. A great topic Glenn.
    Actually I always did like the sharp, juicy tangy bitterness of lemons. I sailed away to somewhere warm and sunny for a while there enjoyed the sights smellls and tastes when taking part in your experiment. The mind has immense power and we can choose how to use that power. Easily said but not so easily done. I’m a chronic procrastinator and battle daily with getting myself to do the things that matter rather than all the mundance tasks that don’t matter at that particular time.
    All the best

    1. Hi Alayna,

      I’m so sorry I missed your comment! I have no idea how that happened. :-/

      So, a very belated thank you for your comment. I’m glad you were able to drift off to somewhere nice while listening to the audio! The mind is certainly very powerful indeed and we need to make the best use of that.

      Thanks, Alayna and sorry again for the extremely late reply!

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…3 Essential Elements to Successful PositioningMy Profile

  2. Hey Glenn,

    Awesome post there, buddy! I really enjoyed that and the interaction 🙂 I have to say I did notice a reaction!

    I totally agree with you when it comes to mindset, I had always dismissed it when I first started my journey online and never really got anywhere with anything, always getting distracted and all, I have now come to realise that it is so important to be in the right frame of mind and always being positive.

    I have just started reading “The Motivation Manifesto – 9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power” by Brendon Burchard. A very good read!!

    All the best Glenn

    John Lee recently posted…Making Money Online With ClickbankMy Profile

    1. Hey John,

      Thanks, mate. 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed my little experiment. I’m glad, too, that you noticed a reaction! It looks like the problems that some were having with the embedded player have been resolved now, I think it was an WordPress issue that was fixed with an update.

      I don’t think I have the Motivation Manifesto. I’m pretty sure I have an e-book by Brendon Burchard somewhere but I don’t think it’s that one. Let me know what you thought of it when you’ve read it. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Do You Need Knowledge to Be an Authority?My Profile

  3. Dude this is an awesome topic. I absolutely love the topic of mindset especially when it comes to business and marketing. That’s where it all starts my friend. If you don’t get it right there first, it’s pretty much game over.

    Almost every mentor that I’ve come across have always talked about personally development simply because you it’s “you” that have to work whatever business that you’re in.

    It’s ironic that just tonight I was contemplating my next blog topic and it was going to be on mindset. It was going to come from a script in proverbs that talks about “as a man thinketh, so is he. I started a video actually but didn’t finish it but I know this is something we need daily.

    As you say, don’t look at the issues in your life and business as lemons but opportunities. That’s an awesome way to look at it bro. I love it.

    Keep it up my man.
    Jerry Handy recently posted…Building An Online Audience For Your BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hey Jerry,

      I think you should go ahead and finish your video. I’m sure it would be a valuable blog post that would help your readers. 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post. It’s annoying that the embedded player has decided to no longer work, but the audio’s accessible via the link at least.

      I’m with your mentors on the point of development. As you say, it’s “you” that has to work in your business so you need to have the right, balanced view of you, otherwise your business will suffer.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your great insights, Jerry. Keep on truckin’! 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Why I Rejected Hundreds of Dollars Per MonthMy Profile

  4. Hi Glenn,

    Our subconscious mind can’t take a joke! What a cool way to demonstrate that idea. I know, from experience, that when business gives you lemons you better do your best to see the lemons as sweet and juicy before labeling them “bitter” because doing so brings bitter things into your life.

    Or if you do feel lemons to be bitter – as we all do – at least see some positive in the fruit.

    Because what you choose to perceive and imagine, and back with a feeling, a subconscious conviction, well, that molds your reality.

    I was so hell bent on rushing here and there for years because I saw lack and crap. Limitation city, up the wazoo. I decided to more persistently imagine roses and sunshine more – yeah, really, just like the saying 😉 – and I had fun with my image more and good gracious, as I dreamed, and saw, and most of all, as I felt, hell, it was so.

    I guess the Bible was right. In that regard lol….

    Thanks Glenn, this imagination thingee is something else, right!?

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…21 Simple Blogging TipsMy Profile

    1. Hey Ryan,

      Yes indeed, our subconscious mind can play all kinds of tricks on us, some good, some bad. But what we allow inside can have a huge bearing on it. As you say – what you CHOOSE to perceive and imagine. Yep, we all have that choice and as soon as we recognise that and apply that knowledge, the far more control we will have.

      Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your personal experience. I’m off now to read your latest post about Gollum! 😉

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Why I Rejected Hundreds of Dollars Per MonthMy Profile

  5. Hey Glenn,

    I thought I was nuts too because there is no play button for an audio. There is a link that takes you to another page and it says the audio is private and then all of a sudden an advertisement appears so I missed the whole thing darn it.

    But I get the sense of what you’re trying to say here. Of course I hate lemons so my thoughts are a little different if I were to imagine biting into one! LOL!!!

    I watch this reality show and I won’t name the name cause it’s kind of lame of me but the girl on there has issues. When she gets nervous about having to do something she’s not comfortable doing she either gets really sick or has migraines. It’s all a manifestation of her own thoughts all due to whatever is freaking her out.

    I think that’s a perfect example along with what you’re sharing here of why some of us really can just overanalyze things to the point that we’re either freaking out or just making them much worse than they really are.

    Nothing is ever going to go smoothly. So we have two choices. Throw our hands up and quit or find another way around it. I think for the majority of us we’re eager to find that other way. I think everyone just needs to be aware that it’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of time.

    Thanks for sharing and I’m so glad you’re eager to help people Glenn with moving forward in their life and their business. I’m eager to hear about what you passed up so I’ll have to come back by. I’m sure you definitely had your reasons.

    Here is to your success my friend and have a great weekend.

    Adrienne recently posted…Everything You Need To Know About Building A Blog CommunityMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      I’m so sorry about the audio problem. As I said to Neamat above, there should be an embedded player and it was working fine before. I haven’t changed anything so I’ve really no idea why it isn’t working. But now I’ve changed my account privacy settings you should be able to click on the link and listen to it, if you feel so inclined!

      Yes, that example you gave fits perfectly. I won’t press you as to which reality show it is (I have to say I’m not a fan of reality shows, to put it mildly! lol)!

      Yes I’m definitely passionate about helping people where I can. Of course I want this to be my full time business, but having gone from absolute zero to now gaining valuable experience in a variety of marketing areas and also discovering how to actually make that elusive money online, I WANT other people to know how to do it too! Just today I saw that someone had mentioned about how I’ve helped them and I found myself actually getting emotional! It really does tug at my heart strings when I can see the potential for success in people but they choose to give up, so when I see people sticking at it and being able to do so with my help through some tips, training or even just a motivational quote I’ve given them, it really touches me.

      Thanks as always, Adrienne. I look forward to soon sharing with you what I passed up. 😉

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Live Events Can Be Life-Changing EventsMy Profile

      1. Hey Glenn,

        Maybe it’s a browser issue but no problem, glitches happen. It’s just part of dealing with technology right!

        I’m not a big TV person and I stumbled upon one and was bored so I watched it. I don’t know, maybe I view those people as having it all and through this I learned they are really just screwed up people. My goodness.

        I know what you mean about getting emotional when you read that someone had said you had helped them. I know people are always saying such nice things about me and it’s brought me to tears many times. It’s so humbling that someone would say that which is why I’m sure it brings you a lot of joy to help others as well. I KNOW what I share works which is why I’m so darn passionate about it because I know if they stick with it too they will get results. I’m glad you’re on the same path Glenn and I can’t wait to read what you’ll be sharing with us next.

        Adrienne recently posted…Everything You Need To Know About Building A Blog CommunityMy Profile

        1. I don’t think it’s a browser issue. I’ve tested it across different browsers and when it works, it works on them all but when it doesn’t, it doesn’t work on any. I suspect it’s actually a WordPress issue, but exactly what I haven’t managed to put my finger on yet.

          I think a lot of those people have to be screwed up to be willing to go on those reality shows in the first place! 😉
          Glenn Shepherd recently posted…The Great Traffic IllusionMy Profile

  6. Hi Glenn,

    It’s my first time to your blog and I LOVE this topic. I have spent the last ten years studying and understanding the issue of mindset and its relationship to success or failure.

    The bottom line is this; you are the sum of your thoughts.

    If you lie to yourself and tell yourself negative stories you will become a negative person. If you believe other peoples stories about you that are negative you will become a negative person.

    There is only one way to change your negativity and that is to get a new and right story.

    In business we are totally dependent upon our mindset and a healthy worldview of things. Especially when things go very wrong for us. While there may be many reasons, it’s hard to be objective and do what is both needed and right if our minds our clouded in bad thoughts and judgement.

    It can go the other way as well if we convince ourselves that things are better than they really are.

    I really like this quote in your article: “Each one of us has to the power to change, the power to steer our lives in the direction we want to go.”

    Glenn, it’s great to connect with you on your website. I look forward to reading more of your work!!!

    Have a great evening.

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted…What is the Difference Between Marketing and SalesMy Profile

    1. Hi Don (that was my dad’s name 🙂 ),

      Great to meet you, my friend! Welcome to my blog and thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts. 🙂

      “There is only one way to change your negativity and that is to get a new and right story.” – I love this! All too often we can allow ourselves to be influenced by negative stories, but they’re the wrong ones. We need to make sure we get the right one!

      I’m glad you really like what I said about each one of us having the power to change. This is something that’s especially personal to me. Having suffered from chronic depression about 20 years ago I know only too well the effect that repeated thoughts can have on us. Having managed to learn how to deal with it and get myself back on track, this is something that I have experienced first-hand. At the end of the day, we all have a choice and the power to change, no matter what. We sometimes think that we don’t, but that’s those negative stories talking.

      Thanks again for taking the time to visit and thank you so much for sharing your insights, I appreciate it very much. I look forward to seeing you again and in the mean time I look forward to heading on over to your site and checking it out. 🙂

      Have a great weekend!


  7. Hi Glenn,

    Awesome Post and full of valuable nuggets.

    I tried to listen to the audio but unfortunately for some reason it tells me in red characters that it is private and I couldn’t find a play button so I just came and continued reading the post and I got the message.

    Yes, mindset is one of the key factors that will determine the success we will have in any business and in life in general. To be successful, we have to have the right mindset. period.

    Mindset with anything in life is huge. It all boils down to self-belief and “I Can Do It” mentality. And on an opposite note, the self-sabotaging and doubting mindset makes you settle for less and totally affects self-confidence which ultimately leads to failure.

    Thanks Glenn for a mind developing post!! Enjoy your weekend ahead.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous recently posted…The Importance Of Acquiring Business Leadership Skills!!!My Profile

    1. Hi Neamat,

      Thanks for your thoughts. That’s so true about the self-sabotaging and doubting mindset making you settle for less. Just why should we settle for anything less than what we deserve? Great point!

      I’m sorry you couldn’t listen to the audio. I’ve absolutely no idea why the player isn’t embedding. It was working fine and now it’s just displaying the link. I’ve spent about two hours trying to figure it out but it’s got me stumped! I’ve changed the privacy setting of my YourListen account though, so if you want to try listening to the audio again via the link then you should be able to now.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your valuable input. I hope you enjoy your weekend too. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Five Essential Reasons to Attend Live EventsMy Profile

  8. Hi Glenn.

    Great blog. I agree that thinking positive will help people to take action in whatever they want to accomplish. As you are aware, I had a little setback with my first solo ad attempt. I could’ve easily thrown in the towel, but didn’t. I took it as a learning experience as to where not to go to run a solo ad. I look forward to your next post.

    Stay the course, Chris.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks, mate. 🙂

      You’re right, thinking positive is essential. Any and all can face setbacks. I’ve seen experienced bloggers give up, experienced product sellers and coaches give up – it can happen to anyone. But we need to ensure that we won’t allow anything to hinder us from reaching our ultimate goal. That’s why it’s vital to have a clear idea as to not only what we want to achieve, but WHY. This is what we focus on when times get tough.

      I’m so glad you didn’t throw in the towel. As you said, it could have been easily done. But you didn’t and that speaks volumes, my friend. It won’t be that last hurdle you’ll face though, I’m afraid. That’s not meant to put you off or scare you, it’s simply to highlight that these things happen to us all, no matter what stage we’re at or how experienced we are. I’ve been working along with Dean now for quite a while and I’ve lost count of the number of setbacks even he’s had in that time alone. But he picks himself up, finds a way around it and pushes on and this is what we must all do.

      Keep on rocking and rolling, Chris. Stick with it, never give up and always ask for help if you need it. You know that there are some great, helpful people in the FB community group and if I can offer any help or advice you know you can ask. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…The Tale of a Newbie Internet MarketerMy Profile

  9. Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for that podcast! The surroundings reminded me of my “center” where I go to meditate. You’re good at this stuff..I was immediately relaxed and wanted more…. But I digress…

    I do believe that everything we do starts with our mindset. As you noted if you are an internet marketer, you behave as one. Our mindset must be strong and we need to know ourselves before we can get out there and help another.

    I had worked on my mindset for a long time…cleaning out that trash from the past even on a subconscious level. It made me a stronger person, so you see I am passionate about this subject!

    With a strong positive mindset we can advance and have the discipline not to stray from our goals. The internet is a very noisy place. There are many awesome shiny objects out there that we truly want. But with a positive mindset, we cherry pick what is needed for the end game of our business.

    Thanks so much for this awesome post!

    donna merrill recently posted…15 Reasons Why Blogging SucksMy Profile

    1. Hey Donna,

      Wow, thanks for the compliment! Believe it or not, that’s actually the very first time I’ve ever done anything like that! Maybe I’ve missed my calling! lol! Actually though, I’ve always had a bit of a flair for expression ever since childhood. I was always good in Drama class and I’ve had a lot of experience with public speaking and music performance for many years. Perhaps this is why the audio came across so well for you. In any rate, I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

      I like how you described the Internet as being a very noisy place. I have never thought about it in that way before but it’s so true. What I’ve been finding, though, is since working on my mindset and adjusting my self-belief somewhat, I’ve been recognising that I need fewer and fewer of these ‘shiny objects’. This enables me to cherry pick, as you say, what is actually needed and what I can actually use for the long term benefit of my growing business.

      Thanks as always for your support, visit, shares and comment. It’s so very much appreciated. 🙂

      You have yourself a great weekend!

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…How Can I Keep Going?My Profile

  10. This post was perfect for me today. I just started the day with my left foot. There is no doubt that our thoughts affect our decisions and effectiveness – as cliche as that may sound, and it is up to each and every one of us how we view ourselves.
    Amiti recently posted…Case Study: Votes vs. CommentsMy Profile

    1. Hi Amiti,

      I’m glad that you found my post timely, I hope it helped you. 🙂

      You’re absolutely spot-on – it’s up to each of us how we view ourselves, it doesn’t matter how cliché it may sound. At the end of the day, of course most people value how others view them, it’s perfectly natural. But it must start internally and we have to view ourselves in the right way. This is where the power of the subconscious comes in. Repeated, long-term negativity and doubt can affect us adversely, whereas the opposite is true with positivity. Taking firm hold of tat knowledge and applying it can be very powerful for us.

      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. I hope you have a great weekend ahead. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…How to Avoid Guaranteed FailureMy Profile

  11. Hey Glenn,

    It took a long time for me to really understand the impact of thoughts on action and thereby, results.

    You’ve knocked the nail on the head on the issue with mindset, thoughts and results.

    Fantastic as always my friend.

    I’m reading Psycho-cybernetics, positive intelligence and just finished The Science of Getting Rich, all about positive and abundance mindset.
    Have you read any of these?

    Take care. 🙂
    Ben Solomon recently posted…Week 3 Update – The Gary Halbert Copywriting ChallengeMy Profile

    1. Hey Ben,

      No I haven’t read any of those but thanks for mentioning them, I’ll take a note to check them out.

      Thanks so much for your comment and support as always. I hope you and the family are keeping well.

      Have yourself a great week! 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Check Out This Big Orange!My Profile

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