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3 Breakout Bloggers of 2015

3 Breakout Bloggers of 2015


breakout bloggersHi everyone!

Well, I know for the last few months I’ve kept saying that I am going to get back into a regular blogging schedule, but for various reasons it hasn’t happened. I can only apologise again for this and assure you that I AM going to be getting back into a regular blogging routine!

In addition to my responsibilities working along with Dean Holland in Internet Profits and giving the best possible support and coaching that I can to our clients, I have been working in the background on something for you all too. I won’t say any more for now except to say that I believe that it is something that will be welcomed by many people indeed!

So, onto the subject of today’s post…

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you’ll probably know that, from time to time, I feature other bloggers here. I do this for a couple of reasons:

  1. It helps gives those bloggers much-deserved recognition and additional exposure
  2. It helps introduce you to bloggers whom you may not have come across before and, in turn, get the chance to benefit from some great content and the chance to connect with more people.

breakout bloggersWhat you may also know is that for the last couple of years, round about this time, I have featured a number of bloggers who have stood out to me for various reasons from the year before.

Each time I make a post like this I do try to feature bloggers whom I haven’t featured before. On this occasion the number is smaller, but I have chosen three specific bloggers for very specific reasons.

You’ll notice that the title of this post is: “3 Breakout Bloggers of 2015”. What I mean by “breakout bloggers” is bloggers who have taken decisive measures to work on their blogs and do so in some significant ways.

These bloggers are, above all:

  • Honest.
  • Ethical.
  • Content-driven.
  • Caring about their audience.
  • Determined to succeed.

Now, these three bloggers are people with whom I work very closely and I have given them lots of advice, tips and help. Since I got started with blogging and building an online business I have come across and made connections with many people. Since starting working for Dean Holland I have had the privilege to coach many people too.

In all this time, I come across the same type of questions, issues, worries and frustrations time after time after time. Now I don’t claim to be a mega authority when it comes to blogging. However, I started from scratch. I knew nothing. I had to learn my craft from the ground up. After three years blogging I know what works.

Do I know everything? Not by a long shot!

Could I improve? Heck yes!

Do I get things wrong? Sure I do!

But I do know what works based on my own experience, so when someone asks me for help or advice, I give it. For example, I get bloggers coming to me asking for help because they are not getting enough engagement on their blogs. I tell them what I know and they have a choice – listen and apply it, or don’t.

Now, some people don’t listen. And these ones are the ones who, months later, are trying other methods to try to get results and are still complaining about the same issues.

breakout bloggersBut then there are those who do listen and do put into practice what I teach them. Heck, some do it even better than I do! But the thing is, they take the right kind of action and they see the positive results of doing so.

The three bloggers whom I will introduce to you in just a moment do exactly that.

Each time I give them advice or coach them in something, they go away, implement it and see the results. Of course, each of them will have varying results based on their own actions and circumstances, just the same as any one of us will in anything that we do. But the important thing is they ask, they implement, they see the results, they grow.

More importantly, they are determined to make this ‘online thing’ work. Again, they all have varying degrees of success, but they are all the same in their desire to free themselves and their audience.

What else makes them “breakout bloggers” in my mind is that, in addition to the things I’ve already mentioned, I can see huge potential in each of them. Though I know that, at times, they may doubt themselves, question how much they know or how qualified they may be to help others, I see enormous potential in these wonderful people and I truly believe that they can go on to achieve great things.

So, without further ado, please allow me to introduce you to these fantastic people, in no particular order…

Chris DeeWaard –

Chris DeeWaardChris is, in his own words, “Just an average guy from Boston, Mass. who is trying to earn a living online.”

Like so many, he’d been trying for a long time to find something that actually works, but without success. But somehow, Chris stumbled across my blog here and I don’t know precisely what it was, but something prompted him to sign up to my mailing list to get my free e-book.

When someone signs up to my list, not only do they get my e-book but they also get a free 7-part e-mail course. To cut a long story short, Chris worked through my e-book and e-mail course and followed my recommendation to get hold of the Big Commission Blueprint course, which is an excellent, low-priced course that I promote and recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to get started properly with making money online.

Chris has since gone on to become part of the iPro Partner and Coaching Program and, as a result, he has seen how to start taking things in the right direction.

What I particularly like about Chris is that he’s a no-nonsense kind of a guy. If he thinks something isn’t right then he has absolutely no problem with speaking out. Yet, he’s not bigoted or confrontational. On the contrary, he’s a lovely, genuine guy with a great sense of humour. We often exchange little, friendly jibes and he always makes me laugh!

Chris has sometimes approached me for advice with regards to what to write in his blog posts. I’ve told him to simply write what he knows based on his life experience and his current journey to earn a living online. And you know what? He always ends up sharing a valuable application from what he writes and I ALWAYS find real gold nuggets in his posts!

Like one recent post, for example, where Chris relates a sad experience but also a valuable lesson that we can all learn.

Susette Pereira –

Susette PereiraSusette is another of our iPro Partners and, just like Chris, is someone who discovered making money online but only really began to find real traction when she went through the training and coaching that we provide to all of our Partners in iPro.

About her blog she says: “If this blog inspires or helps just one single person to progress in a positive direction, I would be so happy!“. From what I know about Susette, I don’t think that this will be a difficult thing to achieve, as she is a very endearing, genuine lady and that caring attitude certainly comes across in everything that she does online. I see her inspiring and helping a lot more than just one single person!

Just like Chris, Susette isn’t afraid to admit if she’s done something wrong or has been flagging in some way. Check out this post of hers here. It isn’t very long, but it contains a vital piece of advice that we all must take on board.

Peter Beckenham –

Peter BeckenhamJust like Chris and Susette, Peter is one of our iPro Partners. I’d just like to say at this point that I didn’t actually set out with the intention of featuring people who are Partners in the iPro program, it is genuinely just a coincidence. However, this does actually highlight something important that relates to why it so happens that I’ve taken particular notice of these three bloggers. More on that in a moment.

Peter is often referred to as “The Village Marketer”. Why? Well, because he is based in a remote, little Thai village way up near the Cambodian border. This means that he faces challenges such as power outages, Internet connectivity issues and sometimes major storms. Yet he doesn’t allow any of this to get in his way.

Just like both Chris and Susette, Peter is someone who genuinely cares about others. “The focus of my blogging is to help people who are new or even considering how to make money using the internet in a realistic, open and ethical way“, he says.

I know this to be absolutely true about him and this aspect of his personality really comes across when you speak to him or even read his content or watch his videos. In fact, I think that Peter has a real flair for video and comes across really naturally.

However, it hasn’t all been plain sailing as, in addition to the challenges I mentioned above, Peter has found himself on the receiving end of a YouTube ban which, it would appear, was the result of an attack by a jealous Marketer. Happily, this has been rescinded and he’s on his way again.

Peter’s also had some headaches with respect to his IP address and sites being blacklisted, which has affected his marketing, especially to his e-mail list.

But has he allowed this to get in his way?

Nope! He’s battled through it all and remains determined to focus on delivering value to his audience and helping them in the best way that he can.

One area that Peter is really focusing on and excelling in is that of engagement. But it’s not just any old engagement, it’s engagement done in the proper way. In fact, he even wrote a post about this very subject recently and you can see from the comments he’s received on that post that he’s certainly making an impact.

Now, just take a moment to notice what Peter said about me here:

breakout bloggers

Now, of course we all like to receive praise now and again, but I haven’t posted that to draw attention to myself or to imply that I’m some kind of blogging mega guru. I simply know what works and I can teach others to implement what I’ve learned that can get them results.

This ties in with the point I mentioned a moment ago about the curious fact that the three bloggers I’d chosen to feature as people who have stood out to me are all also iPro Partners.

What do you think the connection is?

It’s the fact that what we teach in iPro flat out WORKS! More to the point, when individuals actually go through the training, listen to what they are taught and then go away and apply it, it shows.

Want to Know More About iPro? Send Me a Message!

Now, although this applies to our coaching, the same applies to whatever it is that you’re learning. Don’t fall into the trap of an endless learning cycle – get out there and APPLY what you’re learning!

breakout bloggersMake a difference to someone’s life.

Regardless of how good some training or product may be, it’s useless unless you apply it.

No matter what level of experience you have, you can do just as Chris, Susette and Peter have done and take action, applying what you do know and helping out those who don’t know as much as you do.

Don’t wait for some perceived ideal, perfect level of knowledge or experience. We’re all learning and we all should be. The key is to take what you have already learned, use it and help to free your audience.

Sure, there comes a time when you have to invest in yourself, whether that be with time, money or both. But again, it only makes a difference if you use what you’ve learned.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about my three breakout bloggers and that you appreciate what a difference taking action can make.

At this point I would usually invite your comments in response to my post here and, of course, I would love it if you would leave me a comment below, so please do!

However, what I’m going to request is that you please visit the blogs of Chris, Susette and Peter, have a look through some of their amazing posts, share them and leave them a comment. Reach out and make connections with them, I know that they would absolutely love that. 🙂

Until next time,

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16 thoughts on “3 Breakout Bloggers of 2015”

  1. Hi Glenn!

    Thanks for sharing this precious information with us. I like to be in the list of 2017 bloggers, but for that I have to work much. You have very deep eye on the bloggers, I observed from this post. Would you like to analyze my skills because its my pleasure to get review of such a professional bloggers.
    Have a Good Day !
    Junaid Shahid recently posted…C Programming Variable InitializationMy Profile

  2. Hi Glenn,
    Featuring these bloggers on your platform will serve as a big morale booster, it will certainly motivate them into putting more effort into what they do. I want to say that you didn’t make any mistake picking those three, I have taken my time to visit their blogs and I must confess that they are doing incredibly well. This is my first visiting your blog and it feels great being here. Thanks
    Obodo Charles recently posted…Making Money With Binary Options Is easy As Yes Or NoMy Profile

  3. Hi Glenn,

    Very interesting article here about blogging. I like how you gave us an inside glimpse of the bloggers you’ve featured.

    It’s good to keep your readers up on who to follow and why, and I like the personal method that you’ve made these introductions. I’ll be sure to visit each of them today.

    I like seeing, too, the efforts you’re making to help teach people how to do this business with greater insight, training and always with an eye to being ethical. It’s a much needed service in our industry, and it seems like you’re keeping on top of it.


    Donna Merrill recently posted…Add Recurring Income To Your Online BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      Yes, it’s definitely good to let people know about good bloggers. As you may recall, I featured you yourself, probably a couple of years ago now! And, just as I mentioned to Adrienne above, when people ask me for recommended bloggers to follow, you’re always right at the top of the list along with her! In fact, just last night I had a PM on Facebook from a blogger saying how nice you both are! 😉

      Yes, I’m definitely all about doing things properly. There is far, far, far too much casualness, carelessness and downright laziness around and it is not fair that legitimate, eager people are so often being let down. I can’t claim to be perfect or get everything right, but by heck I aim to make on heck of a difference! And I haven’t even got started yet! 😉

      Many thanks for your visit and comment, Donna, it’s always wonderful to connect with you. I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Talk soon. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…How to Know When to Ditch Your TeacherMy Profile

  4. Hi Glenn,

    I think that’s very kind of you to feature people who have stood out to you. I’m sure since you do a lot of training for Dean’s group that you meet a lot of really amazing people.

    I know Peter the best, he’s been following since your suggestion and he’s just a lovely man. I LOVE what he shares and he’s such an inspiration for all the reasons you’ve mentioned here including his age. I applaud him.

    I have chatted with Chris a few times although he doesn’t blog regularly and I believe I’ve also stopped by Sue’s blog as well. I’m thrilled for them both that they are getting a great education from you and if they take action and follow what you do then they will start to see some great results.

    Thank you for sharing them and hope you can get back to a regular schedule soon. I know it can be difficult at times but we just miss hearing from you. 😉

    Have a great rest of your week.

    Adrienne recently posted…How to Write Content That Will Guarantee ResultsMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      I do like to feature other bloggers from time to time. It’s a win-win for everyone! 🙂

      Yes, Peter is lovely, isn’t he? Whenever anyone asks me for recommended bloggers, you are always at the top of the list! I’m glad he’s hit it off with you and I’m sure that he’ll learn lots by following your lead.

      Yes, Chris’ blogging hasn’t been as regular as he would have like and this is something he knows. But I wanted to feature him because I’ve seen him progress so very well and I just know that he has tons to offer! So he definitely deserves a bit of exposure, I think. 😉

      I’ve just posted my latest post – only a day late this time, so maybe I’m finally getting back into the swing of things! I do have lots of things going on, what with working for Dean and also my own projects, but I’m really trying to get well and truly back in the blogging saddle.

      Thanks so much for your continued support, Adrienne, it’s always very much appreciated. I hope that you have an awesome weekend! 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…“Are You Talking to Me?”My Profile

  5. Glenn, What a great article! I enjoyed reading it and congratulate all amazing people who inspire us. 🙂

    1. Hi Irena,

      Welcome to my blog! 🙂 Many thanks for the compliment.

      I’ve just had a look at your site and I notice that you’ve still to do some work on it. I look forward to seeing what you have in store. In the meantime, if you need any assistance, just give me a shout. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Exciting Changes!My Profile

  6. Oohh, Glenn! Thank you so much for including me in your awesome list of breakout bloggers. Not sure I deserve this, but I’ll accept it anyway!

    From absolutely not knowing the meaning of blogging, posts, word press, plug-ins, etc etc in August 2015 … ACTUALLY blogging – has been all due not only to your easy-to-follow training in iPro, but also to your personal availability for help when we’re stuck!

    Yes, I was flagging (slumping) again! And your post was the perfect pick-me-up!

    You know what, Glenn – it’s not hard to be Honest, Ethical, Content-driven, Caring about our audience, and Determined to succeed …. Because we just have to simply emulate your example and the rest of the iPro top team who are constantly stressing on these essential blogger traits!

    Thanks and will continue to emulate your commendable standards!

    Sue recently posted…How to Reach the Top of the Magic StaircaseMy Profile

    1. Hi Susette,

      You absolutely deserve it! It’s not because you’ve become a super-duper, guru millionaire blogger, it’s because you are someone who started from nothing, with no knowledge or experience and have been able to get started, apply what you have been taught, have delivered good, valuable content in the best interests of your readership and have thus made an impact. Believe me, I notice when someone is going about things the right way and you absolutely are!

      Now, no more flagging! I’m looking forward to your next post! 😉

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…3 Essential Elements to Successful PositioningMy Profile

  7. Hello Glenn and wow ..
    Thanks for this wonderful surprise recognition.

    I’m both shocked and delighted with such an accolade especially coming from you my man.

    Everywhere I go in my blogging journey I come across many of the leading bloggers and they all without question hold you in the highest regards and respect.

    I am sure I can speak for Chris and Susette when I say at iPro we are truly blessed to have you as our coach mentor and travel guide through the blogging universe.

    Thanks for being there mate.

    You have been right there with me through some tough times over recent times in my online marketing.

    My ability to face and overcome these hurdles is in no small way a reflection of your wisdom and superb coaching.

    Thank you Glenn

    Best wishes from a remote Thai village blogger

    Peter Beckenham recently posted…Is Your List Building Destroying Your Business?My Profile

    1. Hi Peter,

      It’s a pleasure to coach and mentor people such as yourself because, as I said to Chris, you’re prepared to listen and put into practice the advice you’re given! That’s not to say that I know everything, because I most certainly don’t! But I do know what works and I know what can be damaging. I am often asked for advice, I give it, the advice is ignored and then people carry on struggling. But ones such as yourself embrace the advice given and find that you get the benefits from it.

      Any help in any way that I have been able to give, I consider it a privilege and I am always happy to help in any way that I can. Hopefully this year maybe I will be able to extend that help to even more people, but that’s a whole other story. 😉

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…How to Know When to Ditch Your TeacherMy Profile

  8. Hey Glenn.

    Big thanks for including me in your latest list. I definitely was not expecting it.
    I agree with the other two choices, Peter and Susette. They have posted some excellent content on a regular basis. I may not have posted as much, but I did try to make the ones I did count.

    Thanks for your help and support when I needed it.

    Talk to you soon…..Chris
    Chris DeeWaard recently posted…Walk The Walk! Don’t Talk The Talk!My Profile

    1. Hi Chris,

      I know that you’ve had a few challenges and no, perhaps you haven’t posted as much, but I agree that you have certainly made count the posts you have made.

      The big thing is, as I mentioned to David above, that you’re doing things the right way. Perhaps there are things that could be improved (just as with us all!) but the important thing is that you’re prepared to ask for advice and help if you need it and not only that, but you’re prepared to listen and put it into practice! Add to this the fact that you’re a genuine person and you’re conscious about giving value to your audience, well this is exactly what is needed in a good blogger.

      Just keep on doing what you’re doing, remain consistent and you’ll do just fine. 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…5 Benefits You Ought to Know About EngagementMy Profile

  9. Glenn, This is a great and caring post. Excellent as always from the coach of Ipro. You could not have picked any three, more deserving mentioned in your post. Each one provides value and useful information on their blogs. I’m thankful to be able to not only learn from you through your blogging but also from your leadership in iPro. Congrats to all and looking forward to future posts

    1. Hi David,

      Many thanks, my friend. I’m glad you’re benefiting from what we provide in iPro. Things are only going to get better! 😉

      Yes, Peter, Susette and Chris are very deserving of being singled out here. That isn’t to say that there aren’t other good bloggers, even with iPro, who are doing well with their growth, but Peter, Susette and Chris are just ones I’ve picked up on specifically who are doing things in the right way and taking the right kind of action.

      I’m looking forward to finding out who I will be featuring this time next year! 🙂

      Glenn Shepherd recently posted…What Hiking Can Teach You about Online BusinessMy Profile

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